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You always find instructions satisfying because without them you're struggling.

This introductory article takes an unusual twist but it is necessary for business growth to take positive calculated risks and showcase a picture of the Kano model consumers' satisfaction rating developed in 1980 by Professor Noriaki Kano.

43 years ago Kano thought of consumer satisfaction using businesses offering products or services and business needs to satisfy the basic needs that the clients present to a company and if able this company would provide a solution or develop a solution to satisfy the demand.

Positive Risk Taking in business is a necessary step for business evolution and growth. A long verbose protracted for years ahead. Without optimistic risk business owners would not achieve the latter or even start up a business to satisfy consumers' needs or innovate to meet the demands for new products or services introduced to markets worldwide.

Business owners need to adopt exogenous behaviours to take Positive Risks in their business satisfying clients' needs by providing solutions to problems identify.

Per a recent survey conducted on the 5th of June 2022 about startup businesses, Girlfridayz Limited's empirical findings revealed entrepreneurs are more likely to start a business and take a positive risk to gain financial reward. However, the alumni who became entrepreneurs before graduating started their businesses within the university environment and drop out to continue their risky start-up ventures.

The second group consisted of school drop out with an entrepreneurial spirit and vision who started a business using the core assets + the cellar a confident springboard for Director, CEO and COO to gain further contracts because staff and executives acquired the knowledge needed to increase financial rewards.

However, the last group of entrepreneurial's startups find the courage to start up after participating in a specific course designed for future entrepreneurs using the core assets of marketing with its dual implementation support system—the cellar acting as a springboard for further contracts because postgraduates and undergraduates students find it complementary to their MBA or Digital Marketing and Business course.

And lastly, the surprising factor was in naturalistic financial business risk situation Girlfridayz Limited found more risky choices among entrepreneurs competing for the perceived top spot in societal suppose concepts of success among business owners.

The following hypothesis proposition; is made as a basis for reasoning without any assumption of its truth—When you build furniture you follow instructions and when you succeed you're feeling victorious, happy and satisfied. When you build a business using the instructions found in the core assets + the cellar: a Winners combination; you're feeling victorious and happy because you succeeded to increase your customer base increasing your business profitability. Therefore, satisfied with the outcome.

Business owners and startups using Girlfridayz Limited are lucky people because they get an opportunity to invest in us and get to be part of Deep Pockets our loyalty reward program. Match the houses spending amount allowed and submit 50 Fribiz points exactly and you get the house reward because you're right on the money of your house reward. Submit over or under 50 Fribiz points you get the house you belong to badge for this year.

In conclusion, there are some business owners who will never take bold calculated risks, just as there are some people who never want to start a business but will use the business offers, products or services available if the need arises or if they like what on offer and will purchase it regardless if they need it but might need it in the near future and become glad they got it before it is discontinued.

The entrepreneurs who start up become business owners knowing that Girlfridayz Limited help them on their way with our award-winning services to achieve better sales. They tend to tell other existing business that needs growth strategies to contact us for a better future because they use our services, read our eBooks and books implementing the content, use our business tools, attended our self-contained marketing course and trained their staff with our 5 weeks training course Marketing and Its Application to business role play training course and some invested in us purchasing our franchise.

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