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Virgin Voom 2016 First round ended

Girlfridayz entered the Virgin Voom 2016 competition as it was a huge opportunity to grows your business and access a host of opportunity.

Sadly we did not make it to the second round with 49 votes which was not enough to say the least to reach the top 80.

They were some seriously good project and business who entered this competition with great forward thinking project and new useful app and invention.

Wow I voted for such a good projects and businesses and I wish them to reach the top and grab the share of a 1 million pound and access advertising budget to spring them to the top as these project where seriously brilliant and amazing.

I thank you very much the people and businesses who voted for us at Girlfridayz but what a journey a eye openers and a great opportunity I am really grateful for all the vote that I gained and those of you who loves my pitches and below par video. There always room to improve in this life and learn from our mistakes so without further a due here my pitches video who got me 49 votes for the last time as voting over.

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