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To Retain Customers A Business Requires Honesty

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Lately, we’ve noticed that Lots of large businesses seem to think it is completely fine to mislead their customers or acquire new customers by offering them a deal that sounds so good that you cannot refuse and actually become their customers but when it comes to actually apply the deal on offer they mislead you either by action or omission.

Why we saying this at Girlfridayz it is because of our recent experience with a few large businesses offerings us their deals to get us on board.

We’ve taken the Low balls offer which is for a year or two years meaning the deal is either 50% off their fixed price which is already low or a ridiculous renewal fee very low cheaper than the price they acquire you for three years ago.

This type of discount will definitely attract customers and make you gain new customers or retained existing customers because in term of marketing it what we called an irresistible offer combine with a Tripwire strategy [if you want to know more purchase our Marketing Playbook The Core Asset of Marketing Reveal]

You would expect that the company apply the discount offered when they create your account and that your first bill reflects your offer or that when you claim to have your business equipment repair they informed you of the excess fee when you first claim as it is the price that an insurance will charge for fixing your business equipment prior to paying the rest of the fee charged by the contractor company or texting you that you do not have to pay any bill this month and then referring you to the FSC for non-payment these are just our recent experience with large companies which think because they have achieved top of mind and are well known they can pull these kinds of tricks to new or existing customers without batting one eye and thinking that they’re customers are fools.

As there is no difference in customers either B2B or B2C you are a customer accessing a service that you need or a product that you need therefore you reasonably expect the company to be honest, transparent and trustworthy.

It seems that the dishonest trend is the new lick for some staffs in these large company and this trend in the UK was started by Prime Minister Boris Johnson who misled the Queen over his Brexit Plan and shut down Parliament this was all over the news last year Brexit was meant to be done on the 31/10/19 but was extended to the 31/01/20.

Even if this was dealt with and the highest judge of the country came out and read the law and ruled that misleading the Queen as well as shutting down Parliament unlawful and Parliament was re-opened some people viewed it as if the Prime Minister can do this we can too “we got permission“ no big consequences happened the Prime Minister made a groveling apology to the Queen and was re-elected in December by a landslide to get Brexit done by the 31/01/20.

Why we say this at Girlfridayz it is because even if the head of state was wrong and unlawful some people will follow suit and will take it as the leader has spoken and to get what they want in these businesses case an increase in customers or acquiring new customers misleading is a valid option has action always speaks louder than words.

It is really sad but some people will follow knowing it is wrong and think they will get away with it however misleading is punishable by law and your business can be in for a huge payment for wrongdoing or the worse case is your business ceased.

Also, your business reputation is set as dodgy just because a few of your staff decides that defrauding or misleading your customers it is just fine.

Another marketing point for you The Customers Power simply means that customers make your business but also kill your business the same way if they become dissatisfied this is one of the outside forces that you can control.

And the way to control customers' power is to treat your customers with respect, be trustworthy, transparent, honest and actually deliver your services or products to ensure that you applied discount given to acquire the customers or keeping the customers.

Our recent experience has made us more determined to run our business for our customers meaning that we deliver our services to the best of our ability and we at Girlfridayz understanding our customers as if you do not know people you do not have a business and we do what we say.

It is important that your business does and provide what you say you will do and your action matches your word so you instill trust in your business, boost your reputation, increase business awareness and get loyal customers who stay with you for years and you are ensuring that your business is sustainable through time.

If you are misled by a company complaint first to the company if you do not get any positive response, go to the second stage complaint and if you remain unhappy access the relevant ombudsman for your industry.

Depending on the severity of the misleading actions or omission and how you are affected such as money was taken as a result of the misleading you contact the police and report the crime. You need the police report to recover your fund.

You can also put a review on the platform which allows you to put a review about the service received or products bought.

You can also contact the newspaper to alert others of this company's wrongdoing.

You can take them to court all depending on the severity of the misleading information or action.

At Girlfridayz we do not tolerate been mislead or accept it, therefore, we will always contact the relevant authorities whose deal with these breaches of law and enforcement.

At Girlfridayz we put ourselves in our customer's shoes and has customer ourselves we expect to be treated with respect, honesty, transparency, consideration, and consistency and we reasonably expect reliability meaning people actually provide what they prescribe. Therefore we treat people as we want to be treated and it is not a difficult thing to do as been polite is the right of passage worldwide.

Thank you for reading our blog post and if you experiencing the same or similar experience please do the right thing and report it.

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