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How Smart Insight Can Increase Effectiveness

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

It is said that running a fast pace business is like driving a fast car without crashing on a wall. However, most businesses do not experience exponential growth but it is more like a slow but steady growth toward progress achieved with a lot of hard work implemented to get noticed and generate brand awareness, them brand retention.

In order to grow and attract the right customers for your niche a business need to use smart insight to increase efficiency and effectiveness to increase revenue. Hence you need to be crystal clear on your business goals, vision and mission statement, define clear objective and work toward it to ensure you meet your goals with a systematic proactive approach and methodology to achieve your overall goal, monitor your progress against your target and use detail insights to optimise your inbound marketing and user experience.

I am the CEO of Girlfridayz and my company offer business support and marketing services. We cover everything from business planning, marketing to sales, budgeting, record keeping, income tax support as well as ensuring that businesses have an online presence henceforth providing website design, SEO, social media marketing amongst the host of other services offer gear to support your business to start up and grow.

My blog offer practical support to businesses as our content is good and useful to other businesses as well as our marketing courses and varied short publications on our online store are there to help businesses use more strategic measured approach to increase lead and sales.

Based on this information you can imagine that we push out a lot of free useful content asset for you through our blog and paid content through our online store for your business to profit and grow using strategy and tactic provided or marketing support given and explanatory because we value you and have a strong hold on traditional marketing, content marketing, digital marketing, social media marketing which got us 21978 unique visitor to our site and 150k+ subscriber to our email shout out due to our non-invasive frequency of sending email marketing as we do not like the daily invasion of our inbox with email marketing by some unscrupulous company.

The picture depict our online business stat evaluation conducted by A quick explanation of our stat which are in our view not bad for an emerging company recently limited 2016 and trademark 2017. Our explanation of our ranking on the long tail graph is that we are on the long tail but not at the far end either which is pleasing to us our numbers are low and very far from being number 1 but our ranking improve due to our constant effort nothing to be depressed about or ashamed of we view it has hard work starting to pay off a little bit.

Here the rest of our SEO effort in number below:

Page Authority: 22/100

Domain Authority: 26/100

Pageviews: 60/days

Keyword: 46 organic keywords in top 20 Google SERP organic traffic (girlfridayz do not pay for keyword hence no result for paid traffic)

Number of visitor coming from top 20 search result: 6%

Backlink: 3

I need to figure out how best to nurture the interest we getting. We've develop a few adjacent innovation which are real practical support for businesses our calculators Lucky the weekly wage calculator and Lucy the yearly profit and loss account calculator are really two handy tools to use for your business.

Lucky is a weekly wage calculator it helps you calculate the wage your employer pay you and check if the correct amount of income tax are deducted including NI or

if you are a sole trader or small business and do not know how much to charge for a particular service or product you can use Lucky and enter your estimated hourly rate, number of hours, number of days, any known expenses you may occur such as traveling to the job or equipment you may have to buy (business expenses to do the work) and the week you due to do that work.

Press calculate Lucky will tell you the potential amount of money you can make if any income tax or NI due. If you exceed your weekly personal allowance Lucky will tell you that you are due to pay income tax and NI and how much it is (the result is the potential net income earn). It even tells you if you work over the 48 hrs week to reduce your hours and recommend you to sign the opt-out agreement. It tells you if you insert 7 days that you are not allow to work 7 days per week and that you are entitled to 1 day off per week legally.

Lucy can helps with your tax return and profit and loss account by telling you that you've made a loss or a profit during the financial year and the amount of income tax due and NI if any (if it's a profit it shows your net profit) and it works for income above a million a year. Bear in mind that Lucy will only ask you to enter two bits of information your yearly expenses figure and yearly income figure from all sources. Lucy will deduct yearly expenses and yearly personal allowance and if you are no longer entitled to a personal allowance because your income is over the threshold Lucy will calculate your tax at 40% or 45% after deducting your yearly expenses.

Our calculators are updated to the current rate of the UK government set for income tax and personal allowance for 2018. Lucky can be found on our page start up your business and Lucy grow your business and are free resources to use for your business.

Most people that read our content are ready to pay for premium services straight away and we need to convince those who are interested that they'll get more value out of our premium plan and easy ordering facility throughout our site. Our Website and SEO bundle have been created with you in mind offering you more for less.

We made our customers and potential customers life easier by developing innovative systems for ordering social media marketing service with our two new plans pay as you go50 and rolling contract30 which offer monthly or weekly update of your social media platforms, where on our monthly plan we can update 1 platform for you up to 4 posts per week and on our weekly plan we can update up to 5 platforms for you up to 4 posts per week on each platform for however many weeks you want.

We made ordering website update easier by developing a yearly subscription service for website update which is cheaper than our Pay By The Hour service as we know that once your website is created it needs to be updated regularly during the year and revamp maybe every two years or pages may need to be deleted as they become obsolete or irrelevant or need to be updated to remain relevant to your niche.

We've made easier for you to add-on extra page for website building which are not part of our website bundle. You can use Phobee your extra page selector which will tell you the exact price for the number of extra pages selected and send us an email upon confirmation of your order including your order details needed and you can use Mark for website add-on which are not included in our bundle packages upon placing your order it will tell you the exact price to pay and will send us an email with your order details once you confirm your order.

We've made our bundle easier for you to pay for your website order because you only pay online the deposit required for us to start work on your new site and we offer a payment facility for payment over £200 hence spread the cost with easy affordable payment for the remainder of your bill.

We thought of our customers when we developed the innovative services mentioned above and our services are inline with our why we are in business (we cherish the ideal of businesses working together in harmony and equal opportunity regardless of their size in a free society which the concept of market share and support for one another is present Trisha Amable ) and we offering a free promotion medium for a business to attend as a guest to our podcast where we promote either businesses while talking about a business topic for 10 minutes.

We also offering the opportunity for businesses to be part of Girlfridayz business directory by registering your business in our Girlfridayz business directory. We have two options premium listing and free listing remember that it is good for your business to be listed on several business directories and your listing with Girlfridayz will be visible as our site generate traffic regularly.

We getting traction and momentum on the internet and our number of unique have increase hence our effort starting to pay off a little bit and Girlfridayz stat above demonstrate this it is not major by all mean but it means we are starting to get notice and achieving business awareness due to the relentless consistency of our strategic approach and promotional content that we promote heavily on social media platforms regularly, in our blog post, email marketing and word of mouth.

We have a strong intend to improve the numbers using more long tail keywords in our SEO as people these days search for more specific term to get what they want and need so it makes perfect sense to be more strategically specific so we come up in organic search more often.

To strategically increase your ranking and up your unique visitor count you need to find the content gap in your niche meaning conducting a gap analysis and once you find a gap in your niche take this opportunity to fill it with your idea or how to make it better so you gain a competitive advantage over your competitor for your niche. If you are a content writer fill the gap found with incredible content.

When you found a gap in your niche that your competitor missed, quickly conduct research in the topic, you can find answer in books, case studies, experiments, paper, academic journal, blog post, video, podcast etc and make sure you create a content that your readers have not seen over and over, if you are unable to do that you better off finding another gap to work with.

To promote your excellent amazing content there are lots of ways to get the word out social media is a good place, one on one, public speaking, attend event or do an event, but the most effective strategy is email marketing outreach. It is a proven workable method — contact influencer by email to read your amazing content 10% will share it across their networks if it is of a good quality and useful, you may even get a mention.

If you enjoy the smart insight inside girlfridayz company share this post with your friends and tell your friends to tell their friends to share this blog post if they are so inclined to do so or you could comment away using our Facebook comment below.

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