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Continuous learning is key to Longevity

This article discusses the enormous benefit of continuous learning. Personal development leads to business and employees development. Developed leadership skills and knowledge, reskill, and upskill or acquire new skills with continuous learning.

Continuous learning simply means to continue learning and educating yourself to remain relevant and knowledgeable in your topics of choice. Develop a specialisation in a particular subject of your choice, become the master of your craft, and demonstrate your expertise to your clients, associates and prospects.

On a personal note at Girlfridayz, we believe if you stop learning you are either brain dead or plateaued. Because every person has the capacity to learn, some faster than others but we all have the ability to learn at our own pace.

I might add that anybody you meet can teach you something new therefore do not disregard anybody because you feel secure in your limited knowledge. Do not underestimate yourself no skills are better than any other, because you never know when someone will require your knowledge, skills and ability at any given point in their lives or business.

The key to knowing if you have learned and understood a subject is to apply it to its fullest, as well as explained it to others without industry jargon but in simple terms. This proved that you are knowledgeable in your subject matter. In order to get to this level, it is to keep on practising the subject until it becomes second mature and keeps updating your knowledge simple as this.

Oh, just a side note Trisha Amable CEO of Girlfridayz Limited is a great marketer, but have really outdone herself this time with her intangible innovations in Marketing and its application to business. The Core Assets of Marketing with its Dual Implementation Support System - The Cellar is a testament to this amazing achievement.

What are the benefits of continuous learning

What does continuous learning mean in terms of personal development

Why reading is important

Having said all this it is good to keep in mind that they are several ways people learn, some people are better learners when they touch and feel something, take it apart and build it again, but are not necessarily able to learn from a book.

Some people are book smart they can extract and understand information from reading a book and use knowledge learn to their advantage as well as improve on knowledge learn.

Some people are better listeners and learn through listening via podcasts or video. They are able to grasp the content, improve it and use it to their advantage.

Some people learn better when the information is broken down in easy content to digest, they love infographics and pictures or written text with a short paragraph and no hard words or lengthy complex words.

Some people need the information to be repeated many times before understanding it. That does not mean they are slow learners but just they need more time to understand complex subjects. However, once they get it they excel in it.

Some people learn when the information is structured, detailed and orderly. When they get it these people excel in it.

Some people learn better in an unorganised environment and surrounded with many possession they tend to thrive and find everything in their "mess" and educate you on many things too.


When learning a topic do not discourage yourself by calling yourself negative names (" I'm so stupid, I can't do because I 'm not good at this") or comparing yourself to other people, in doing so you are stamping your own growth.

It's best to have a can-do attitude and positive talk to oneself when learning with reinforcing positive statements ("I can do this, it's not hard") in doing so you are opening yourself to learning.

Another point everything appears hard until we discover what it really entails and learns it. Once we have learned it becomes easy.

Recommended read for business growth and personal growth

Where to get these selections — good read, they are all a good source for learning business and marketing. If you are interested or a keen reader of other people's content for your own growth or business growth be my guess and download your own digital copy. Click here to discover a full selection of business and marketing books.

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