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Social Media Segmentation is a must

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

We believe profoundly in segmenting your market to attract the right set of customers for your business that why we created the Social Sale Growth Strategy Program. We are obsessed with this little idea which has been done for a century.

All we did is re-mastered it using the technology available to bring you a live training program that you can attend from the comfort of your home or office as a team or as an individual.

For all of you skeptical it is possible with a little know-how and we know how at Girlfridayz, so all of you data-driven and believers in long-term strategies that work for business sustainability.

Market segmentation is the process of dividing a market of potential customers into groups, or segments, based on different characteristics. The segments created are composed of consumers who will respond similarly to marketing strategies and who share traits such as similar interests, needs, or locations.

Given the above why do you need to segment your market because companies will not survive if the marketing strategy is dependent upon targeting an entire mass market? The importance of market segmentation is that it allows a business to precisely reach a consumer with specific needs and wants.

An accessible market segment may be targeted through emails or relevant publications or using Social Media platform to do so. The purpose of segmenting a market is to allow your marketing, your sales program to focus on the subset of prospects that are "most likely" to purchase your product or services.

Market Segmentation Inter market segmentation divides consumers into groups with similar needs and buying behaviours even though they are located in different countries Segmenting International Markets using inter-market segmentation (also called cross-market segmentation), they form segments of consumers who have similar buying pattern, trait and interest no matter where they are in the world and Social Media Segmentation allows you to do this either locally, Nationally or International,

Steps in Market Segmentation refers to the process of creating small segments within a broad market to select the right target market for various brands. Market segmentation helps the marketers to devise and implement relevant strategies to promote their products or services amongst the target market.

Today, Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning (STP) is a familiar strategic approach in Modern Marketing. It is one of the most commonly applied marketing models in practice, that why Social Media Platform offers this wonderful possibility for businesses to take advantage of the wealth of data available about businesses and consumers to be able to position yourself as a brand within a given group of people with a common interest, common set of value and belief and therefore believe what you believe and want to purchase what you have to offer.

Market segmentation offers the following potential benefits to a business:

  1. Better matching of customer needs:

  2. Enhanced profits for business:

  3. Better opportunities for growth:

  4. Retain more customers:

  5. Target marketing communications:

  6. Gain share of the market segment:

Our Social Sales Growth Strategy Program offers you

The know-how on Segmenting your market on Social Media platform and the only Social media platform which permits you to fully target your market through segmentation, we also show you how to extract data to compose a post to your chosen target group. We also teach you how to created headline out of keywords and from the headline and the keyword you composed a short concise content post aims to persuade and attract your right set of customers.

If your a company owners, a leader who allowed to make decision in your firm and you know your vision and believe that you want to carry your company in the future not knowing if you will be successful and still be there or have someone to carry the torch and know why your company exist and regardless of your size and you want to move with your time where machine learning and artificial intelligence are progressing at a rapid pace and someone who love and believe that a group of people is easier to serve than a whole and have a discipline of why you do what you do, a consistency of what you do and how to do what you do our program is for you.

Our Social Sales Growth Program using technology to it fullest to bring you a live training program where we actually work in collaboration and you come away with long-term strategies that work for business sustainability over a period of time. Apply with consistency and success and sales will follow as you learn to target the right set of people for your business and therefore grows.

Requirement to participate

  • Facebook business page

  • Google Account

  • Skype account

You also need

  • Fund to invest in the program


  • Fund to pay for your Facebook ad

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