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Who the transformational Leader in the Pack

leaders know the importance of a content strategy in Marketing and to ask themselves relevant strategical questions to start or grow their business.

The best business model to use is the 5W1H Business Model the holy grail and blueprint of marketing composed of the following criterions. (Why, What, Who, Where, When and How) The basis of your strategical analysis and they help you to set goals to achieves in your business and reviews these goals as you moving throughout the years. Below is an example of how you can use the 5W1H Business Model to your advantage and move toward the goals that you set to achieves.

Strategical questions using the 5W1H criterions that you should ask yourself when running or starting up a business

1. Why are you doing what you doing? or why do you want to start up a business?, why do you need a Social Media Presence?, Why do you need collaboration and community involvement? 2. What is your purpose?, What is your vision?, What is your mission statement? 3. What are your overall goals and what objective derive from it?, what do I sell, What are my prices? 4. Who can help you achieve your goals and objective?, who are your customers?, who are your suppliers, who do I delegate a task? 5. Who do you need to contact? or work with to achieve your goals? who are your competitors? who are your supporters? who are your advocates? who are your enemies? 6. Where do you need to be base? where do you access funding? where do you get your products from? 7. When do you start?, When your goals should be achieved?, When do you publish your next article?

These strategical questions help you to build goals, set a deadline to achieves them, definitely know your purpose and the direction you move, and delegation of tasks to be performed. There is no limit to the number of questions you can ask yourself and they form the bases of your business plan and marketing plan, also help you identified the people you need to involves in your business to run a successful business either be staff, supplier or associate or partnership. It must be time-bound as any plan which is not time-bound breeds procrastination and never-never.

Now the How is your Tactics

1. How do I implement my goal?

2. How do I review my goals?

3. How do I measure progress?

4. How do I contact my customers or potential lead?

5. How do I stay informed of change?

6. How do I remain on top?

7. How do I update my skills?

8. How do tackle my weaknesses?

9. How do I remain focus on my vision and purpose?

10. How do I manage my staff to get the best out of them?

11. How do I sharpen my strengths?

7 Easy Ways To Startup and Grow a strong business

1. Set SMART Goals ( Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time Based), write them down. Have a plan and a content strategy and tactic (purchase our playbook), complete your goals and set new ones, record your milestone and proud yourself in your accomplishment. 2. Focus on your Skills and Talents. Seek to be different you gain a competitive edge this way, remove time waster and surround yourself with people who can do. Provide the best you can do for your customers. Our motto is at Girlfridayz "we are as good as our last job (Girlfridayz)". 3. Focus on your business and no distraction. Pay attention to your competitor but do not overly focus on them as you hinder your progress. Look at what they doing and admire their progress but do not copy or steal their work it would not get you good rep. Do your own work and set yourself apart. 4. Be Positive. Stop doubting yourself and thinking negatively. Replace negative thoughts with positive affirmations. ‘I can” you begin to develop and acquire a can-do attitude and mindset. Do not use "I will" because the will denote the future and can bring procrastination as there is no time on the "will" has it is vague, hence think present tense "I can and I am doing it". By saying this to yourself you are bringing your mind to the now and developing a positive mindset over time. Our second motto at Girlfridayz "I am Today and Tomorrow what I set here today, will be there tomorrow and for years to come (girlfridayz)".

Keep on trying to think positively and developing a can-do attitude you will acquire a positive attitude toward life. Embrace failure as failure is success turn inside out because you are learning what not to do and helps you to asked questions on what went wrong and look if you can start again the process without the mistake. If something fails you try something else or revisit the process and fix what went wrong. 5. Form Partnerships, get associate. Find a mentor or coach as you always need to learn from someone who went through the hoop, tried and tested and can tell you where the wind blows. Surround yourself with the “movers and shakers” and leaders in your niche and those who will support you. Remove the fake people in your life, the naysayers, the envious and jealous they will bring you down over time.


6. Work Hard - And sharpen the saw, seek to understand then be understood, listen and practice to be the last one to speak, collaborate and get involved in your community, find like-minded people who share your interest and share ideas and keep on learning, do not be satisfied with mediocrity.

“ Take pride in how far you've come. Have faith in how far you can go. But don't forget to enjoy the journey". ~Michael Josephson

7. be humble of your achievement, celebrate win and take fall with grace, be grateful for small mercy and learn from your mistake as they are not to be repeated, be proactive as opposed to reactive, take positives calculated risk has the one who never takes a risk does not achieve much in business.

Girlfridayz says whatever your goals might be, know to yourself that you can make and achieve every one of them overtimes, patience, persistence, calm and positivism in business are your greatest assets. If you believe in success then success will come. You have to tell yourself "it's working and I am succeeding".

Girlfridayz can support you with all your plans as we help you with the processes of your business while you keep on doing what you do best.

If you like this article by all means comment and share as someone else might benefit from this information.

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