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The value of Print Marketing For Leads and Customers Acquisition

The world move in the digital area but marketing remain the main method to reach your audience for your business to achieve sales of your products or services, even with the advancement of technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The birth of digital marketing has not hampered the love of people for holding a business card or flyer in their hand or looking at a billboard or banner, listening to the radio or watching TV ads. Hence, this multichannel is powerful to acquire leads and paying customers.

This multichannel distribution keeps businesses and their audience connected in a personal manner as opposed to digital marketing your audience is impersonal and invisible.

Traditional Marketing important for your business visibility offline — having a Business Card and your Flyers in your bag when walking outside, attending events or going to the park, visiting friends and family is your best friend. They permit you to engage your prospect or customer in a friendly conversation — presenting your brand to your audience engender sales.

Perception sales — talking to your prospective customers about what you do, not just online but also offline is more inviting and friendly. You can perceive if the prospective customer that you approach is interesting in what you have to offer.

Research demonstrates that Print Marketing can deliver greater uplift to brands than the focus shifted to a digital format because its visibility is permanent. Print Marketing present an opportunity to segment your brand locally and nationally and internationally using clever technic available through your smartphone. Therefore, targeting your niche is easier than ever.

Print Marketing creativity is more notable in term of the design of your ads, delivering appealing design creativitywidening the scope of your imagination providing a personal touch more than its digital counterpart.

The cost of Print Marketing varies depending on the medium use to promote your brand. People love reading a newspaper, magazine and finding an advert. They might not be interested in it at the time of reading, however, an imprint has been left in their memory and recalled at a later date when the prospect needs for the service or product seen arisen.

If your audience or potential prospects like your billboard or banner and the information is attractive when seen on the street, the railing of your property or inside your office. Your prospect can take a picture with their smartphone. Later on, when in need of your product or services, they can contact you directly from their phone.

If your audience views your TV ads or heard your radio ads. Using their smartphone can quickly video TV ads or record radio ads of interest. When needing your products or servicesyour prospect can watch the video or listen to the recording; paused it to your contact details and contact you straight from their phone.

If your three-fold brochure, business card, flyers, banner, a small tabletop retractable banner includes an embedded QCR code. You can ask a shopkeeper, supermarket to display it on their board. Their customers or prospective customers who take it, later on with their smartphone can view your website and purchase anything of interest.

You can further reach your audience with email marketingattaching the PDF to your email. If your email is read and the information interest the receiver they click on your link. Providing your business card, flyers, Banner design with its embedded QCR code are converted to PDF.

The PDF can be viewed straight from their browser too, downloaded and saved on their computer or directly click on the link from their browser if you added a clickable link to your design. They can scan the QCR code on the PDF linking to your website with their smartphone.

Print Marketing can easily be added to your Digital Marketing strategies. Your printed design can be converted to a picture from PDF or scan directly to a JPG format from your printer. Now you can post it on your social media platform and write targeted post to your selected audience.

Incorporating Print Marketing with your Digital Marketing strategies attracts and engages leads and customers to your business offline or online. Using one of the strategies mentioned above to attract the right audience to your business.

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