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Fear is a Silent Killer

Fear is a silent killer

Fear what it is

Is it something within us which stop us moving all together or is it something so subtle that we go and carry on our daily life and plodding along, something which makes us feel weird or is it real and palpable. Which is it? I reckon it is all of the above and beyond. Passing the barriers of fear to achieve great success is what we need.

If you want to start your own business and you have an idea it is feasible and in demand. You know you can provide a service or sell a product that is needed in the community, nationwide even worldwide not providing it to the community to all your potential customers you doing them a disservice and you stopping yourself embarking in a wonderful journey.

In the same token you already have a business and you experience success you feel comfortable with your little success you have and thinking you could never be wealthy or be has big as the like of Apple, Adidas or even Bill Gate.

In both cases you fearing success on a bigger scale and have fear of failure hence slowly killing your dream and achieve greatness. I have mixed feeling about fear why because it is a genetic feeling, having said that as people we all come with a set fear within us. It is our natural defences that what makes our mind wonderful, it a feeling sometimes strong which over take us to the point where we are not moving and we remain in our secure bubble where we feel comfortable and just plod along.

Our body display fears in subtle or obvious way to others. Any sharp mind picks up on it and something the others recognised themselves in it. Fears can be useful in some instance and help manage risks, but in the same token it can be a silent killer.

Girlfridayz has add her share of road block an example of this in an attempt to promote our business we use a song that we like a lots from Adele Hello and I used it as such

"Hey we just got here and I think we loosing signal right now. Hello It Girlfridayz I was wondering if after all these years you like to meet with us and singing using the Music Hello from Girlfridayz we must have called a thousand time to tell you that we are the best marketing online company out there and we cannot say that we did not try to tell you and this cannot tear us a part anymore. It so typical of us to talk about us again it no secret that we can provide you with the best service out there and help you grow beyond your wildest dream either be small or huge". etc

Put it on a YouTube video and was slapped with copyright by Merlin so now our video has been re-edited by you Tube and resulting in no sound. Oh well it these little learning curve that make it worthwhile, interesting and challenging, fun and you make money in the end and grow as if you do not try you do not know.

Girlfridayz E-book Fear is a Silent Killer is based on personal experience and can help you start up your business or spur you to grow your business and become the next big business out there which are trading and employing a huge amount of staff to help them remaining on top. You could become the next big entrepreneur and experience a huge success should you pass the barrier of fear. Should you be interesting in knowing the road ahead our E-book which keep getting bigger has the year passes as we have updated our e-book. Purchase our E-book for as little as a fiver from our online store or click on add to bag now.

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