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How to do a Digital Marketing Plan for Facebook using the 5W1H Model

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

In this day and age no-one can do without a Social Media presence it is ever so important for businesses of all sizes to have a Social Media presence on the relevant platform for their products or services as "one-size-fits-all" Social Media platform is not good as businesses does not scale equally.

With this said a business must choose the best platform(s) for their products or services where they know that they will find a high concentration of users interested in their products or services and can begin to Geo-targeting them with interesting advertising post or articles pertaining to a product or service of interest to this group of users.

That why it is important to do a digital marketing plan to determine your audience and to target the right people who are interested in your business product and services has it helps you determine what to post when to post, and the type of content you can post.

Audience Attraction

It is really important to segment your market when using a social media platform, as a marketer, entrepreneur, business owner it should be an automated task you do and Facebook have made easy the segmentation processes of marketing.

Facebook has the cogwheel button set on your business page which offers you the opportunity to post public or restrict your audience, choose interest, demography, education, income, also you have lots of other opportunities, set up an event, offers, advertising, video marketing, set up your shop, your story, link a group to your business, messager, facebook bot and more.

All these marketing tools at your disposition use cleverly with the 9 cores of marketing and eleven strategies your business can grow and you have a billion users too, therefore, potential customers at your fingertips.

You can conduct your business locally, nationally or internationally and with Facebook acquiring Instagram you have a ready-made visual platform to use and your business page can be connected to your Instagram as well as your picture, and video if you boost your post and you enabled this option.

You can build lookalike audiences using Facebook which is really handy if you have a group of people interested in your product or service and you know another group may be interested as well, you can create a marketing persona (lookalike audience) with your Facebook and target this new group with perhaps the same post but a different picture or maybe the interest come from another country, district, borough, area, town in the UK. You can target them directly without showing that post to your other group and create an event, contest, poll, and more.

Facebook advertising remains cheaper than Google as you can set up and control your budget starting from £1 and boost your post for one day to 1000 odd users. You can also increase your budget or have a lifetime budget.

You can leverage Facebook messager too and use integrated tools like Mobile Monkey who work like email marketing for your Facebook messager. Also, you can download the apps, Facebook page and you got your business page on your phone and the messager app to increase productivity.

The Facebook groups are popular and are growing fast you can join a group pertaining to what you selling and join the conversation. Do not always put a link back to your website it can put off people but contribute with meaningful and good quality content, you can start a poll or quiz, do not put too much video has Facebook is saturated with video. once you gain popularity within the group you join you can put a link back to your website not too often. You can create your own group and linked it to your business page.

This all the proper marketing tools that you can use to optimize click to your website and generate engagement without the vanity metric like and reactions, which are useful in terms of psychology marketing and numbers the bigger they are making people curious and want to join.

How to create your digital marketing plan using the 5W1H methodology using Facebook

The 5W1H is a method which can help you lay your goals and create content for the right social media platform audience. The criterions are Why, What, Where, Who, When and How. It's also a content strategy planning model which can help you lay goals for any plan it is very versatile.

Why: demote the purpose of your post your aim

What: is the content of your post

Where: Which platform your content will best fit on

Who: Which audience it will attract more

When: When will you post this content as every plan need to be timebound

How: is the method used to convey your content

Let say as an example that you selling makeup your audience will more likely be women who are interested in make-up and mainly which have a strong interest in its application and benefits.

Your purpose in your plan will be to attract this target market and you could segment your target market and decide which group of women will be more suited for your content. Instead of a broad target market, you could be more specific as the women audience is broad.

In order to be specific, you could target younger women, women who use makeup to hide scars or to gain confidence and feel better about themselves or use makeup as they see it as a sign of beauty. With this specific list, you have more options available to you and can really target the specific audience for your makeup.

As a sub-category, you could target men who use makeup in their profession, as for example, actors who use makeup and drag queen who uses makeup and any other groups.

You could supply your makeup to the makeup artist who purchases makeup regularly for their clients.

All these examples are potential target market and most of them are on social media and are using one or more platform.

You can segment your market into smaller market or mini-market, likewise, you can segment your market into a bigger market or international market. The best platform which offers this marketing segmentation option is Facebook by far as you can target broadly and specifically, the relevant group of people for your products and services in our example this platforms will be the best to use and Instagram will be good for a visual demonstration of your makeup product as well as YouTube.

Do you see how Facebook is the best platform for targeting your audience down to a mini-market should you want too for instance such as your town, your local area only? (ex: Student of Loughborough University located in the market town of Loughborough, Leicestershire, in the East Midlands of England ) or a bigger market such as the UK, still targeting a group in a particular town (ex: Vegan foodies in Exeter, Devon, England ) or (ex: Arsenal football fan in London).

We found this makeup artist Nikky which fit our makeup example watch her video and see how she has chosen to market her business to her female and male audience

This is Nikky Tutorial a makeup artist promoting makeup line on Youtube and Facebook

She is also posting all her YouTube video on her Facebook, therefore, enhancing her audience which is composed of mainly female and a few males, and has managed by using humor and demonstration on herself also creating different looks using makeup generated 2982,842 views on her recent video above posted 23/5/19. On Facebook she is receiving lots of engagement and people are commenting and even purchased recommended products.

Due to her marketing strategies she built engagement and following including a loyal fan base for her makeup tutorial using two social media platforms.

Planning your digital marketing strategy

The 5WH1 method allows you to plan your content and determine your purpose for posting and what you want to achieve and how your content will be displayed and presented to your audience, ensure that your content relates to the needs of your prospective audience. This way you will build a following, generate inquiry and eventually achieve conversation.

It helps you laying business goals and finding a way to achieve them, as when you write your goals down you are able to see clearly what you want to achieve and see how you will achieve your set goal on the deadline you decide as all plan need to be timebound. The 5WH1 method can help you determine your frequency of posting on your Facebook business page.

The frequency of posting quality content should be regular and consistent we recommend 4 targeted posts per week it is enough to generate engagement and views if your content is quality and your target audience can relate to it and feels that their needs are met.

The 5WH1 methodology can be applied to other platforms to depending on your purpose for posting and using this platform as they all have a different purpose and were created for a different purpose initially and have evolved into a melting pot has people starting posting anything they want without respecting the initial aim of the platform.

Compare platform and decide your best one to use with the 5W1H model

In contrast, others platforms segmentation is very slim but you still can achieve the same result if you not too much into targeting specific groups for your products or services but into minimal segmentation which is not recommended in marketing especially if you want to be using inbound marketing for your business.


LinkedIn is good for professional people, job application, CV, hiring people. These days we see anything running and a lots of complaints, improper posts but overall still a decent platform to use if you are a services orientated company especially the one who offer professional services such as recruitment company, lawyers, debt collector, marketing company and anybody offering a professional service or looking for staff.

LinkedIn in term of segmentation is really poor as you can only post public (anyone on and off LinkedIn) or Public + Twitter (anyone on and off LinkedIn + "your Twitter feed") the last option your connection only (your connection network on LinkedIn). They added the group you join in your list. You can do live videos if you are premium and have access to Inmail and courses but their premium packages are not worth it in my view and too much money for what you getting.

So to do an effective segmentation using LinkedIn your options are limited to these three methods to post. You cannot choose your demography, location, interest, behaviour, and language. The only thing is you can do is to build your connection, target them or search by company, location, job title, and other variables within LinkedIn organically and they added vanity metric to be more like Facebook.

If you purchase a premium package you get a free month trial after this you get 15 InMail to email anyone outside your network then you can purchase Sale Solution and Talent Solution on subscription basis business model. That about it with LinkedIn with regard to segmentation and you can advertise on LinkedIn it is not free.


Twitter is the worse for segmentation by far with twitter you can only tweet public or if you use # people can see only your Twitter feed. You can create a Twitter list, a moment or mention and advertised. The Twitter crowd are huge businesses, celebrities and any other companies who want to access this group of users. Twitter has more high-end customers.

As previously stated you can see that Facebook offers more inbound marketing opportunities also a specific segmentation of your market you can truly target a group of user interest and grow your business.

This is why Girlfridayz Social Sales Growth Strategy program offers you a 1-day training on how to optimize your target market using Google, Facebook and monetised your leads.

The requirement to attend this real-time live training program on the 27/01/20

  • Google Account

  • Facebook Business Page

  • Skype Account

  • Money to invest in the program & Facebook Ads if you want to

This is a real opportunity to learn tactics that work and iron tight strategies that work and get you leads if followed by the letter and you exert patience and the result will pay you lots of money if applied diligently and methodically.

The fee is £1200 which is a small fee to learn advertising strategies, market research, segmentation online and writing a targeted advert gear to a certain group of people such as broad or specific target. Girlfridayz wants every UK business to attend that why we have a Christmas present for your business in the form of a coupon name Christmas Present with the following coupon code CPSB2019. Enter this coupon code at checkout and your 50% discount will be applied automatically.

You also learn how to post your ad on your Facebook Business page organically without paying a £ or boosting your ad for a small fee. We teach you skills to build into your business for life.

You can always use Girlfridayz ad for Small Business and Sole Trader where we will have your ad(s) for 90 days on our site for £60 per ad. You get one link, picture, and text and to renew your ad for free 1 time during the 90 days. This is a fantastic offer when you need cheap effective advertising or just starting your business and cannot afford the above.

On this Note

Please feel free to comment on this article I would love to know what you think?

see you at our Social Sales Growth Strategy Program and to register your interest please complete our short form

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