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The Power Of Networking (The Business Show - ExCel)

The blue people of Southwark

Girlfridayz attended The Business Show 2018 ExCel London 16 & 17 May 2018. The event was of a grandiose splendours with small and big businesses mixing together in small or huge stands and clusters space type of rooms pitching their businesses to the attendees.

Masterclasses on site and students at the ready pen in hand writing furiously on their pad the vital information provided.

We at Girlfridayz mingled with the business owners chatting away and pitching our business to the listening ears and the onlookers wondering what was happening daring to ask just standing there taking the atmosphere and looking at the professional at play, experts in their crafts and pulling potential customers to their lairs and signing up a few on their exit securing deals on the go.

It was magical — the art of promoting yourself to acquire potential business and hopefully long lasting customers eager to use your services or buy products pertaining to their needs providing a solutions orientated to solve the issues at hand your customers may have or fulfil they wants by providing value for money.

The Business Show pulled all the stop this year’s with 250 seminars, 350 exhibitors, 170 Masterclass sessions, 3 networking areas and fantastic others feature all there to help or grow your business.

We hear Poundland businesses owner his startup stories trials and tribulations criticism and massive successes achieved over the course of many years running his business and the huge decision he made to sell Poundland against his wishes. He failed for his daddy pressures on him to sell it tagging him greedy when he wanted to reach the billion of pound mark for Poundland. He settled for 50 millions and sold it. this was not his first offer which was 20 millions but he refused and got 50 millions for Poundland. He said his biggest regret was missing is daughter growing up but he is happy his son started Poundland online and racking up customers that daddy his so proud of. His advice, If somebody laugh at your idea it usually means it will be successful as when I started Poundland back in day people laugh at the idea and said it will never work.

We heard from a property dealer how to become a landlord and gain profits on a yearly bases but the speaker also gave us wrong advice he stated that if you rented a property you can rent it again and rent it again that perfectly legal and not many people know this that why he sharing this information.

That would not be legal if you rent a council or housing association property. If you're a private owner that might be legal if your house is separated into individual rooms and you rent each room of your house.

He did not offer further details on the latter and asked people to trust him as he made a lots of money and that why he is sharing and wants other to gain the same success as him because other people keep this information close to their chests.

We heard about the Internet School online offering information on how to start your business online and the amount of money people charging for services online many took pictures of the screen. Also where to promote your business online via the following:

  • Local business

  • Yellow Pages (online and the yellow page directory)

  • BNI/Networking Group

  • Chamber of Commerce

  • Friends/Family

  • In person - business parks - Regus etc

  • Google Business

  • Referrals

and we adding to the list the following:

  • Online Directory

  • Small Business Saturday

  • Ilondon

  • Evening Standard online

  • Facebook Group

  • Facebook Advertising

  • Google Advertising

  • LinkedIn Advertising

  • Pinterest Advertising

  • Soundcloud Advertising

Word of Mouth and advocacy was well used and very much present, with people referring to so on so to get information, people disappointed that they missed the Yo Sushi presentation on how to be successful in business and I was asked if I attended which I replied no I missed it too. We then offered to lift the disappointing pout on the woman face by stating we can tell you How to startup your business that is what we do at Girlfridayz we support Small Businesses and SMEs she declined with a resounding NO and left. I guess we are not YO Sushi and not worthy in her eyes to explain how to start a business.

All type of businesses where there including Can't Pay we will Take it Away, I approached them and said you on TV. They replied that right and we chatted and they gave us valuable advice on claiming money due, or scan by unsavoury customers, what needed to be done and stated they can help us claim any amount due to us here at Girlfridayz, that was great news to us.

Global Visionary Women providing inspiration, self-belief and empowering business owner to have confidence. It was an interesting conversation, Voice of Nation, CIC Education, Motivate Women and Families, Chapel fields Associates Specialist in customer service and they give organisations the tools to provide top class customer service. Silk and Plaster wall covering material for interior design oh ever so brilliant. Mystic Eye Wisdom and Medication. if you needed money on the go business loan solution at the ready or credit card all there for you. American Express pitching how good is to have a blue card to the listening ears.

Chartered Certified Account with Lanop got first class advice on keeping the book oh yes, and informed them to listen to out podcast on record keeping a must. Good laugh about the maths and accounting that was brilliant.

ENC Equality National Council volunteer and advocacy service offering free advice & support on ways you can support your community. Good support network for you and your community.

In conclusion

Attending offline business event pays off you meet a host of wonderful people and business owners sharing their stories, giving advice, selling products or services, friendly atmosphere and a host of business cards plus an opportunities to pin your business card or leaflet on the huge wall board running along on a section of the wall where a hive of people go to and see who there pad in hand or phone in hand to get details and some put your card in their purse.

Your customers or potential customers are there ready to be convince by your 30s elevator pitch or lengthy talk for future contact and possible business, we were asked by a sale guy to talk about Girlfridayz in a 30s elevator pitch. We replied Marketing as a whole and added your lead magnet is wrong it lookalike a tripwire badly done.

The business was offering a free marketing book for a £1 or £27 if you sign up to their 12 month lead generation program. do you not see the flow a lead magnet is a free offer in exchange of an email or sign up to a service.

So I took the free book and he said sign up put your card in either pay a pound today or £27 your choice. I replied I do not have any money and put the book down and he said come on sign up please. I replied it a free book you want me to pay £1 or £27 and sign up to your program. Do you not see the flow in your offer, I added you sale I am marketing I can see that. He laughed which I did too and added good luck with the sign up.

It does not make sense their offer which they said to me it is a lead magnet: So if it is a lead magnet here what it should be looking like:

  1. it should be: free marketing book if you sign up to our twelve months lead generation program. (lead Magnet)

  2. Or for a £1 sign up today to our 12 months lead generation program and get a free marketing book. (Lead magnet)

  3. Our marketing book for only £27 if you sign up to our 12 months lead generation program normally £45 (tripwire)

You cannot beat human contact that will never be replaced, networking at his best. So as a business you should attend offline and online event you might come away with loads of contact possible leads or customers.

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