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March is Women Month

Women history Month

The month of March is dedicated to Women us the female specifies a month long of celebration throughout the history since the first international women day in 1911.

So, at Girlfridayz since it is mother day today in England we thought of writing a blog post about women entrepreneur and it is nearly the end of the Women History Month in the UK, United State and down under.

All over the world women are running their business in various field and are very successful entrepreneur in their work chosen field. Women in business are shrewd, assertive, confident and powerful, hardworking and good leaders with a softer side on occasion.

No wonder we are celebrated a month long and we had an international day on the 8/03/17 we are appreciated for the daily work we do, either be homeworker, mother or running a multi-national organisation, small, medium or large business we tend to cope more than most men and do mature mentally quicker too hence the saying “there is no man without a woman” is true.

The world most powerful female entrepreneurs are feature on Forbes online magazine. As per Forbes they refined power by building their own business against all odds, from tech giants to fashion designers and the “Oprah Winfrey” of China, these power house women are the ultimate small business idols.

The like of Girlfridayz Trisha Amable CEO make the 17 in the list, however we bear similar characteristic as the above in starting our own business against all odd, we do not have fame or a mention yet in Forbes or international status but we certainly are powerful in Marketing our Forte.

Should it prick your curiosity to see who are these wonderful powerful women click on this link and if you are curios about the 17 most powerful women in marketing click here.

Women entrepreneurs have two jobs or sometimes three, however, let discuss the latter, our first job is to help other and our second job is our actual job, the better we are at the first one, the second job becomes easier the second nature. Customers are first in any business so it important to remember that your first and foremost job is to help other we like to say at Girlfridayz we here to help. Your second job is what you do best in our case marketing is our forte.

Hence your first job forces you to value relationship and be other focus as oppose to thinking of your own interest, meaning clients, peers and bosses come first. “How can I be of help” become your core actions and you start looking for innovative ways to add value subsequently becoming much more useful to people around you.

For example, to your clients you become someone who serve their interest, solve their problem and immediate need, instead of a pushy aggressive person who always try to sell them something they do not need.

Your second job is how you get paid, feed your family and pursue the agenda of people who hired you in saying so do not forget about your own agenda and goal set for your business and growth plan set in stone and time bound. Hence remember job number 1 does not compete with job number 2 and make you much better at job number 2.

Apply customer relationship to its fullest builds stronger relationship and connect you to others, teaches to pay attention to other people and the world around you and it helps you to perceive if what you are doing working for you independently of your own agenda.

You can only experience success if you view your 1 job as a permanent job — not only supporting people who can help you in your second job you will soon be revealed as superficial and manipulative. You know the type Girlfridayz speaking about “someone eager to help you when you have a big job to give them, but will not return your call when you are looking for work”.

To be a great powerful entrepreneur take job number 1 seriously and invest equal energy in each job, pursue job number 1 with genuine passion, even if it does not pay you much money. As not every reward is financial, some actions feed your soul and enriches you and your community and model the sort of behaviour you want your peers, friends and family members to embody.

Take pride in both job and if you are a to-do-list person, for both job–yearly analyse your performance and achievement. The more you are helpful to your customers, people and excel at job number 2 you will get referral, recommendation, word of mouth, share, like, follows and money as people will be willing to pay your price if it is the right price, be flexible in your approach and always approach your potential customer in a position of help and support as it not enough to succeed at the job who pays the bills and feed you, it simply a too narrow vision and does not show growth within you or your brand.


Value women work and in general not only on Mother Day or Women's Day or Women's History Month but always as we are powerful, beautiful, kind, thoughtful, helpful, understanding, assertive, hardworking, strong so everyday we should be thought of in a good light and treated with respect and love as we respect and love other.

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