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It's Snow Time in London

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

You may have woke up to snowy London this morning because the Daily Mail has a full-length article talking about snow white causing havoc or fun time enabling whichever way you want to look at it — Snow will be Snow beautiful and crystal clear and shiny bringing a smile on people face and joyful moment in time.

Seriously true look at Mr Toty he is all smile and mirroring people feeling that is the magic of snow storytimes telling, snow fighting, sledging and bottom sledging notwithstanding the keen trio of cyclists no matter what mother nature has in store they would be on their bicycle as seen pictured on the Daily Mail article as there is a decent amount of snow to do so.

Meet Your Customers

In London there is Winter Wonderland and is opened so why not visit High Park and enjoy your time there and while you meet people and strike up conversation – hey you never know who you might meet so best be prepared as preparation is key to elevation. Would you care to listen to How to Pitch Your Business and learn how to meet your customers and learn how to sell without selling as everybody like to buy but do not like selling.

On your travel

be careful because however, beautiful snow white is crystal clear and shiny "she" can be treacherous you can end up stranded in your car, on your bicycle, motorbike or on foot so it's best to fit snow tire on your car, leave the bicycle at home, the motorbike in your garage and put your CAT (Caterpillar) or DOC (Martens) boots on with white thick socks, and take the plane or train when available to visit Scotland Ponies and further up the Highlanders both beautiful animals which grazed in the snow well warm with their brown fur.

With snowfall

Snowman and Snowwoman appears butt naked white but it's best to dress them so they do not get cold hence add a scarf around their neck if you're artistic you can add clothes — that remain to be seen or you can make them cosy up so they warm up each other before their short live as they will melt away when mother nature will warm up the weather slightly.

While I may be waiting for more snowfall to make my garden Snowman or Snowwoman you can watch the noisy snowfall seen falling in my back garden in this 24s video because now it stopped and that's it.

I can always dream of building a snowman or snowwoman in my back garden in SE London, but if you are in the UK where it is possible go ahead have fun christmas is coming.

In Conclusion

If you enjoy this blog post and it bring joyful moment just by reading this short story share it with your peers and share your snowfall stories with others as seen on YouTube furthermore if you are in a sharing mood post a Snowman or Snowwoman with the bare minimum a scarf on but hey, if you managed to put clothes on them we at Girlfridayz would like to see this picture wherever you are in the world.

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