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How to use Google Planner to leverage Facebook Ads

Facebook ads

Facebook ads is really affordable and easy to budget for. If you are an SME's, large business or Startup Facebook ads is for you as the cost of an ads campaign is really manageable and you do have an opportunity to never going over budget or increased your budget for a particular campaign if you see it going well and result are good.

As when you create a business page on your Facebook you have now an opportunity to Geo-targeting your potential customer directly from your post without accessing Facebook insight or pressing the boost button. This handy feature allows to target a group of like-minded user which show interest in your topic or post.

In using this button you do not pay any money for advertising and still can achieve sale or gain leads by "Turning people into visitors, then into customers while establishing your brand and building customers loyalty." Girlfridayz going to show you how to leverage this opportunity using Google planner to maximise your success at targeting the right potential user group or company for your service or product.

Digital Marketing Inbound marketing is based on these three strategies and they embodies the traditional marketing way of selling your product or service except you are doing it online. Inbound marketing as oppose to outbound is when you create value for your target audience, establish your authority, and pique their interest. It is is uninterrupted and with excellent content pertaining to your craft or topic written in a professional persuasive friendly and useful content to the read you can achieve sale and long lasting relationship with your customer. It using the principal of the invisible sale matrix.

Using invisible sale matrix unable to sell your product or service without selling per say. It is not pushy and obstructive it rather subtle friendly, useful and long lasting where the potential customer want to know more and how to acquire what you selling.

the main reason it works is because it’s based on three proven principles of human psychology:

  • 1) If you give someone something of value and genuinely help them, without asking for anything in return, they’re more likely to trust you.

  • 2) If you can manage to create a “buzz” in your marketplace and make yourself stand out, people are more likely to view you as an authority.

  • 3) If you can manage to pique someone’s interest, there’s a good chance they’ll want to learn more about your product or service.

Once you understand this fully you can then use this knowledge to sale your product or service swimmingly to your interested audiences without fuss or pushy tactic.

How to use Google planner to achieve the latter

Google Planner

The picture depict a screenshot of Google Display Ads planner and Girlfridayz will demonstrate how you can use this knowledge to your advantage and link it to your Facebook ads campaign or target the right user group for your product or service by using the target button at bottom of your post in your business page.

The first thing you want to do is log into your Google Adwords account. If you don’t have one, create one. It’s free at Once you get inside your account, click on “Tools” and then “Display Planner.”

Watch how to plan your display campaign video below

Once you done your research following the video and save it in your plan download your ads plan and logging to your Facebook business page then with the data gathered from your Google Display Plan apply it to your post and use Facebook targeting tool to your post to target your user group you highlighted in your Google Display Plan like so.

How to use Facebook Targeting

In the following sequences of picture you can see how do it. It very simple fast and effective your post will only be shown to the people or business you selected and the people or business you excluded will not get your post.

Create your post using your Facebook business page. if you do not have one Girlfridayz can create one for you part of our done for you service. Notice the target button, it's a star-shape (the cross of David) first element opposite the Boost Post button going toward the left-hand side.

Once click choose preferred audience, select the browse button. Look at your plan that you done using the Google display planner. You would have selected the industry you were interested in and the keyword. In Facebook you can straight away type you choice and a drop down menu appear select the one which is suited to you and your business.

Once you put the mouse over the selection without clicking it shows you a short description and the amount of people which will be receiving your post if you choose this category.

You can scroll down the list to find the industry you want to target — then select. You can select up to 25 industries one at a time.

You can choose your demography by age range and gender or Geo-targeting by Location even include which one is your preferred language for people to read your post content.

You can restrict your audience if you do not want certain people or business to read your post or share your content, again by demography, age range, gender and Geo-location, plus language.

This is really useful feature — let say you target a group and you look at your Facebook Analysis and see a group of user where interested in your post and even shared it.

Another group did not and where not interested in this particular content. You can exclude this group in your next post or re-target them with a more appealing content for them maybe another picture, video or text and try with an offer second time around, they might be interested and even contact you to purchase your good or services.

You can choose a country to target — a drop=down menu appear then select country of choice.

Once you done press the save button and your post will have your targeting choice on the right hand-side in pale blue with centred text "Targeting" and shows your full selection — if you happy with it press publish. If you use Facebook advertising paying service press boost button and choose for how many day you want to boost your newly targeted post with your choice.


It's important to do your research in your right niche so you can access the right customer for your product and service and actually connect to like-minded user who will purchase your good. It takes time but it worthwhile. Do not post blind and hope to find gold. Do a bit of research, set a day to look at Google planner right down your interest, Google help you and save your Ads campaign plan, and you can take that plan to your Facebook business page and maybe your twitter ad, these keyword can be use on your website to boost your SEO and have better ranking in Google search engine or others.

The one who do not do achieved menial result and low income the one who tends to give up saying our business not working.

Actually it more likely that this business skipping the vital market research one must do, and digital marketing inbound marketing permit you do so in half the time it use to take. Use the right tool and do your marketing segmentation has shown above to achieve the best result for you, your business and maximise your ROI.

You can do this every three month for a all day. You'll be better equip, the world is changing fast and the way we do business to, so it's best to keep on trends and move with your time.

Market research for century has shown great result and Marketing segmentation too. These are long term strategy to nurture and a must for a successful business. Oh if you cannot be bother Girlfridayz can do it for you it's part of our done for you service and it is ever so important that why we offer you this service.

At Girlfridayz marketing is our forte, hence we can take a few days to complete a thorougher research for you and marketing segmentation to your satisfaction. We here to help you thrive in your business while you carry on what you do best.

that easy has that and watch out for Girlfridayz Easter Hunt find the winning eggs and win a prize.

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