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Are You Aware of the 7ps of the Marketing Mix and its components

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

This article discusses the various medium of promoting yourself as a business essential to your survival in business and part of the marketing mix 4ps and 7ps.

The example uses to emphasize the various promotional routes a business can take focus on our business and how we at Girlfridayz promote our services and the medium use to convey our marketing messages.

Promoting content writing and insert CTA (call to action)

Have a look at the great services we offer. If interested in any of our offers please do not hesitate to contact us at Girlfridayz we will be happy to hear from you and support you in achieving your business goals in 2019 and beyond why not start now as promoting your business is as important as selling your product or services to consumers. Without your Marketing Promotion which is part of the 7 ps marketing mix you are not achieving much ROI at all and only a few people will know who you are or what you do.

Print Marketing

We can design great looking promotional materials for you such as a brochure, flyer, business card, rolling banner as well as wall banner and more do visit our design and printing gallery to view all our designs.

Here an example of a rolling banner which is great for your event and it comes with a shoulder carry bag easy to carry and not cumbersome therefore you are able to travel to your event easily despite its huge size but when unrolled people are just amazed at the beauty of the design and can view all your services or product in one go.

You will be able to place it neatly in the meeting room where you conduct an event away from your office or in a meeting room or hallway at the entrance of your office to capture leads at the ready as they definitely cannot miss it or nor see it.

Here I am highlighting the benefit of having a rolling banner and it use where it is most needed and the visibility of your product or service at glance to produce a maximum effect on your readers.

Online Directory listing

In term of promoting your business, we at Girlfridayz have a new service our very own online directory listing and it's a business card style directory listing simple efficient and effective, fresh-looking, refreshing and let face it the truth about online marketing is that the greater the exposure, the higher your visibility.

Today, almost every business vies to capture potential target leads faster than its rivals. In addition to business advertisements and online campaigns, listing your business in online business directories is a great way to gain exposure.

It’s an efficient and affordable way to promote your business and in this cut-throat competitive market registering your business in an online directory gives you an edge over the competition. We have two great plans for you to choose a premium plan for only £80 and a free plan. Why not view the great businesses who took advantage of this fantastic opportunity.

In this piece of content above I am informing my readers of our new service and the benefit of registering your business in an online directory which gives you greater exposure.

Digital Marketing Promotional Design

We can design for your online promotional material such as letterbox size banner and business card brochure also social media and blog design picture which exactly fit the size of the picture holder of the social media platform you using or blog.

These gives lives to your promotional text as well as generating comment, likes and share and even increasing your website views or blog views or visit to your brick and mortar shop and drive enquiry via messages or email hence it good to have a good attractive promotional picture and content text to go with it.

Your picture can have text on it too have you noticed at Girlfridayz we love to add text to our picture as sometime it carry our message as the saying goes a picture carries 1000 words.

Here an example of an infographic we designed to promote our website design service ( How to design a website correctly) that we can do for you they are great to put your message in simple text and pictures easier to read and fast to digest the important information that you want to convey and people who prefer picture reading or have difficulties with reading find these amazingly great to suit there needs as your marketing should be including every customer because in order to market yourself to other you need to put yourself in your customer's shoes and see if you would like it.

Advertising online

Did you know that Girlfridayz advertising is affordable to small business, sole traders, and self-employed as when you start up a business it is difficult to access good advertising opportunity and drive customers to your services and you need to be exposed on many mediums to drive maximum inquiry to your services or products and turn these leads into paying customers.

Girlfridayz thought of her customers and developed an affordable advertising service on our website and blog as well as our free promotional offer for our podcast guest all these are geared to support small business to grow as our motto is you grow and we grow hence we grow together.

We are cheaper than pay per click on Google and our blog is read by 1500 people per month and our website view on average get 400 unique visitors per 7 days so your advertisement will be seen and maybe clicked on if attractive, relevant to your services, or products and enticing enough to drive leads to your site or brick and mortar shop or online store.

Big businesses can use us too our numbers may not be as huge as Amazon but we drive views to our site and you have an opportunity to apply saving cost and reduce your marketing bill so some time is good to use small business too.

Here we are highlighting the advertising opportunity we offering to other businesses and to entice advertising on our site we informing our reader of our statistic data which can drive more engagement and leads and businesses wanting to advertise on our website, blog, or feature on our podcast.


As you can see we are using an array of promotional materials to promote our small business and the services we provide marketing at Girlfridayz we live and breath marketing and planning it is our forte so why not click on the links on in this blog post and view our great affordable services.

We can promote you the same way hence why not uses us for your promotional material or digital presence we provide expert services second to none and very professional gives us a try you will not regret it do not take our for it view what our customers or potential customers saying about us.

If you like this share it amongst your peers and comment we would love to know what you think. Oh, our links are of a deep purple colour not underline as we do not like the underlined link, it is a preference in writing style.

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