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Advertising Your Business on a Banner is Still a Crowd Pleaser

These shoes are a crowd Pleaser banana style perfect in pink and white totally what Girlfridayz would wear on a dinner date with her dream tall handsome man. Ok stop dreaming but I absolutely love this shoes.

Can you see them on a Banner we at Girlfridayz definitely could see these beautiful shoes on a banner a real crowd Pleaser. A banner can do wonder for your business these inexpensive wall hanger can drive customers to your business and increased your revenue by 20% and this statistic is true.

Let us tell you Girlfridayz did a banner and loan sign plus business card for the garage next to our office located in the arches. He had a few customers already but since he put his banner up designed by us and loan sign which got damaged by the weather plus business card his customers increased. His banner still up on the wall for now 4 years is customers increased by 30 to 45 % easily or more. His banner is made of vinyl durable outdoor banner for all weather has gomet and it is screwed in the wall.

He loves it so much that when we asked if he wanted a re-run of is order and perhaps a change of design back in 2015, he replied I do not need Business Card as I still got some ( he ordered a large quantity 1000 of them). He does not need a Loan Sign "has is Banner does it job" and the design he loves it why change it. However he will call me when he need new Business Card.

Please see below: Gallery of the order for this garage which drove 30 to 45% of customers to his garage and the design of his banner that he refuse to change as he loves it so much. Oh we could not resist to add our very own banner in the gallery.

It even benefited other garage owner has we have two garages next to one another. They share customers and new garage business owner have come up to work there, the street is busier with people car to fix and more customers to the three of them including recovery company who bring them car to fix. When they heard we done his banner we got a business card orders from the other garages and recovery company too.

Girlfridayz told her customer you so busy now he replied yes good business going on, my local garage is happy, they have money in the tin and other business owner profited of the success of the garage and they getting on good too sharing customers referring them to other garage owner in the same area. We even have a church in the arches now the newbie who has a very large Banner above there arch and it does it job too we have a lots of church goers going to that church on Wednesday and Sunday for two hours the street is busier than ever.

If you are interested in your own Banner Crowd Pleaser and attract customers to your door hence increasing your revenue call us 07931 089744 at Girlfridayz we love to please you and have happy customers for years to comes.

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