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10 reasons why people refuse to startup or their business fail in the first two years

Fear is a silent Killer in business I show you why: You have an idea mingling in your head and you have a passion for something let say starting your own business providing food to your community you definitely good at making cake and you are passionate about cake making, you give them to friends and family on a regular they love it your cakes, with all the trimming the cream and icing on top, you are even called to make a cake at birthday parties because you so good.

You're working in your regular job but at the back of your head you keep thinking of your passion base business but you are afraid to start it, a subtle fear very real to you get into your head and you start coming up with all the reasons in the world and excuses as to why you should not startup and start procrastinating until your great idea turn into regret later on as time goes by.

Here a list of reasons why people do not act on their great idea and believe me, they make them so real to themselves that it never comes out of the ground and they fear of success is so real that they do not move, and do not believe that it could have been the greatest thing they ever achieves in their lives and be hugely successful has they honed these skills overtimes.

10 reasons why people refuse to startup or their business fail in the first two years

1) I haven't got the money to start - Fact you do not need any money to start

2) it a hobby and I enjoy pleasing other = Fact you already trading you giving your cake to your friends. family and during event such as birthday party. The only difference a cake business and you have — they charging for their cakes and you not as you think it is an hobby but you secretly desire the same.

3) I cannot live my day job, how will I replace the income that people pay me - Fact in order to conduct a business you need to putting the hours and after sometimes you will replace overtimes the money you use to get with your own income that you are making. Another thing -- if the people who employing you never started, will they have that job to offer you or that income to pay you, hence you are making them richer financially, you will remain on the same income with a yearly raise and a bonus if you are lucky to be in a job that pays you a bonus and there is nothing wrong with that unless you deeply desire to startup your business. it is not uncommon some people have left job where their yearly salary was £100 000 per years and Startup their own business and are widely successful, even are now an employer instead of an employee.

4)I do not have my business card, a business plan - Fact you do not need your business card when you start you act on your idea this come later.

5)I am not good at selling - Fact if you do not try how will you know you got that skill.

6)I do not how to start - Fact you already giving cake out, write your idea down you will soon find your customers, how many cakes you are making and give away, who is eating your cakes are your customers already; by writing it down you start formulating a content strategy including WHY, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHO and HOW soon you would have develop a business model.

7)nobody know me - Fact when you start it's mainly recommendation from friends and family who spread the words for you in marketing word of mouth, they tasted your cakes them you advertise for free you just starting soon people will be aware of you, it is called business awareness then you acquire overtime business retention.

8)I Do not have an office a shop - Fact you can start from home them when the money come in you save for an office or a shop or you get a start-up business loan from the government as you got your equipment already you are making cakes to giveaway to friends, family and at birthday parties instead of selling them.

9)My family and friends disagree - Fact when you running your business you will find people to discourage you starting or even carry on as their expectation of you been remotely successful and generating a decent income and achieving a profit take time, hence they do not believe in you been remotely successful therefore discourage you and fill your head with negativity and reasons as to why you should not start or carry on, in the same breath you will also, find people who will support you and encourage you in your journey of making your business profitable.

10)I am too old to start - Fact you never too old to start anything you just need to act on your idea positivism, consistency and persistence are some of the ingredient of the secret sauce of marketing.

The big secret of Girlfridayz

Hey, there is no difference between you and us, some of the reasons above did apply to us at Girlfridayz, and guess what all our businesses attempts have failed because we use to run our businesses on an adhoc basis sometimes charging and giveaway quite a lot to friends and family, we even had our businesses duly registered, here the name of our online businesses back them, we had the following names Bargain Basement, then DE TOI A MOI these two businesses failed, then in 2007 we became them in 2008.

We had to streamline our name in 2016 because someone stole our name calling themselves at first now they are and copied our business model, website design down to our colour scheme pink in 2009 as that person called us in 2009 to asked us how to start a virtual assistant business online, we told her exactly what to do, we did not know she was going to copy our website, the text, the colour and the name.

We did not discover this until my own daughter wanted to look at her mum website in 2016 and forgot to put the "z", and said you got two websites the same mum with the same services except website design and marketing you did not say you do this services in that one. I told her no just the one website, so we looked and we saw us except the domain did not have a "z", because if she had tried with a "z" it would said domain name already taken. We called the thief she told me do not worry you are in London we are in Kent and we only provide admin and secretarial services and personal services to people and businesses.

The thief still provide administration services online and of her other services, for a while we were not getting any orders for administrative from businesses as before prior her thieving my name, because people did not type in the z to lend on us so they used her services, even if we advertised ourselves with the z so we remained our online business Girlfridayz to avoid all confusion and became a limited company which also prevent anybody to steal your business name and constantly mention girlfriday with z, as there is now a all leap of girlfriday out there with various versions of our business name but it still says girlfriday whichever ways you want to write it or style it. So we do stress to put a "z" and our domain is Our business name become so popular that wrote an article about what is a girl friday.

The history behind of our business name, who would have thought it became so popular and widely use and even got a mention in wikipedia

We came up with the original name girlfriday"z" our business name back in 2007 after we remember Friday is one of the main characters of Daniel Defoe's 1719 novel Robinson Crusoe. Robinson Crusoe names the man, with whom he cannot at first communicate man Friday. we saw this movie in France as kid Robison Crusoe.

We though it was so cool instead of man Friday we came up with GirlFriday then we look if a Girl Friday existed and it did, back in the days before our time even birth, big businesses run by man where hiring on Friday a women to do their admin and serve tea and coffee, they called her a Girl Friday because she was only allowed to come in Friday. We thought it was so cool and fitting to our main service at the time admin it was kind of perfect. We still think it is so cool as this a piece of history regarding employment and women job back them.

the z come from the Bratz doll which were fashionable product at the time so we added a z and our business name up to now called girlfridayz, hence our website domain name as we were virtual became them .com and now Hence our business name derived from a story back in 1719 and a fashionable doll plus a job women used to do admin 1 day a week back in the days for big business run by men only no women were running businesses at that time.

The Failure

All our online businesses provided the same or slightly the same services that we do now Marketing, website design, business support and backup admin, we never achieved great success that totally due to our fault we fear of success never quite believe that we could be remotely successful, so we plug along on a part-time basis putting very little time in nurturing our business, working for other to get steady income to look after my children and put food on the table and more, essential getting two income and paying high taxes.

The mental shift for the better

But we beat the fear of success and achieve mental growth, shift our thinking even though we were always positive and full of confidence and realised we could be so successful and actually achieve financial freedom and we have a load more experience in running a business, we experience failure, bad deals, thieving we got educated along the way, sharpen our skills, acquires new skills and knowledge and we learn for the better hence stronger and more equip for future dealing.

below is our short book which is not finish by any means as we update it on a yearly bases with what we went through running our business to great height so far and trying to achieve our overall vision. It is our third editions but shows you and teaches you how to break the barrier of subtle fears and actually start your business or grow your business to higher height and stop procrastinating and excuses and live into the what it could have been should I ever started my passion bases business later on down the line.

To purchase our book click on Buy Now button it a great read and if you love a gory story of struggle, laughter, tear of joy this the book to buy our story so far at Girlfridayz and if it helps you to startup or continue your journey it is a bonus for us at Girlfridayz because we like to hear stories of success or even hardship and you come out on top, hence stories of courage as we can relate and understand fully therefore empathise with you but ACT ON YOUR IDEA AND DO NOT GIVE UP WHEN IT GET TOUGH. if you love this and resonate with this share this post, purchase our book to support us, put a comment and spread this message to help someone start and use our great service we will love to have you as our customers we heard we were impressive at our last customers review. 2% of the sale goes to save the children our charity

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