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Girlfridayz Beginner Marketing course:


The course is aimed for people who want to start their business or just started their business and have revenue under £15 000 to £18 000 per year. This short course is for a month and run every Monday from 2.00 pm to 3.00 pm via webinar. The course start on the 12/08/16 to 03/10/16 and the fee for the month is £350.

I go into each topic in this course in great detail so what I offer : after completing each modules you've gained a higher level of understanding and strategy.

You need customers and clients you need sales I care about it and I do not like to see people fail in the one area they thrive in that's actually really easy to fix.

So I have made this webinar with you in mind, with the gift of 1 proven tactics and 2 strategies that I have personally used to get those sales and create my business.

But that webinar is just a tiny piece of an-advanced-level-training I've learned. So if you enjoyed that at all you will love this: Girlfridayz Advanced Marketing Course which is aimed for people who want to grows their business and boost their traffic and sales.

Girlfridayz Beginner Marketing Course

Is not for you if : -

  • You are looking to get rich quick

  • You expect result without effort

Is for you if : -

  • You are a freelancer, sole trader, self-employed

  • You own your own business

  • You want to start a business

  • You want to learn marketing

If you are interested in Girlfridayz Beginner Marketing Course contact us on 07931089744 or book it through our Website by filling our short form. If you prefer you could use our live support facility or email us at

You will be issued with the registration link for the webinar and instruction on how to pay for the course fee.

Please bear in mind course fee is payable in full prior to entering webinar.

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