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Optimised For Sales With A Facebook or Instagram or Messager Shop

Thinking of starting your own business online but do not know quite how, well if we tell you that there's an easy way to start-up your online business and selling your product directly from your Facebook business page would you believe me?

The Benefit of starting an online business is that you have low cost and your fixed cost involves your internet, your electricity, and your host which provide you with your domain name then the developer costs any other associated cost with the program required to provide your products and services if any.

Providing that you want to sell physical products online you will incur the delivery cost to send the goods bought to the customers and your stock cost as you will need to keep a stock and also an inventory and you need your computer which is your working capital.

For every business, you need policies in place privacy policy and cookie policy especially online in line with the Data Protection Act and GDPR. If you want to know more about startup and what involves in it visit

How to start your very own Facebook and Instagram E-Commerce

Optimize for sale with a Facebook Shop which is designed to help you sell more items online and see the impact on sales and revenue. Plus it leaning more on advertising your product using Facebook directly in your dashboard call collections the Facebook shop direct selling with a BUY NOW button attached to your listing is for the US only, living outside the US your checkout button redirects to your own online store if you have one. It is recommended to have one already has you can integrate your online store from your online store provider to your Facebook pages shop.

Other countries can integrate their online store already created with other parties such as Ewick our online store provider but your product view pages checkout will be redirected to your shop with your provider.

Part of the new Facebook Shop restriction our full online store integration for the past three years under the tab Store was switch to a Facebook Shop tab by Facebook part of their Grey Badges to be removed on October the 30/10/19 ( "We're working on better ways to show that Pages are authentic. In the meantime, make sure that Girlfridayz is following best practices for Page visibility and engagement") on the 26/10/19 and our online store cannot be viewed and accessed from our Facebook Business Page Girlfridayz any longer due to Facebook commerce policies you are not allowed any Digital Services and Facebook has rejected 5 e-goods (not allowed under Digital Service we found out by going to our provider Ewick which has a record of our rejected product and information on how to appeal to Facebook) and allow 23 others e-goods.

However, all our e-goods are digital e.goods download except one physical product associated with our course therefore we disable our Shop turn it off from our setting page as we prefer transparency integrity and honesty at Girlfridayz and allowing to sell 23 e-goods and rejecting 5 from our Facebook business page Girlfridayz Shop tab even if potential buyers of my e-goods are redirected to our own checkout on our website to complete their purchase is fine by me, but I find it very hypocritical from Facebook and going against their own policy even if we appealed about these products been rejected we did not wait for the answer as they authorize automatically two e-goods and processing the rest without giving a reply to our appeal.

We preferred to leave as we believe that if you are not allowed Digital Services why allowed 23 and reject 5 does not make sense and that does demonstrate that Facebook has a business as a lack of business integrity and does not fully implement what they prescribe in their policies hence cannot be trusted.

The Facebook Shop only allowed Physical products it is advisable to read their commerce policy prior to setting up your physical shop too to see which products are allowed to be sold through your Facebook page shop to avoid a shocking discovery we read the commerce policy entirely prior to making our appeal for our digital services and indeed we are not allowed downloadable products according to their policies.

Setting up your Facebook Shop by syncing your online store

To set up your shop you first need to create an account on Facebook then create your business pages. If you already have a Facebook account just create a business page if you do not have one. Part of Girlfridayz new service we can support you with setting up your shop on Facebook and Instagram shop or Facebook Message shop. The screenshots below demonstrate the first stage of the process to create your own shop on your own Facebook business page.

As part of Facebook's new verification if you run your business and you have a business page verified you now have a business account on Facebook and will need to set it up as we are in the process of doing it and if you want to post social issues or political issue you will need to do the two-step verification and scan your passport or your UK legal right to be in the UK and there is another option too. It is not that we want to do the latter but we are curious at Girlfridayz and wanted to know the extent to which Facebook is changing and what these changes will mean for their users as no information is really given such as switching my store to their shop.

You will need to give your residential address and your phone number it also applies to your personal account because we enable two-step verification for our Facebook account and select to scan our passport using the Facebook app on our phone and our passport data will be erased of their system in 30 days they only asking part of their two-step verification process. Once completed we then got that our account was secure via a notification on our Facebook account stating we are now verified.

Create your business page

Connect your business

Pages setting select templates and tabs

Click on Add Tab and Select Shop

Configure your shop

Once your shop is set up go to your online store provider dashboard and look for the option sell on Facebook we assume you click on this option like our online store provider then you will be asked for your permission to link your Facebook Business Page once permission is granted your product will be syncing to your newly created Facebook shop visible for other to see and in your facebook dashboard shop too.

When you see your products on your business page under the tab Shop on the top of your shop page you have a blue button saying set up your Instagram shop and set up Messager shop. Clicking on these options will offer you the opportunity to set up an Instagram shop or Messager shop.

Your products update if you synced your online store to your Facebook page will update itself automatically as you will have to update your product from your online store provider even if your Facebook shop dashboard offers you to add a product to your shop.

Setting up your Facebook Shop

If you want to sell physical products directly from your Facebook business page and you not from the US. You can still set up your shop following the step above and once set up you will be asked if you click on the URL of your shop link to choose your country currency once you have selected your country currency you will get a message from Facebook that your shop is set up and to add your products.

You click on manage collection and you see your dashboard from your dashboard you click on the button add product and you will be able to upload a picture of your product description and price but you won't get a buy now button if you are not a US citizen instead you'll be offered a Share button and your dashboard will tell you how your good can be purchase you may incur a fee or not.

We cannot provide you this information has our online store is with Ewick and was integrated into our Facebook business page which we have done this from our Ewick dashboard who offers us selling option integration from another provider and we have the option sell on Facebook as well as other selling options.

Even if your online store is synced with your Facebook business page and your checkout redirected to your website you have the option to set up your Instagram shop and Messager shop, please bear in mind these options only appear once when your Facebook shop is set up.

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