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How to grow your small business

This article attempts to discuss Ethical Governance hypocritical perception in communication circumscribe both by tradition and the corporate social responsibility (CRS) of your small business bearing on consumers' engagement with your personal brand products and services.

CRS is in simple terms a commitment by companies to incorporate social and environmental considerations into the business operation and the customer's expectation for their industry and market share, socio-political view, belief, Psychographics, demographics, pain points, common objections and needs.

CRS (corporate responsibility and social responsibility) lies deeply with the stimulus that drives human behavioural decisions whether rational or emotional and consumers buying decisions when concerned with buying goods and services depending on the need of the given situation.

The set of perceived self-evidence achievements of a business influenced by other admiration and level of customers, money and size of a business can lead to a lack of responsibility and accountability when complacency and deep-seated fear occurs for one mistake or error in the application or development of services or products provided to consumers befall relying on heavily on what other think of them or will think of them if they do not appear perfect in the eyes of others. When this happens they will blame everybody else, object, system, the weather or aminals but themselves.

This leads to an egocentrism level brought on by societal achievements in any industry where the business lies. The obvious perceived communication becomes perceived hypocrisy because what is written or verbal does not follow in action.

The obvious perceived self-achievement is evident in the relevant content produced by a business and literature, recent research and personal encounters with the latter set of people in every walk of life who share a common behavioural pattern noticeable if on the extreme and difficult to discern if they are master of deception for some.

Observation skills help you discover common patterns

Observation skill is needed when running your business as they help you grow your small business. You will need to apply the set of strategies and tactics that you've written in your 5W1H and follow through with them once you have observed your audience's common repetitive patterns.

The adaptability of a business is needed

Your small business needs to adapt to economic changes, environmental changes, customers' interests and needs, suppliers and competitors as well as trends to remain ahead of the game as an infinite business.

Trustworthiness in business is a must for longevity

Your business trustworthiness is not difficult to achieve. Your business needs to do what it says it will do or provide. Now if you are consistent with doing what you say you do or provide and provide quality to your customers, suppliers, associates and stakeholders after a while they view you as reliable.

Reliability engenders trust because your customers, suppliers, associates and stakeholders know they can trust you and are more likely to refer you to others or become your returning customers when in need and your advocate over time.

If you uphold this behaviour all the time it becomes the ethos of your business and people view you as an ethical business if you take your responsibility and accountability to a tee. Your business is perceived as an ethical business, with a more responsive system of governance display that does not lie in perceived hypocrisies.

How to remove perceived hypocrisy of your business and CRS

A positive mindset is a must when running a business. Having a positive mindset help deal with business problem and marketing. Perception sales, therefore, a positive action with natural follow-up flows of one thought should follow when dealing with clients' orders or queries.

if you are not inclined to pretences, lies or plausible excuses the latter behavioural pattern is not emulating and naturally, a flow of trustworthiness appears in positive people who will accept their failure and take responsibility and accountability for themselves.


We have written a selection of blog articles with topics about business growth and what needs to be done to grow your small business, increasing your business by 10K a year then doubling that and more as the year goes by.

Your business's success and growth are not all down to luck but it all to do with your system thinking, ethic, governance, trustworthiness and the relevance of your audience in your business, the perception of your clients, suppliers, associate, prospects and stakeholders as well as the perceived value of your business.

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