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The New Living Wage it not an April fool it apply on the 01-04

It the first day of the month of April, it is also April fool day where people play a prank on each others. However the government is not Joking Lol. It has introduce the new Law The New Living Wage.

So what does this mean for you employer existing and new one. It simply mean that all your worker(s) 25yrs old or over are entitled to the New Living Wage hence they as today get an increase in their pay package and should get paid at least £7.20p per hour.

Hence if you are currently paying the National Minimum Wage to your worker as of today you must pay them the new rate £7.20p which is roughly a 50 pence increased in their pay package. If you are Self-employed the National Living Wage or Minimum Wage does not apply. However if you are self-employed and have 1 or more employee(s) 25yrs old or over the National Living Wage apply.

Girlfridayz has compile a free guide for you to download straight to your inbox and keep. Full of useful information on the New Living Wage and the National Minimum Wage.

Click on Read More button to download your absolutely free Guide straight to your inbox and get well inform on the new law and what to do.

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