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What you'd be the pasta of choice

What on earth would you think Girlfridayz speaking about today? Woke up in daze thinking of a plate of Spag would fix her, that the idea to pull customers to our site or just go after them with her favourite mama homemade Spag bowl full of french cheese and hot tomatoes sauce with lusher than lush vegi and mince beef cut rather thickly by the unknown butcher from the local supermarket. What a feast await us tonight when our dinner will be finally ready to gobble down in a jiffy hurriedly.

History about a marketing content study

Sometime in the 1970s, Howard Moskowitz was commissioned to experiment and find THE perfect level of sweetness for Diet Pepsi. As per the TED talk given by Malcolm Gladwell, after much thinking, the answer to the lack of perfect Pepsi sweetness hit Moskowitz in the face like a ton of bricks one day over lunch.

The answer was that there was no one perfect level. So Fast forwarding to Moskowitz’s work with Prego. He takes his revelation and applies it to Prego, which had only one flavor of spaghetti sauce at the time. He then developed 45 different types of spaghetti sauce for testing. Gladwell argues that Moskowitz,“varied each one by every way you could possibly vary tomato sauce, from level of sweetness, garlic, etc.” and then he discovered Americans fell into three groups:

  1. Those who like plain spaghetti sauce

  2. Those who like chunky spaghetti sauce

  3. Those who like spicy spaghetti sauce

Until this research, no one had even thought of developing a chunky variety of spaghetti sauce, yet one-third of Americans highly preferred it. The result was $600 million dollars in 10 years from the chunky sauce line alone. So Girlfridayz say not so bad for his favourite spaghetti bowl hey.

In term of content Marketing - what would be the pasta of choice and what can you take-away from this?

How do you pull customers from your data and research from market research. In the digital world we live today it easier to notice trend, what hot and not hot that you could tape into and develop a piece of content to suit your finding, or adjust your offer or promotion to meet new demands.

Survey your customers

A survey or questionnaire sent out to your customers or potential customers is a gold gem has your customers tell you what they want or what they need. Consumer feedback is ever so important it helps you shape your business in the right direction, and adapt to this ever changing and overcrowded marketplace, it helps you beat the competition and remain on top of your craft.

Event away

it's summer soon as spring is underway hence outdoor event season up and down the country soon-you would see poster advertising event, so why not set up your own this year and pull your own crowd to your events. Showcase your company in a good light, provide beverage and finger food for sale, give your referral form or brochure, business card to potential customers while they have fun at your expense but build good memory of the company which provided such a venue, which in turn you gain a ton of customers purchasing your services or products, you build business awareness and business retention of this two invaluable median.

Organise Quizzes

A quiz conducted down your local pub or at your local club even online can pull customers toward your product or service. Up your knowledge and come up with interesting questions that potential customers could ponder upon and give you the right answer, offer an incentive by giving a prize to the winner. It's usually fun all around and people like to be tested on their knowledge it a feel good factor and a customers puller.

Conduct a Research

A research on a pertaining topic of choice as Howard Moskowitz did can net you million if your paper or discovery is the winner, by researching a subject and compiling your result you might discover something that no one else has found and unbeknown to you — you might have found the answer for someone issues and found a solution to their need. A research could be about anything of interest to you or a group of people and it is worth doing, it gives your business a boost in notoriety and automatic business retention.

Found your best performing keyword

Use google planner and google analytic to found your best performing keyword and the planner to found the best performing keyword of your competitor. Be inspired by what you found and develop it further by looking at which country, ages, male or female or business who's looking at you and are interesting in what you have to offer. Analytic is digital gold dust and you should pick up each pebble of gold and use them to your advantage to develop better content, better products or services, review your processes, adapt to the changing world and marketplace, be data-driven as the data are your best friend for progress or withdrawal. The number never lies and are a tangible value that you can build upon.

See here at Girlfridayz we found inspiration in Trisha homemade Spaghetti plate her own take on the famous Spaghetti Bolognese which does not contain vegetable, see picture below.

which look rather plain and to us not very filling even though with red wine in the tomatoes sauce which give it a lush taste does not beat Trisha mama type homemade spaghetti Bolognese her way, which is divine lusher than lush and an inspirational homemade dish cook for years the same way. Which give us food for thought tonight to write this blog post about king content marketing as you do know by now that content is king in Marketing and can take any form or shape, content can be written, visual, moving, bouncing, dancing, singing, in slow-motion, fast, happy, sad, chocking, hurtful, loving, jolly, concise, long but it is always informative and useful to the reader or viewer who pay an interest and develop a liking for your content. So you see why we say in Marketing content is king and well informative content which ever form it comes pull customers to your business.

Quick research by Girlfridayz

  • 1 which one is your favourite Spaghetti dish?

You can answer this question in our comment box, your comment are welcome and of interested to us has we know pasta is eaten on a regular by more than a quarter of trillion of people worldwide to some it a national dish, hence which one tickle your fancy and inspire you.

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