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Hare Play on Easter Day #help him found the winning egg.

Mr Toty Says oh it's Easter time. Time of joy family gathering together around the table and celebrating Easter. It is also becoming a commercial holiday time where people purchase chocolate eggs and food and have a feast with their love one and friends.

Easter hunt happened in garden where children and grown up try to found hidden eggs or other treasure.

Easter which is a Christian holiday celebration is also a time of giving and cheer where exchange of gifts, eggs and card are given to your love one, family and friends. if you want to know more about Easter the daily telegraph as an article about Easter history and why we have chocolate eggs and hot cross buns.

Hey Mr Toty says you wanna play a game and get to know more about Girlfridayz, have fun on the way and win prizes, try your luck you never know which eggs is the winning one.

Play Girlfridayz treasure hunt see which eggs allow you to play further and win a prize also learn more about the services Girlfridayz provide and call us for more information.

Treasure Hunt start here click on a egg

Can you found the other eggs ------------------------------------------



Maybe there is other eggs ?

Scroll up or down for the winning one ----------



Girlfridayz wishes you a good Easter Holiday with family and friends.

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