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Medical industry overhauled by revolutionary app

This article discusses Carnalife ICO a revolutionary app that we came across while attending our award ceremony back in November 2018 and the owner of RisXcel Global Education multi-awards winner was presenting their latest project the Carnalife app and explaining the use of the creation of the Carnalife app and its benefits to the medical industry notwithstanding but including the help and support it gives to medical people and patients worldwide.

Carnalife is a revolutionary app that revolutionised the medical industry and considered as an adjacent invention but nevertheless a brilliant invention which will be available worldwide due to the benefits it provides to the medical industry. The benefits provided is not just for the doctors or the paramedics but extend to the patients as well.

What is Carnalife?

Carnalife has been present in the market for over two years and is an innovative telemedicine system that provides comprehensive health reports for Doctors, Paramedics, Patients and has changed the way doctors and patients interact with each others by giving a new direction to medical science by providing diagnosis and prognosis.

The app let users set detailed medical information and medical history at glance once all this information is within the app system it is capable of diagnosing an illness and give a prognosis.

Technology used by the app

The app make uses of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and run with Smart Contracts which are computer programs that act as the mediators between parties and have pre-defined rules which they abide to.

This rules helps remove the middle man while saving cost and time in the process of information. The app is capable of giving concise medical reports and consist of dozens of parameters which can be used with Carnalife AI technology to predict the future health conditions based on the patients current fitness level and family history.

App Creation and Microsoft involvement

The app was created with the support and expertise of medical experts and physicians that are renowned in the EU and across the world. The app working AI-based analytical telemedicine system and enable patient to record the result of medical examination and, as a result, quicker analysis by specialists is made.

Data analysis is performed based on intelligent algorithms that interpret and prioritise results requiring immediate intervention by doctors and it is a CE marked solution for medical specialists meaning that it is conforming with health, safety, environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area and was developed by a Polish IT company MedApp S.A who created the Carnalife software and launched it in 2015 with international accolades for their towering achievements who won them awards.

Using smart contracts, crowdfunding mechanisms and tokens, the Carnalife platform create a new kind of services which is much better than the current healthcare reality by removing costly ineffective intermediaries and utilizing technology to its fullest creating a health economy owned and operated by the people.

Microsoft developed the Hololens and it is the first self-contained holographic computer enabling users to engage with digital content and interact with holograms in the world around them. Cardiologists can make use of the Hololens technology to diagnose heart conditions in real time using Augmented Reality (AR).

The innovation in AI technology allows doctors to views organs in real time for prognosis. Microsoft is the official partners of MedApp who brought Azure-based telemedicine to doctors and a demonstration of the Hololens was shown in Kazakhstan.

Who the apps beneficial for

For patients: Carnalife app enable user to record all medical information such as family history, past illness, existing medical conditions and more.

For Paramedics: Carnalife app can quickly review the vital details about the patient such as blood group any ongoing medications and allergies which helps providing rapid medical assistance.

For Doctors: Carnalife app enable Doctors to view comprehensive health reports of patients including medicines prescribed, recovery time, history of ailments and more.

Product Viability and availability

The products lifecycle is not clearly define as being an app and consumption of the product is clearly define but limitation of the products as not been made clear as no storage capacity was found hence this information was not available in our research and the distribution is said to be worldwide with several launch date scheduled in 2019 for various countries.

However the apps Carnalife, Carnalife System and Carnalife Care are available to download from the App Store and Play Store as they are published on IOS app and Google Android app platforms.

Product Value and investment opportunity for users

The app contains 1 token called Carna life token within it system this information was provided by the owner of RisXcel Global Education therefore the value of the token will grow overtimes and people who using the app their token will have gain a higher value as time goes by.

Token information: 10 billion token supply and the ticker symbol of the carna life token is called CLT the soft cap stand at 2 millions USD or 9000 ETH and the hard cap stand at 50 millions USD.

ETH is short for ethereum which is a cryptocurrency and its blockchain is very different from the bitcoin blockchain. The ethereum blockchain is more a general implementation of the blockchain technology and it is offer an anonymous transaction which is not regulated by a centralised body or controlled just like bitcoin.

More advanced calculating feature are embedded in ETH which complexity makes it more vulnerable to cyber attacks than its counterpart Bitcoin and what makes it more generalised is the concept of EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine).

With EVM code can be written and these code are called smart contracts which are capable to automate and execute real world agreements in an immutable ledger.

The underlying currency of ethereum is called Ether and is used to buy computation power (ability to run this programs) and Smart Contracts allow for the blockchain to be applicable in a range of different industries like, medical, trade and finance, supply chain, securities and derivatives including banking.

The ethereum blockchain does not have a block limit. The number of transactions that are put into a block are decided by the miners. Each block is mined in 12-14 seconds and the number of transactions per second are around 15. Private Sale of the token

Currently there is a private sale going on started in October 2018 and ending in 29 days and the private sale price is 1 CLT = 0.01USD and you can purchase as much tokens as you want while the sale is on.

£10 000 you get 10 000 CLT and £5000 give you 5000 CLT, £500 you get 500 CLT and £100 which is the minimum amount you can invest get you 100 CLT

Pre ICO Sale of the token

It scheduled to start in Jan 2019 the price is 1 CLT = 0.02USD and you will be able to purchase as much tokens as you want.

£10 000 you get 10 000 CLT and £5000 give you 5000 CLT, £500 you get 500 CLT and £100 which is the minimum amount you can invest get you 100 CLT

Crowd Sale of the token

It scheduled to start in February 2019 the price is 1 CLT = 0.03USD and you will be able to purchase as much tokens as you want.

£10 000 you get 10 000 CLT and £5000 give you 5000 CLT, £500 you get 500 CLT and £100 which is the minimum amount you can invest get you 100 CLT.

You can pay for your token with the following currencies that are accepted by Carnalife ICO: Ethereum (ETH), BitCoin (BTC), LiteCoin (LTC) or BitCoin Cash (BCH).

Token Specifications

The Carna Life Token is developed on the Ethereum platform. This makes it fully-compatible with ERC-20 token standard as per carnalife website

Where to purchase the token

You can purchase the CLT tokens directly from Carnalife website but you are required to sign up and register to their website in order to purchase the token which if you keep it for let say 8 years will gives you million in monetary value.


The Carnalife app is a fantastic invention and reshaping the medical industry as it can cut time in queuing for A&E, possibly quicker diagnosis and prognosis, avoidance of repeated medical information when visiting a new doctor or attending A&E because all your information is stored on the app so easily accessible by the doctors who will provide you with treatment.

The app gives you money over time as it includes 1 CLT to start up with in your journey of digital money investment. At Girlfridayz we highly recommend that you download the Carnalife Lite on your phone and start using it to gain the benefit it provides you with. We have downloaded it on our phone as we think it is a fantastic development and an improvement to the medical industry as we know it.

Purchase the token as it will gives you reward in the future just like when you purchase bitCoin you could be a millionaire in no time as the bitCoin millionaire out there, the one who viewed bitCoin as valid investment opportunity and bought into the technology and now are enjoying real money which can be seen in their bank account and use so go for it as the minimum investment is only £100 affordable to most.

If you like this blog post share it amongst your friends, colleagues, family and anyone you know as good news is spreadable as others could benefit.

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