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How to add finesse to your printed Content Marketing

Marketing your effort

You have a greet idea for your Marketing Message or for your Christmas Party and you produce the perfect flyers design, well if you have a poor printing job and the wrong quality of paper your investment will be wasted.

Could you imagine you spend time and money developing an incredible marketing content piece only to have it ruined by a poor printing job. Hence if you want your marketing materials to shine and get you result, you have to look better than the competition.

Printing brochures, calendars, postcards, flyers, and other promotional materials with high-quality inks on state-of-the-art printing presses is only part of the equation; when you add superb paper to the mix you've invested in an outstanding publication that's primed to get you results.

Choosing the best paper for your design

Choosing the best paper starts with understanding why paper is such a crucial element. Your customers equate the quality of your marketing with the quality of your products and services, so to have a high-quality promotional package suggests you have a high-quality business and people want to purchase from high-quality businesses.

You also have to know what makes a high-quality paper stock and it often depends on the marketing type of artwork itself — 150 g/m2 gloss is great for brochures, while 67.72gms synergy bond is best for letterhead. Still, there are some conventions you should follow.

The more prestigious the artwork, the thicker the paper. This doesn't mean your folded brochures should be like cardboard, but adding thickness to your paper can lend credibility, esteem, prestigious conscientiousness, high-quality and durability.

White paper is best for most artwork, since colour can be printed.

Postcards are best printed on ultra-thick 60.2 gsm paper stock, Brochures on 150 g/m² Standard Glossy to 250 g/m² premium glossy paper stock, Desk Calendar and Poster Calendar are best Printed on Glossy 235 g/m²

Best Paper Stock to use for your artwork

  • For easy writing, it's best to go with an uncoated or velvet paper stock.

  • Paper stocks with a gloss finish are well suited for grabbing attention with a flashy delivery, since the gloss helps colourful designs pop off the page.

  • Matte stocks are a good choice for a more subtle appeal, perhaps suggesting exclusivity.

  • Special coatings such as aqueous and UV further enhance printed promotions by adding a layer of brilliance and protection.

  • If you're a green company, look for Eco-friendly recycled matte paper stocks. This can also be very important to your customers

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