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3 steps to be fulfil When Running a Business

Mother nature has given us that wonderful gift, this inner power and it is designed so we accomplish more and we can help others feel good by giving our time to them.

In this introductory article we going to discuss the business as a process, a fine mechanism well oiled running smoothly, which brings fulfilment to your customers, staffs, and executives management teams.

Currently in large, medium organisation, businesses the executives management teams are disconnected from the rest of the teams and even the customers, they do not know who is who and what they doing too but yet discussed happily when asked customers are the most important part of a business, which is correct but that about it.

However your staffs team are as important in your business and need to be treated well and positively because without them your business may suffers depending on the type of business you are running, so think of them as the bolts and nuts of this well oiled mechanism and if they feel fulfilled, they more likely to treat, co-workers, colleagues, your customers well too and in turn your customers feels valued and will become your business advocate and recommend you to others without skipping a beat.

When your processes are wonky you begin to see cracks appearing in this well oiled mechanism and a high turnover of staffs and a swift departure of your customers to your competitors, business sustainability begin to be compromised and without a contingency plan you maybe in deep water and not knowing what to do to fixed the very visible cracks within your processes.

So knowing this your leadership should be working toward building a strong staff teams with a positive outcomes and a good working ethics without too much autocracy, bureaucracy, laissez-faire but a bit more of democracy, transformational leadership style. if curious about leadership types which are all very useful in given situation by all means click on the link.

3 Steps to be fulfil when running a business

1. Customer Acquisition - Without customers you do not have a business at all so do good for others help you build strong bond and culture within your business and fostering good practice by meeting the needs of your customers, providing solutions if any and make them feel valued. They will recommend you and return to you as they received an excellent service.

2. Staff teams - deliver the services or sales your products to your customers treating your staff teams good and with positivism you build strong bond and a company culture also a positive dynamic within this well oiled mechanism and your processes are running smoothly working together has a united front to bring the overall vision to life.

3. Leadership - The leader of the business manages the business processes and ensure that the business is sustainable and has the overall responsibility and accountability of the business, if the business cracks they ensure that it is fixed, they support their staffs teams to develop into staffs who are able to manage the business when the leadership away or absent, hence a leader should be willing to sacrifice their self so they may make others gains and give a bit of their time to do more for others.


In order to succeed in your business, have a well oiled mechanism and processes which are running smoothly and everybody feel somewhat fulfilled within their line of work you need to be consistent with what you doing, where you doing it, who is in it, when is it and how you do it, not withstanding the why you doing what you doing.

If your content strategies and tactics are there and reviewed yearly, with your overall plans you are set for years and begin to gain business awareness, sustainability and business growth.

You might feel fulfilled and do something for somebody and asked nothing in return or give something to somebody without wanting anything in return. You also might feel fulfilled when your business, organisation is running smoothly and everybody contributing to its processes is somewhat happy.

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If you only give once a month please think of us next time and use our excellent marketing services to ensure that your business processes are finely tune while you doing what you do best.

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