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Customer Care is important but on occasion companies forget it

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

I just experienced bad customers care by a company which worked in partnership with another company. They have a blanket policy and put everyone in the same pot so to speak and do not prescribe to personalisation and extenuating circumstances as they are a large company.

What happened I was due for a Gas and Safety Check in my property which is a legal requirement for our safety and we must let the engineer in to carry is Gas and Safety check. I received my yearly letter with an appointment arranged. The gas engineer attended on the day of the appointment arranged and carried his first check of my boiler using a machine which enables him to carry is gas checked and send the data and report including evidence picture to their system at his company.

During the check is machine developed a fault and he was taping on the screen and saying this a new machine it's not working. I told him to turn it off and reset it he did that re-started his check them attempted the send his report. He told me it is sent could you please signed the screen and took my personal details phone number and verification of address. I told him you are not giving me a letter copy of the report he replied you will get one in two days via post.

A few days later I received a call from his office a woman told me they cannot see his report on their system but we know he attended we need a copy of his report on our system do you mind a second visit as it appears that the gas checked was not completed. I said yes I do not mind a second visit.

Today I received a letter stating by law we are required to carry out regular inspection and service of your gas appliances and installation. We have previously failed to gain access to your property as scheduled on your 1st appointment letter. We are now confirming your 2nd appointment and final appointment to complete your Gas Service and Safety Check.

In order to maintain continued operation of your Gas appliance and ensure a quality service, you are strongly advised to contact us. Failure to provide access on this 2nd appointment date would be a breach and we wish to avoid the inevitable legal action that will be taken by to gain access. Please call us now to confirm your appointment book either AM or PM and if you require an alternative date please call or email us on blah blah blah...

Today the engineer attended again redone his checked and said he is hoping that the report is sent now he can see his previous report this so weird and only the picture is there this so weird. I replied in technology error can develop and tell him when I was developing a social media website a mini Facebook for my customer an XML error occurs and I lost all his website only the picture provided was remaining I had to redo the website all over again. (oh, I found the cause it was the error in his video who caused the crash and I lost everything and it renders an XML error).

I told the engineer the machine developed an error this thing happened it not a "biggy" we just need to start again. I showed him the letter received he said he does not know he does not write them but he attended. I said I know you did they saying that I did not give you access to my property on the first occasion which is not true and threaten me with legal action.

I contacted the company and told them about the way they are treating their customers and it is not right at all we received a blanket letter send to everyone regardless of the circumstance you did not receive the gas report and you automatically blame the customers that we did not give you access and threaten legal action against your customers.

I added that not right at all I can understand that on occasion the customer did not grant access and the engineer turn up or the engineer did not turn up and left the customer waiting and it could be that the technology fails as it has happened at my Gas Safety check, but instead of seeking the truth you just blame your customers it must be our fault and you even put in writing with threat in the letter we just received a blanket statement letter and as a company you do not care and support your customers at all.

It goes to show that when a company become big they become complacent and feel no way to blame their customers as they believed nothing will happen we mighty big so in essence "fuck them up" they forgot that without customers they would not have a company at all and if too many customers complain they might lose their lucrative deal with the other company as I am primarily the other company customers and they are providing a service on their behalf.

Business Positioning is ever so important and it means: Business Positioning refers to how your customers perceive your brand or products, services in relation to competing brand, products or services. It is the process of establishing the image or identity of your brand or product so that customers perceived it in a certain way.

The image that this business portrait is one of blaming the customers when something goes wrong on their end and we become their scapegoat simple it is not pretty and if you do this in your business eventually you will lose lucrative contracts, customers and revenue. Over time your profit will go down and your reputation will suffer as it would not be a good one and do not forget the power of the customers as they can make your business or break your business, the customers are important in business as without customers your business is nonexistent.

Therefore it is important not to assume that it is the customer's fault but look at your internal procedure and system and carry out an investigation to found out who at fault and them send a personalised letter to the pertaining customers and not generalised as this company did it must be the customers.

Remember that some customers will not take it as lightly as me even though I put a complaint they can go on a witch hunt and make sure they destroyed you because you never know how this information is perceived by the receiver and their level of understanding who motivate their actions as they will be quick to call The Consumer Rights Act which came into force on 1 October 2015 in the UK.

What do you need to know?

The Consumer Rights Act came into force on 1 October 2015 which meant from that date new consumer rights became law covering:

what should happen when goods are faulty;what should happen when digital content is faulty;how services should match up to what has been agreed, and what should happen when they do not, or when they are not provided with reasonable care and skill;unfair terms in a contract;what happens when a business is acting in a way which isn’t competitive;written notice for routine inspections by public enforcers, such as Trading Standards; and greater flexibility for public enforcers, such as Trading Standards, to respond to breaches of consumer law, such as seeking redress for consumers who have suffered harm.

Most of these changes were important updates to existing laws. But two new areas of law were also introduced. For the first time rights on digital content have been set out in legislation. The Act gives consumers a clear right to the repair or replacement of faulty digital content, such as online film and games, music downloads and e-books. The law here had been unclear and this change has brought us up to date with how digital products have evolved.

There are now also new, clear rules for what should happen if a service is not provided with reasonable care and skill or as agreed. For example, the business that provided the service must bring it into line with what was agreed with the customer or, if this is not practical, must give some money back.

The Consumer Rights Act 2015 stands alongside Regulations to create a greatly simplified body of consumer law. Taken together, they set out the basic rules which govern how consumers buy and businesses sell to them in the UK.

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