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5 Gmail Tricks To Gets Some Job Done Faster

I recently came across an article which mentioned Google email client and it hidden secrets and as per author there are a tons of them, how true this is that remain to to be found out but the one David Gewirtz mentioned in his article are worth mentioning.

The article lean on his experience of moving from outlook to Gmail but the tips are sound and workable hence at Girlfridayz we decided to share.

The jest of these tips and tricks it to retrieve backup emails send from previous years and if you are interested in digging past email sent to people or your customers or prospective customers for any reasons you may have this tips and tricks become so to speak gold dust as these tricks and tips will not only bring back past email in all it glory but heed the warning.


Searches lies at the core of Gmail hence you already have The search drop down which offers helpful options to search past email, but the form only allows you to select messages within a certain number of days of a given date, and that number is maximum one year.

Let's say you are interested in email two years back or if you want to narrow your search for more specific date and time, or over a longer period of time.

You'll need to use the after:and before:search tags. To use these, you need to provide Gmail dates. The best format to use is YYYY/MM/DD with your searches, so if you want to find a specific email sent during Christmas in 2015 you'd use in the form 2015/12/25.

If you wanted to find all your messages from 2015 you could use this filter "after:2014/12/31 before:2016/1/1" Take note: I have used the dates just before and after in order to include the whole year.


If you ever done a search in Gmail, only to have the results show as "1-50 or 1-100 of many" but how many is many? if you continue clicking the arrow until your finger get numb or you give up or you could just use this trick.

Step 1: Create a new label, you do this by clicking "Create new label" from the Gmail menu on the left of your screen (hint: it might be under the More button). Call it "Count" for the most accurate results, but you can choose your own name.

Step 2: Go to Settings and on the General tab, turn Conversation View off.

You all set

Before we start with this trick, here an important warning. This process can take a long time and render your Gmail account inaccessible for a while. It may prevent you from opening a new tab or window to view your Gmail. This is for the serious Gmail users who does not mind a slight inconvenience until task performed. When Gmail finish its count, it will update the page and you will regain access to your messages.

Now you can beginning to search using format in tips 1.

Example: If you want to know how many messages you've sent since started your job in 2010?

You do this and type "is:sent after:2010/07/01 before:2010/07/07" into the search bar,

Note: that the following format work best year/month/day for searches. The "is:sent"

indicates you only want to look in your sent items folder.

Your search will probably returned "1-100 of many" let's fix that.

Step 3: Click Select All button that's just above all the individual check boxes for messages. Then, just above the first message, there will be a note saying "All 100 messages on this page are selected. Select all messages that match this search"

Click on that message, it should be relatively quick, however what won't be quick, go to your Count Label that you'll find in your Label drop down menu, click its check box and then hit apply.

Google will ask you to to confirm a bulk action and, if you do Gmail will assign all the selected messages to the Count label.

Remember my warning. This could take a while and render your email box inaccessible.

Eventually, though, your email will become responsive again and there will be a number next to Count in the mailbox menu on the left.

This is only good if you want to retrieve back in days email depending on the year you started to use Gmail or later and store them in a label otherwise your Gmail offer many options easily accessible from your mailbox upto a year max.


If you regularly mail a specific set of recipients, you can combine their email addresses into a group.

Please note: this is not an excuse for spamming. This trick is useful if you're on a project team, in a department, or part of a group. Use it for a reasonable number of recipients or you may find yourself getting penalised by Google.

Step 1:

Compose a message and type the email addresses of everyone you want in the group into the To field. One you've done that, click the word "To" at the beginning of the list. You'll see a Select Contacts pane pop-up.

Step 2:

At the bottom of the pane, hit "Save as group." That's it. Give the group a name. Now, when you want to send a message, just type the name of the group into the To field, and you'll send an email to the whole group.


This one is pretty straightforward but powerful and another search string in Gmail. Simply type "is:unread" in the search box, click search and that it all your unread emails will be shown.

Girlfridayz had 1-50 of 378 unread emails. Deleted all of them as they were junk to me not useful for our business at all and clog up my mail box unnecessarily.

With this information you can determine if it junk, important, promotion or social and decide what you can do with them read and save or delete if you did not read them in the first place it may have been already unimportant or not interesting to you so you can delete them, or an important one slip through the net of your inbox of so many email received on the daily so you just miss a few.


Free Gmail accounts don't normally have much in the way of human or individual tech support, however on occasions, you really do need some help.

if you are part of G Suite account and you pay for professional email or other paid services that Google offer, but this is mainly for support with Gmail issues and you need to speak to a real person on the phone.

in your Gmail account top right hand side click of the top bar you will see a 9 squares button it is the apps button click on it. Go through the list click on more at the bottom them go to the Admin picture and click on it. It will open your Admin logging and the signing screen for your account.

You will need to sign in once you in you go to option Support - Talk to our support team

Once you click on it another pane open at the bottom a link ? contact support team - Once you click on it another pane open Contact 0ptions

contact support

You can see you have several options - You fill a description then select chat or email now if you prefer to speak to a human and hear a friendly voice you click telephone and follow instruction below.

My free Gmail account is part of my G Suite account, I've found most support reps more than willing to be very helpful solving problems. They'd prefer to support my G Suite email account, of course, but they've been kind and provide me with support issues with my free account. However it is worth to pay the small monthly fee charge and you actually can speak to a person.

If you find this article useful please share it or comment you may have more useful tips and tricks.

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