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Why Having a Website is Important

Website Design
Why having a website is important

Building an online presence may be the right move for you because it is likely to be the face of your company and a strong representation of your brand. Henceforward building a website is important as people assumed that you have a website and will search online before visiting your company, store or restaurant.

However, you are not the only company which thought of this, therefore having a high-quality, user friendly, relevant, thoughtful navigation and easy to use website will make you stand out in front of the competition for your potential or existing clientele.

Girlfridayz can assist you figure out your next steps whether you have an online presence or getting started has finding the right template and budget can be overwhelming if you are not a professional website designer. Girlfridayz in this article share some details on the different options and costs to helps you make an informed decision if you are wondering how much a professional website cost but does not mention the cost price of a website design and the selling price of services associated with the running cost of promoting your online presence.

With the advancement of technology you do not need to be an expert in the field of website design and you can create your own website has the sophistication of the website builder allows you to do that depending on your level of skills and experience. There are various information system faithful to the design, production and implementation of the management of information system.

The trend amongst SMEs and individual is to contracting out this services, purchasing off-the-shelf or online solution as for the past two decades software developers and business analysts have built up a range of products and services generic in their application and others aimed at specific sectors of your business. As an example General motors by outsourcing the design of their website purchasing the expertise of software developers and website designer combining it with their knowledge and expertise in the motors industry to forge a partnership to develop the system to meet the requirement of the business. Therefore, depending on the type of website you need, you will find a solution readily available for you.

Start up Kit

  • You need to start with a domain name, a website builder and a web host.

  • Your budget and requirements will determine how much these will cost.

Domain Name

The domain name refers to the name given to the address of your website(URL) and it is the name your customers will type in a browser to find your website like You will usually pay for a domain name and the cost varies but your website host can offer a free domain if you buy a web hosting subscription package.

A domain can have one letter to how many you want, however as per Girlfridayz a domain is the strong representation of your brand and ideally it should be the same name as your business name. Having the same domain name give credibility to your business, add mobility to your online presence and gives your brand its online presence. A domain name is needed to build a website has you connect your website pages to your domain name.

Selecting a Website Builder

Whether you are a novice or know how to build a website, you first need to find a website builder to create a website. It's no longer a prerequisite to know how to program and most website builder does not require coding and you can have your website up and running within a day.

The advantage of using a website builder is that the templates are already at your fingertips if you not fussy about the design or the layout of your website it is a solution for you. Some templates are fully customise to develop the need of your business and some are rigid and allows some customisation and some builder offer you the possibility to start your website from scratch and add your own custom code if you like the best of both world therefore allowing speed and flexibility and if you like coding and start your website from scratch you need a code builder.

Most website builder come with SEO tags or if not you can use plugins like SEO tags, and can avoid having to write code in most cases. You can use a website builder for free or pay a yearly or monthly subscription to use the more advanced settings.

Choosing a Hosting Company

Web hosting refers to a company that rents out their computer/servers to host your website and provide internet connectivity to ensure your website is available online around the clock. Website hosting companies ensure that your website is safe and secure from scammers and maintain their website ensuring a smooth running, virus free and secure.

Hiring a Website Designer

Hiring a web designer is a great option for you if you need a professionally developed website and a website designer or website developer is the person you need to develop your website. You need to find a website designer who fit your budget, see your vision and understand your business goals basically a website designer who can understand your website needs and can suggest how best it can be implemented can be a great deal for you as you benefit of expertise, knowledge and skills. Hiring a website designer is cost effective and usually tax deductible in the UK as it is considered as an allowable expenses and regarded an investment as a professionally design website bring you financial return. It can take a bit more time for a website designer to complete your website but you will be saving time, energy and hours of frustration.

Online Marketing

Once you have your website up and running it good to start thinking about how you are going to get people to view and use your website, buying your services or products, read your blog article, listen to your podcast or streaming music, movies and downloading files or uploading files if you permit this. The answer is Online Marketing, whether you post about your website, products or services on Social Media, send emails, share your site with your friends and family or asked for back link, register your website on an online business directory listing, advertised your website products or services... it's all part of online marketing and the cost of these online services varies greatly depending on the providers. It is also consider one of the biggest expenses of a business and it is needed to survive online to achieve sales, acquire customers and gain potential leads.

As per Chron, “Many businesses devote between 20 and 30 percent of their total annual budget to advertising and marketing during the first and second years." and when you get establish you need to continue advertising and marketing yourself to remain relevant and visible even if you have gained advocate.

Making sure your SEO are optimise and finding the right marketing tools will help you expand your business using your new website. Knowing what market to target will help to know what marketing you should use, whether it be advertising through social media ads, paying for Google ads, or using offline advertising methods and segmenting your market online can ensure that you craft a niche for yourself where you can thrive and your new website grows providing you with a constant stream of revenue.

Building your website and brand online can result in customers, returning customers or users and knowing what budget to set for advertising and building your website can also help you keep costs reasonable. However, spending a decent amount of £££ can give you a professional website design of an excellent quality and boosting your website’s potential may be worth it in the end as it can bring return on investment.

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