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The Importance and Power of Professional Development and your business

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Young people studying

This article discusses the benefits and importance of professional & personal development and your business or your workplace.

Per (Engestertom 2001:139) The object of expansive learning activities in which a learner is engaged produces cultural new patterns of activities at work and expansive learning at work produces new forms of work activity.

Because the learner can expand by applying what was learned in their workplace for their benefit and organisational benefit or benefit from accessing higher opportunities within the echelon of the workplace through promotion due to newfound knowledge.

This opportunity to grow also extends to Small Businesses owner or Startups business because this group of learners are now equipped with new sets of skills, knowledge and abilities that enable them to upgrade their performance and productivity within their business with a view to acquiring sales through customer acquisition.

Our research study on this subject matter has highlighted some interesting findings that I share with you hereto for you to understand the importance of professional and personal development for personal growth which leads to business growth.

First and foremost personal development means to personally develop yourself by acquiring knowledge or learning a new hobby... and professional development refers to your workplace or business progression whether that be through undertaking a leadership course or reading a marketing book, attending events, conferences, seminars or obtaining an academic qualification. However, those two terms correlate highly with your growth and are interdependent in the sense that they both derive from the same outcome of mental and physical growth.

The purpose of this study was to investigate the implementation and impact of the latter on UK small businesses and their staff. I have posted on Linkedin an experiment. I posted several times that I am looking for 13521 CEO, Managers, Directors and Startups who are willing to step up and come out of their comfort zone and mental inertia to participate in our wellbeing wellness business growth experiment ending on 31/04/2024.

The initial response was favourable and generated interest in the given section of the experiment targeted group of people on Linkedin that presented itself as a suitable platform to introduce our innovative marketing system. It suggested that the strong incipient group of people on Linkedin's interest in participating and using our re-engineer marketing system was strong on the offset.

The aim of this extensive study about personal and professional development was to investigate the extent of the impact of UK CEOs, Managers, Startups, Newspaper and Universities' ignorance of their lack of adventurous and deep-seated fears over an offer so good that they got stunned in disbelief, jealousy, envy and nonetheless impressed that a mixed heritage small business owner could actually have revolutionised the marketing industry as a whole, demonstrating clearly that they were slow on the uptake.

In saying the latter our study of the group revealed the people who came across my sheer genius displayed a strong portrait of Porter's 5 forces behavioural theoretical rivalry competitive strategical dominant framework model due to the potential new dominant framework matrixes strategical theory marketing models and the manual attached to a dual implementation support system — The Cellar that revolutionises the marketing book industry and the Marketing industry as a whole emulating Porter's theory model to a tee. In the long run, this strategy is a failure guaranteed if this theoretical competitive dominant framework model is followed.

In following the Ansoft Matrix dominant innovation strategical framework model, we set out to excel (top Malik) in the marketing industry emulating Ansoft's theoretical framework model to a tee. By developing the market, penetrating and diversifying ourselves with the manual + The Cellar an attached dual implementation support system to a marketing book and our Theoretical dominant framework strategical models listed below, this strategy is a success guaranteed if this theoretical dominant framework model is followed.

  1. Girlfridayz Leads and Sales Matrix - Audience Attraction model

  2. Girlfridayz Star Sales Principale - How to deal with sceptical customers

  3. Girlfridayz Road Block Analysis - Collaborative Competitor model

  4. Girlfridayz Digital Catalogue of Services

  5. Girlfridayz Gap Reduction Strategic Action Model - Your own internal resistance to change

  6. Girlfridayz TIME matrix - When it comes to qualifying leads remember it's about time

  7. Girlfridayz 5 sales drivers matrix

  8. Girlfridayz 4 sales complementary drivers matrix

  9. Girlfridayz Audience Attraction matrix complete - The Sales enabler

This theoretical study of the validity of Ansoft's model can be applied to any worldwide industry and any market whether new or existing market to product or service development as found.

The purpose of this study was to test the validity of Simon Sinek Why - Act, think & communicate from the inside out theory based on the biological human brain chemicals (Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxytocin and endorphins).

This empirical study reveals what I always knew about myself when a strong desire to excel in the marketing industry came to me as I understood to a tee what my predecessors the greatest mind brought for us to study and understand the deep-seated meaning of these theoretical dominant framework models that we all know or aware of as they have been taught to us when attending universities or colleges these theories where introduced.

The finding of my study reveals that Sinek's model lies more in favour of the behaviour of a successful human being. Because emulating to a tee the criteria of this dominant framework theory model; I have a clear purpose, that keeps me motivated to bring about my deep-seated belief and strong desire to succeed. This purpose helps define my execution and achieve the desired outcome and introduces what I have done to bring worldwide a set of dominant matrixes frameworks to study at Universities, Colleges and Businesses.

Sinek's behavioural framework theoretical model describes a very simple account of the human behavioural system and pattern when the person wants to achieve a very significant achievement noticeable in society and improve other people's lives by enabling them to learn what they've done and the implementation and impact they will feel having achieved their dreams on their personal development and professional development for continuous educational activities over a period of time that bear a long-term impact on practice to achieve a successful satisfactory outcome if they use it for their benefit and satisfy their needs.

A further revelation came to light when studying my predecessor's dominant theoretical framework strategical models for businesses and organisations worldwide the Marketing Mix come on top about product and service development presentation of generalising the theory of all my predecessor's theoretical strategical model in term of Marketing and businesses Theories as well as Product and Service development.

E. Jerome McCarthy the father creator and developer of the 4ps of Marketing and the later addition of the 7ps of Marketing are theoretical Sales models of a product or service bearing on the product life cycle a marketing theory that is verified and needed worldwide over time and time again as when you start up a business one need to introduce to their chosen community a product or service that will benefit its population.

The given audience for the said product or service and needs in any given industry. The said product or service needs a place, price, promotion, people, processes and physical evidence of its existence.

The 4cs of the marketing mix solidified the latter theoretical dominant framework model because every marketing promotional material and advertisement needs to speak to the customer in a manner that persuades, and attracts the said product or service and informs the customer of its cost and its accessible convenience through communication channels available in your existing or new market.

The promotion criterion of the theoretical dominant framework of the Marketing Mix refers to your Traditional and Digital communication method used to attract the customer whether vocal, written, visual, or audio. Distributed through designated communication channels designed to communicate your message explicitly to inform the customer or lead about your product or service.

Studying and researching these tried and tested marketing strategies and these dominant theoretical Marketing frameworks made me realise that our predecessors did not theorise the time it takes to implement these theories in some businesses due to government influences, environmental influences, social trends, and economic crises hampered the business customer acquisition.

In March 2020 the UK entered a crisis because of the deadly virus COVID19 gripping the world and we saw and felt its devastating effect on small businesses and large businesses. The country went into two lockdowns and restrictions due to protective measures in place to minimise the death toll to manage COVID and its infection rate.

Upon realisation of my deep understanding of the Marketing industry as well as its associated theories, decide to develop the TIME Matrix Strategical Theoretical Marketing Model. Because we realised that it takes time to bring out a product, due to the environmental influence and the government influence on businesses, the social trends that developed during the crisis and the customers' needs shited during this trying time.

Some businesses were able to take advantage of the worldwide economic crisis and use the digital channels available to access prospects and customers using the strategies and tactics to attract leads and customers to their products and services. The customers engage with the businesses by purchasing mainly products and services online due to restrictions and placing reviews about their experience.

Our Theoretical Dominant Framework has been tried and tested as well as verified. Our small business was affected during the Lockdown and restrictions our customers dropped even if we had new customers due to adapting our services and introducing flexible payment that proved to be a success amongst our customers and enable us to survive the worldwide crisis and enabled us to achieve better sales that kept our business in a profitable position.

Girlfridayz TIME Matrix - when it comes to qualifying leads remember it's about time theoretical dominant strategical Marketing framework is the alpha of these dominant theoretical marketing models dated back from the 60s and 90s and in 2021 the TIME Matrix® strategical model is introduced as a modern customer-driven marketing model.

Because, these theories regarding competitors, sales, innovation, product, communication and behavioural model need The TIME Matrix strategical theoretical model framework to implement, and access the relevant audience and market to begin to generate interest, persuade and sell their products or services to customers at the right time as the latest crisis shown us.

Girlfridayz other theoretical dominant strategic marketing models are all tried and tested and verified as they have been created through experiences and customer acquisition in our business and other factors that enable me to create these marketing theoretical models.

The Core Assets of Marketing with its dual implementation support system - The Cellar was born out of a question put to me by another marketing business consultant who said most people do not implement what is taught to them in business and marketing. That brought us to develop The Cellar system attached to our marketing e-book and paperback version.

In conclusion, the aim of this experimental study throughout last year and my invitation to the CEOs, Managers, Small Business Owners, Startup businesses and contacting Universities, the newspaper over the introduction of our very significant theoretical dominant strategic models to make them aware that several new theories study material was available brought to them by a Marketing and Business online traditional and digital marketing consultant, UK government accredited and business award winner failed miserably so far.

This demonstrates strong resistance and acceptance of the significant improvements made to Marketing. These marketing theories can be beneficial to the undergraduate and postgraduate students studying a course in business and Marketing and learning about new development in the Marketing industry.

This blog post about personal and professional development evidence clearly that the relation to learning is needed, the extent of new learning, and the immediate, and longer-term impact on practice are effective and rewarding when you grow mentally and know the subject matter you can begin to see a way to improve your industry because you deeply grasp its application to business as demonstrated to by my achievements.

Learning and understanding the dominant theories of marketing and its application to business fully enables you to understand the tasks and activities associated with it, strategies and tactics used, the benefit of market testing and audience experiment, marketing persona, planning (your system thinking) and you are more able to target the right audience for your business and can develop a specialism in Marketing and its application to business, like me.

Reading business and marketing books, attending courses or other forms of learning is extremely important for your personal and professional development even more so for your mental growth through the understanding of its content, the practice and the implementation associated with what is learned always have a positive longer-term impact on your productivity, ability, skills gained and knowledge improved enabling you to grow your business and keep it profitable for longevity through the constant acquisition of the right group of customers for your business industry.

The Cellar is an implementation Support System attached to our Marketing Playbook and you can access the Cellar Membership secret once you get the access code found in the Playbook The Core Assets of Marketing with its Dual Implementation Support System - The Cellar. (WITH UPDATES FOR TODAY'S WORD — And 9 New Study Session Sections). The Core Asset + The Cellar (TEACHES YOU WHAT NEEDS DOING to achieve better sales; The manual). The ebook everybody talking about. Download your today

If you imagine your business and yourself as professionals and apply the marginal gains by giving the marketing industry the respect it deserves, what you are doing is creating a world-class customer-centric business and transforming yourself into a world-class business owner because you begin to take care of your personal and professional growth to achieve the latter.

Because we are genuinely specialist marketers and business mentors and give the industry the respect it deserves as proven by our love of the industry and the significant improvements made to it, it will not take you long before you're leaps and bound ahead of your competition. I am serious. And I know because I see so many examples!

The marketing industry is saturated and there are so many inexperienced so-called marketers who will promise you leads and sales based on the secret system that they found and show their bank account of sales achieved through qualifying leads in the view to convince you to purchase their system. (clickbait for the ignorant business owner who is not serious about their business and wants a quick fix.)

The reason why the marketing industry has been tarnished and saturated; is because there are far too many marketing consultants not giving the industry the respect it deserves.

We all need to help each other and read other materials because you never how it can support you to achieve better. Learning, implementing its content and ongoing practice by trying and testing strategies and tactics, methodology and the fundamentals of marketing... found in The Core Assets + The Cellar and The Core Assets of Marketing with its dual implementation support system - The Cellar because these e-books are extremely beneficial for your professional and personal development.

Know to yourself that every successful people and successful business owner have read other people's material and more than one book, and their reading list in the subject matter of interest is huge.

I know that because I bought a few marketing and business ebooks myself, read other people's studies, attended courses, and attended university studying the subject that interests me that keep me informed, sharper and knowledgeable as well as skilful. I am a structured serious business owner with a large vision for my business and love what I do and the marketing industry that my business lies in.

Marketing and its application to business is the ascendancy of good business and has shown through time the fast growth of the business that believes in its power, methodology, strategies and tactics, as well as consistent application of the technic throughout their business, have gained immense success.

By looking to improve every area of your business, then your own performance and development complemented by applying the concept of marginal gains, you will be so far ahead of virtually everyone else in your industry.

However, with zero up-front licence or training fees and no exorbitant monthly support fees, you can use The Cellar Support System membership for a very affordable quarterly fee or pay 6 months of access in one lump sum if you wish.

The Cellar is the complete solution for building and scaling your business other than your lead generation and customer acquisition spend investment. There are absolutely no hidden costs, the system includes all your strategies and tactics not found in the Playbook including your follow up campaign and landing pages and more.

You cannot get access to the Cellar benefits and features before reading the e-book everyone talking about because The Cellar system is attached to the book.

If you like this please share it with your friends, colleagues, associate or anyone you know who desire to start up or grow their business in any industry. View our website

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