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Increase Business Productivity With Meditation & Yoga

Updated: Apr 8

People have used Meditation for thousands of years, in their quest to find inner peace and harmony.

Religions use in their teaching the art of meditation to worshipers of their congregation spiritual enlightenment through meditation.

Extensive literature has discussed the benefits of meditating. Meditation has many benefits; it improves concentration, increases self-awareness and enables you to combat stress by helping you to relax and cope with life stressors. it improves social interaction, improves health and mental health and some have been able to conquer depression, or addiction to drug and alcohol, caffeine. It improves customer service, clients and prospect relationship, productivity in the workplace and your personal life.

It Helps with Mental Control

There is no doubt that the mental ability to analyse, discriminate, plan and communicate has helped us to reach where we are today. Yet it can be a double edge sword! Our brain may help us to reason, think creatively, relate to others.

If we do not learn to switch it off our deepest fears can surface and persecute us. We may begin to dislike our appearance or our self-image and take other opinions to the heart which the latter bring a negative effect on us and affect our result in life and business life.

Meditation brings relief to anxiety by helping to silence our inner chatter to recognise the dismay of negative thoughts and create a feeling of peace and serenity within us.

How to Find Inner Peace

"All you need is deep within you waiting to unfold and reveal itself. All you have to do is sit still empty your mind of any thoughts and reach the great inner being within you. Take time to seek, find your inner peace lying within you with positive mantras, by deeply breathing in and out, you will surely find it. Inner peace, positiveness and thoughtfulness, align all chakras working perfectly together in unisongood flow of energy you feel grounded and earth."

Health and work benefit

Clinical studies into the effect of meditation are encouraging they have shown a reduction in migraines, insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome, period, anxiety and panic attacks, as well as a lower level of stress hormones, low blow pressure and improve circulation.

They have also shown that meditation can control pulse and respiratory rates and increased job satisfaction and work performances.

As a result, doctors are recognising the therapeutic benefits of meditations and some are recommending meditation exercise and relaxation techniques to their patients to helps stress-related ailment.

Therefore, the latter benefits of meditating for your wellbeing have been proven to work and have a positive impact on your health, thus improving your output in your life and business life.

Meditation does not discriminate

Today meditation is no longer preserve to mystics, yogis and philosophers. It's for everyone. Its values have been recognised by many. You do not have to be religious or have a huge amount of time to meditate, you can do it no matter how old or busy you are. If you up to learn how to beat stress, understand more about yourself or increase your sense of wellbeing meditation is for you.

I have written further posts on meditation for those of you who are interested in the subject and its application and its relation to running your business to a greater height. I meditate a lot it is my way of life and I have a positive attitude towards life, good health and a reasonable looking body.

It has helped me work harder in my online business toward my goals, vision and fought my bodily bugs invasion by transforming a negative situation into a positive by seeing the positive in my ordeal and coping with the live and direct nightmare.

I penned the experience as it happens and gave a name to the bacteria-ridden parasites who almost killed me living their best life inside me. I used self-enhancing humour to turn my ordeal into a funny, informative, entertaining story for people to read, using meditation, medication and exercise to remove the harmful bugs in my body.

These methods of coping with a life-threatening infection proved to be therapeutic for me and helped me fight and win the fight by remaining mentally strong because I am now free of harmful parasites.

Hence, the benefits of meditation and exercise clearly mentioned above as well as writing what is troubling, stressing or hurting you is a very useful way to realise the hurt, reduce stress and find a solution to a problem.



The precise way in which the body should be positioned in each yoga pose to obtain the maximum benefit from the pose and avoid injury. Each yoga style has its own take on alignment. In many contemporary methods, props are used to help students get into the best possible alignment.

Examples: The proper alignment for cat-cow stretch is to have the shoulders over the wrists and the knees over the ankles.

On the next exhale:

1. Release the tops of your feet to the floor.

2. Round your spine.

3. Drop your head.

4. Take your gaze to your navel.

Repeat the cat-cow stretch on each inhale and exhale, matching the movement to your own breath.

Continue for 5-10 breaths, moving the whole spine. After your final exhales, come back to a neutral spine.

Meditation Exercises and your body

Exercises are beneficial for your body and your mind. It keeps you supple, mindful, helps you sees the positive in life, make you more agreeable, and approachable because you are more relaxed. If you feel tenses it is because you do not exercise regularly your body, do not meditate to realise stress, therefore, more likely to snap at people around you. Meditation realises negative energies and stressors, exercise keeps the body and mind healthy.

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