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The Benefit of Meditation and Your Business

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

You may have noticed this picture on our website in our contact-us page it is because we at Girlfridayz love Meditation and we practice meditation for years as we know its benefits for the mind and body.

Heath and work benefits

Meditation can help control your pulse and respiratory rate and increase job satisfaction, increase performance and help if you are stressed.

Meditation is for everyone and its benefit has been recognized by many and its practice worldwide. It helps you control your mind. there is no doubt that the mind's ability to analyse, discriminate, plan and communicate but yet it can be a double-edged sword at times if we do not learn to switch off and stay still and silence our inner chatters.

Meditation improves concentration, increase self-awareness, and enable us to combat stress by helping us to relax and cope. It helps interacts better with others and improves our mental health as well as physical health.

What is Meditation

Meditation is much more than relaxation it is deeper as when you try relaxation your mind wanders uncontrollably filled with thoughts. Meditation is the ability to push these thoughts and to keep your mind still, to stay focus one thought only this can be achieved with daily practice.

Mediation helps you restore the balance between the left side of your brain (Beta) and the right side of your brain (Alpha). The left side of your brain is concerned with thinking, speaking, and writing and the right side the brain is concerned with your imagination, intuition, and feeling.

When your brain is balanced you are better receptive to the above and you see improvement in the above as meditation helps to be more receptive, intuitive focus on the present and not past event, relaxed and you find yourself more productive, talkative, imaginative and find things easier.

Meditation helps you cultivate mindfulness

We tend to perform automated tasks and activities daily without too much thinking and it is not bad because it helps us remember and plan ahead. However, if you dwell too much on the past or the future you are not thinking of the present. Cultivating mindfulness is living in the present moment when you are able to focus on the present heightened our sensitivity and enable us to perform tasks more efficiently.

In order to develop mindfulness, you need to keep yourself in the present and try to notice every detail of what going on.

As an example, I am writing this blog post mindfully and I noticed that I am focusing on the content which I want it to be informative, I feel my finger tapping on the key of my computer and the sound each key makes when pressed and depending on the force or letters pressed a slightly different sound is heard.

I have the ability to focus attentively on what I doing and feel at peace with myself and secure.

Affirmations are part of meditations

Our mind is a powerful tool and whatever we think often happened and become reality, therefore knowing this positive affirmation daily is needed to reprogram your mind. Example let say you want to be a public speaker here an affirmation "I am a good public speaker" and you repeat this to yourself constantly, you probably might not believe it at first but gradually the constant repetition of this affirmation renders this statement meaningless because you become comfortable to say it and feels comfortable with it.

Affirmation helps with depressions and doubt and affirmation used correctly can help you to let go of self-doubt and become confident. Since the statement is familiar the left side of your brain needs to analyse it and passe it to the right side of the brain. The right side of the brain is concerned with emotion and sensation.

Visualisation is part of meditation

Visualisation is an extremely powerful technique that uses the imagination to create a particular state of mind and beings. It is becoming increasingly popular these days can be used for concentration, training your mind, increase self-confidence and problem-solving. It can be used for healing or for helping to achieve spiritual enlightenment


I can talk all day long about meditation because I absolutely love it and embrace its benefit. If you want to improve your confidence and dealing with others, being more patient, relaxed and positive use meditation daily.

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