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How to make your small business flourish

Sling back yellow sparkly shoe
Photo your campaign pitch online

What the above picture evokes in your mind? Picture are very subjective and enticed the viewer to act on the information they provide and they should be part of your arsenal when advertising your small business, but not always necessary as your content if interesting and valuable would not need a picture to support it.

Having said that a picture is necessary because it provides information to a cross-section of people who either have reading difficulties or do not like reading but need the information to access your business. Therefore, your picture should be informative and relevant to the written content about your business.

Using a picture alone to convey information about your business depending on its content can leave your viewer mind to interpretation and bring unexpected result as perception is a strong decisive point in people decision making. Therefore, using this marketing strategy combine with the core asset of marketing can result in a positive or negative outcome for your small business and should be use with good intention and a thoughtful process.

Whatever business you are running you do need to advertise to remain visible and have a chance to acquire prospect and eventually customers. Small business advertising is major and it's just as important as large businesses which use the power of advertising on the daily to their advantage.

Sadly many small businesses do not advertise their business daily or using the core asset of marketing combine with strategies to advertised their business, because they do not bother or do not have the budget for their advertising campaign and it is too expensive for the likelihood of obtaining a click and it's much more easier to get impression (views).

It's true that advertising can be very expensive and therefore not easily accessible to small businesses. However, it is not a reason not to advertise as there is free advertising platform and inexpensive advertising company providers. If you want to get impression and your business to generate awareness you need to advertise your business and your advertising does not have to be expensive as it can take many forms.

There's several types of advertising available for every budget and as a broad category I am mentioning the main forms are offline and online advertising. Within these categories you have varied choices to make your business known to the public.

If we concentrate on online advertising we have CPM (cost per mile), CPC (cost per click) and OCPM (optimised cost per mile) which is the type of advertising Facebook provides. A brief explanation about each of these online advertising methods.

CPM means if your ad has a thousand views you pay a fee maybe £1.50 for a thousand views. Which could be very expensive especially if you do not get click to your website. However, it generates awareness to your business if you do not forget to put a backlink to your website and a phone number. If you do not have a website the location of your shop or office is needed in your advert.

CPM is only effective if prospective leads get curious or interested about your products or services and decide to click on the link, or call you. If you have a website they can visit your website and browse other products or services and eventually you can achieve sales through your advert.

OCPM means Facebook are slightly different by providing targeted post to your niche but still uses CPM therefore, you pay Facebook for a thousand views of your post. if you are in the UK the price start at £1 for a thousand targeted views.

Hence, slightly better than CPM but can work as equally expensive in the long run if your are not careful about your advertising budget as Facebook offers various start-up budget price range and tell you how far your post will reach within your chosen target and you pay per number of day selected and they even offer lifetime for as many years as you want and you can pay for like and fan too to boost your business pages popularity quicker.

CPC as the name suggest you pay for an x amount of click on your advert. The click is the basic unit of measurement. This can be very costly but in term of marketing and advertising is worthy because when people click on your ad you get 80% chance that they will buy the product advertise. However, there is always a possibility they abandon their shopping cart but if this happen there is a method to retrieve the purchase and get the prospect to buy the product.

With CPC company tends to charge you for a thousand click at a price. Google offer CPC and charge through bidding for your keyword and your ads will appears on the top part of the browser listing and all organic listing appears after the ads.

A competitor knowing that you are using CPC for your online advertisement can decide to drain your budget to get you out of the competition and sit in front of their computer and click on your ads repetitively generating many clicks thousands and thousands at a time. This would normally drain your budget if do not have filtering in place. As if your competitor decide to do that and you have a filter in place this nasty tactic will count as a single click.

All the other social media platforms are using CPM when you promote your tweet, pin and post as Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest offer CPM advertising. You are essentially paying per thousand impressions (views) of your tweet, post and pin.

This is how in term of marketing they are maximising their customers value by charging for different packages on their platforms such as LinkedIn the premium packages, plus promoting your post and Facebook paying for fan and likes as well as boosting post and Instagram promoting post and Twitter promoting plus Twitter list and Pinterest just jump on the CPM ship with promoting your pin on your board. This also how they can sustain the free use of their platform and still generate an enormous profit and keep their online business profitable.

In term of online advertising a click is much more important than the number of views as you need impressions to get a click, likewise you need a click to get conversion and at Girlfridayz we are aware of this and how difficult it could be for a business with a small advertising budget to afford any of these three effective online advertising methods especially if you do not have a huge advertising budget.

We thought of this and devise a low cost and quality advertising for small businesses as effective as these methods above we are not charging you for pay per views or pay per clicks we only charging you for placement of your ad on our website and we can guarantee that your ad will get impression as our website has 29k plus unique views.

Your ads is placed strategically on our site with the view to generate clicks back to your website. Also we are different than other free platform or low cost online advertiser has the duration of your ad placement is for 90 days and the price charge is for 90 days, meaning you only pay for placement and your targeted link to your selected destination. If you do not know how to design your targeted ad we can design it for you for a small fee.

We offer you various different types of ads format listed below:

Ads placement types and price

  • Display ad: £60 for 90 days

  • Lead Magnet: £120 for 90 days

  • Banner ads: £180 for 90 days

  • Tripwire: £200 for 90 days

  • Video ad: £180 for 90 days

  • Designing your targeted ad: £25

A targeted link to your destination cost £60 for a link for three month and any additional link to another destination £30 fee applied per additional target.

You can clearly see how we are much more cheaper than CPM, CPC or OCPM even if we could appears expensive compare to the free ads platform as they do not charge you for placement but charge you for enhancing your ad plus the duration of your advert placement is 30 days only.

there is some tips that you can follow as a small business to maximise your ads impact and generating clicks back to your website, blog or visit to your shop which are detailed below.

  1. Start with broad targeting and narrow down over time. If you start with 100 keywords to target, you can find the 10 best. If you start with 10, you might only find one or two effective keywords.

  2. Make use of geographic components in your ads, keeping in mind various traits of the location, such as climate, local events and ages of your target.

  3. Test different placements for different ads, to see if one will work better than another.

  4. Don’t abandon keywords just because they don’t work right away has they might have seasonal fluctuations or simply be out of style for the moment.

  5. Make use of negative keywords whenever possible, to eliminate the possibility of showing your ad for queries involving your keyword but unrelated to your product.

  6. Test different copy and, use relevant images. You can run several variations at a time and you’re not limited to just two.

  7. Pay attention to your quality score, when using Google CPC. This will affect your bid and the placement of your ads.

  8. Learn when it’s time to stop testing and start investing in your best performers ads set.

There’s a lot you can do to optimise your ads, but a lot of it just comes down to testing, experimentation, iteration and repetition of your performing ads. Also in order to grow your small business is to use the core asset of marketing combine with strategies in your advertising whether be on social media platform, using online advertising CPM, CPC and OCPM, free advertising or our low cost and quality advertising as using them in your content will generate clicks back to your website and make your small business flourish.

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