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The Innovation matrix was developed by Trisha Amable CEO and founder of Girlfridayz and was published in the Cellar the mentoring business support system in 2024 to be precise on 19-01-2024 after its creative insertion. The Girlfridayz innovation matrix is often used in conjunction with other business and industry analysis tools such as Girlfridayz customer acquisition frameworks to support more robust assessments of drivers of business growth.

Understanding the Innovation Matrix


The Innovation Matrix is a fundamental framework taught by business schools worldwide. It is a simple and intuitive way to visualize the levers a creative management team can pull when considering growth opportunities in the industries they lie or cross-industry thinking of introducing new products to the markets. It features girlfridayz product development theory on the right axis and the left bottom of the matrix axis features girlfridayz complete sales drivers complimented by girlfridayz customers acquisition theory relevancy equivalent that you've encountered in The Manual and The Playbook.


The concept of innovation within the Girlfridayz framework can mean different things. For example, it could be used to develop a car, computer, phone or any other products you think of or improve on any existing products, it encompasses customer segments (i.e., target market/demographic).

The Innovation Matrix is used to evaluate the relative attractiveness of growth strategies that leverage both existing products and new designs as well as the level of risk associated with each design product, functionality, likeability, ease of use, physical, cognitive and organisational ergonomic including its purpose and the right price for the said new products or existing products enhancement. Then decide who the product is for and target this audience with the said product highlighting benefits features, and improvements to make the customer's life easier.

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