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Expect the unexpected

The January sale came to and end and I hope you enjoyed it the last day the bottom rate sale that physical and online shop are doing some business have extended sale on still. I guess it was unexpected and unheard of that a marketing consultant company participate in the January sale and offer their great services at bottom rate prices. You see that rare so it could be difficult for you to believe and therefore does access the services on offer.

At Girlfridayz online marketing consultant and business support company we did the unexpected and we offered our services at bottom rate prices to Small Business and SME's could take advantage of the great deal we offered to optimise their marketing. Only a handful of you take the deal Pay by by the Hour's which is a discount of £5 apply to normal fee of £15 an hours for our business support service. Also our other offers such as £10 off all our E-Book which have not perform as well as we hoped for. As for our marketing services again only a handful of you take advantage of the 20% discount offer on design and printing item and ordered calendars, flyers and brochures.

Periodic Predictive Analytics

All of you of expected that Electrical, Retails, Telephones, white goods, Gagets put their items on sales and offers bottom rate deal that you would not believe up to 70% to 80% off. "As it usually the case If you want to generate big numbers you need to focus on converting the deals that have the highest proclivity to win." What are the deals that are most likely to win? Looking at the attributes of successful sales can help you identify where to place your target.

The preriodic Table of Predictive Analytic above represent an overview of B2B organisations which uses Analytics Predictive Marketing to maximised their sale processes as company collect massives size of data and predictives tools allows them to view and apply historical data to future sale to boost efficiency, save time and money and drives more sale. Such as tool use could be cloud based software tools that enable large, consumer-focused businesses to seize the Big Data analytics opportunity by triangulating between business strategy, algorithmic math, and large databases to improve decisions.

Larger and SME's organisation tend to use tool to boost their efficiency and achieves consumer-focus strategy use inbound marketing, behavioural marketing to achieves hight conversion rate. APT offers cloud based software tool to improve decision making and boost efficiency in acquires sales.

Expected the unexpected

Having say that it not because you are in a different industry such as marketing, business support that you cannot take advantage of the January Sales and offer your services to the masses at bottom rate prices or what appears to be an enormous discount schemes to enable you to grow your customers base and try your services and drives sales home. The same strategy and tactics, the right sales process and right marketing apply to achieves similar or even greater results that the expected company in their respectives category or market share do.

To boost your sales process in any businesses either be services or products based a certain amount of research needs to be done and looking at market data will enable you to target your customers based and offer your service according to what they need at this point or time and adjust your targeting AD or content strategy to offer customers-focus product or services to your right audience for your business category. You could use retargeting strategy if you use internet marketing and for example use Facebook, Google or Bing AD. Google planner for Adword is fantastic for researching people or business in your niche so you can do targeting advertissment to them. Email marketing is a valid option and with email marketing it is best to get the named person in charge to make your email have a personal feel as oppose too a generic email which might end up deleted if not in spam folder. If you blogging make sure your content as contextual link and back link which would do wonder for your SEO.

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