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The UK Government Childish behaviour gets consumers weary — The UK Gov throws shade at Uncertainty

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

I read the newspaper this morning and the Headline screaming Boris Johnson Quit after he was caught lying over "The Partygate", really was the hammer that broke the camel's back. I mean Skirmish and childish blame make the UK Government weak a the knee and wobbling over squabble and truth we all know they were all at, from Porm going on in the common, and goodness knows what else went on.

The UK Gov trying to clean up its mess and image in this process someone had to go — The Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson — Ousted but this man reacted furiously; and decided let do a "show and tell", the news picked that up and runs with it, saying "hurray something to write about".

The UK entered a recession with three crises back to back, Brexit, COVID-19, and The cost of living. Upon realisation of the enormous error made, they started blaming each other for the decision to exit which started feeling like a heavy burden on our Leader's head.

They mentioned Brexit, why mention Brexit? They made their bed On Friday 31st January 2020 at 11.00 PM now they have to lie in. The mention of Brexit and Prime Minister Sunak made perfect sense after researching why Brexit mention.

The UK Prime Minister is a strong Brexiteer and to get him the hot seat he went through many touchpoints and supported various members of the Conservative party, he even had the support of Boris Johnson former Prime Minister who help him get into the hot seat because Liz Truss lasted three days in the hot seat who burned her crisp to make way for the current Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, the first British Asian and Hindu to hold the office of Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister sat in the hot seat amid the cost of the living residue of COVID-19, the energy supply crisis the backlash from Russia and the industrial disputes and strikes remnant of Brexit. He shows solidarity with Ukraine's President Zenlensky by authorising weapons shipments to Ukraine in response to the Russian illegal invasion of Ukraine whilst dealing with the latter.

Boris Johnson had his time he needs to go too many fucks up simply as the leader of the country (That token got to his head and he thought he was walking on water). Matt Hancock under his leadership could do whatever he wanted he thought his boss was weak. He just had to show that he could deliver COVID-19 preventive measures and I let everything else slide my boy.

Now when someone needed Matt's seat they dug the longest dirt on him and wash it off so publicly that he was all over Linkedin that Matt Hancock felt compelled to deliver a sorry apology to the UK people for pardon for his bad behaviour on a damning video.

But Matt knows what a joke the Conservative party is and decided to go on Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here to the dismay of his constituency because he knew he can get away with it, Boris Johnson literally taught him this, whatever, you do my boy some people will disapprove a bit loudly but do whatever you want you are powerful, if shit it the fan just apologise—you be alright on the night.

The privilege committee decided to give him a ten-day sanction a slap on the wrist for having a party while in office during the country's first lockdown because COVID-19 raging and claiming worldwide lives, that uncaring attitude towards the suffering of the UK people was inadmissible. But for this dismal behaviour with you and your friends, you get 10 days of detention.

The newspaper this morning 19/06/23 stated that it is now 90 days sanction proposed and that conservative MPs will vote on the fate of Boris Johnson which might trigger

Boris thought how unfair is this I was not alone and I get blamed for it what a bunch of hypocrites, what he forgot is that a boss has the responsibility for his staff and should take responsibility and accountability for the team when things go wrong. Forgetting this leadership responsibility, he started "bitching" about everybody because Rishy Sunak was told to do something about him by the parliament.

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Now the hurt is so strong that it becomes a "Witch-hunt" in his mind and a "Kangaroo court" with a feeling of disgust at the way his political allies gaslight him to save their bacon and live another day until their turn will come. On the other side of the ocean in America, Donald Trump former President is facing the same fate.

Amazing it looks like they called each other and say we need to do something about our leaders so people can trust us in time of re-election because we didn't hear about Trump for a while and suddenly he's in the news again slightly before Johnson what a coincidence two major events happening simultaneously.

Boris Johnson to save himself the embarrassment, and the backlash of the 'privilege committee' after the sanction expired quit.

Isn't this familiar to you Theresa May said she failed to deliver Brexit and quit.

David Cameron brought in Brexit by asking the people to vote because politicians were egging at him to do it due to his hesitancy to break 50 years of extremely good trading agreements between international businesses in the participating countries giving opportunities to the UK people to move abroad and get work there, buy property and cars..., also low trading taxes permitting people to prosper and enjoy life, he didn't agree with Brexit at all but being weak called the Leave Brexit vote and to his surprise, 50/51 and The UK were out? He quit saying I can no longer navigate this ship.

Have you noticed the recurring pattern with the Leader of the Conservative Party — You fuck up, you quit let's take the easy road none of them is brave enough to see it through.

That's why most people in the UK give up at the first hurdle and they celebrate widely the persistent, consistent ones who succeed no matter what they follow through until they reach their goal. If this unconscious phenomenon occurs it is because the leadership of this country do it regularly when things go wrong they quit.

Therefore the general behaviour of human being we are social animals and copy each other and tends to look up to our elected and non-elected "leaders". Even if the UK people are not fools they still look up to their leaders and support the one who appears to be honest until he or she gets found out or caught lying.

One might ask when this happened because it all seems too convenient that in 2023 it becomes so prominent, considering that old news was told to us two years ago, therefore, why nothing was done, if it was such a bad thing to do during the lockdown? We all know the Conservative party are hypocritical people and backstabbing each other when the time comes for one of them to lead the party. They love the division within themselves it is a repeated pattern kind off rinse and repeat that we are witnessing.

Use the arrow to view the Partgate evidence it is a leak that has been given to the Mirror newspaper and find the odd one out. Once you've found it click it and get yours the Economic Decline Buster to increase sales and boost the Economy because people are in the midst of a recession and property owners are suffering right now due to a hike in the interest rate by the bank 13 rise affecting borrowing.

The political climate does not engage trust and gets consumers weary due to uncertainty raising because of the Conservative Party in-fighting and representing the current government.

Most people think it is a cause for a General Election for the consumers and taxpayers to vote for their leadership like in a good democratic system. Because one can lose sight of the seriousness and importance of all of this.

Rishy Sunak said this when resigning as the Chancellor because of this on 5 July 2022, Sunak and Health Secretary Sajid Javid resigned almost simultaneously amid a scandal surrounding the sexual harassment allegations against Chris Pincher, which arose after it was revealed that Boris Johnson had promoted Pincher to the position despite knowing of the allegations beforehand.

Sunak was the second of 61 Conservative MPs to resign during the latest government crisis. In his resignation letter, Sunak said:

"The public rightly expects the government to be conducted properly, competently and seriously. I recognise this may be my last ministerial job, but I believe these standards are worth fighting for and that is why I am resigning. It has become clear to me that our approaches are fundamentally too different. I am sad to be leaving the Government but I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that we cannot continue like this."

Yet, who is running the UK Government right now Rishy Sunak and leader of the Conservative Party one would say that he was the nemesis of Boris Johnson who supported him during his quest for the hot seat.

Newspaper headlines as of 11-06-23:

  1. "Boris Johnson's legacy? He has ruined Britain's place in the world. How one might ask he was not responsible for the Leave Brexit vote. But David Cameron was, how come Boris Johnson get the blame for someone else decision it gaslighting to its finest.

  2. "Shut up and go away: Tory MP issues stinging rebuke to Boris Johnson",

  3. "Backing for Boris Johnson evaporates as Tory mutiny falls flat",

  4. "Veteran Tory and arch Brexiteer Sir Bill Cash becomes latest MP to step down"

  5. "Johnson's Brexit chicanery has led us into Doublethink Britain" My favourite headline

  6. "Tory MP Jake Berry gets rinsed for claiming 'the blob' brought down Boris Johnson"

  7. "The Tories are broken, Labour can be candid about Brexit"

  8. "Grant Shapps says, he voted for Brexit despite previously claiming he backed remain"

  9. "Brexit: Britain can rejoin EU any time. say ex-negotiator Micheal Barnier"

  10. "Boris gave Jacob Rees-Mogg 'Carte Blanche to be 'pain in the backside for the Treasury and..."

  11. "Brexit failure: Rishi Sunak grilled on no US-UK free trade deal 7 years after it was promised"

  12. "Jacob Rees-Mogg honoured by Boris Johnson as former PM dishes out gongs to Brexit cronies"

  13. "DUP bid to sort protocol issues will not be derailed by Tory 'psychodrama' What comes to mind there is Dave's songs. Psychodrama brilliant album.

  14. "Grant Shapps says 'Brexit is working for this country in blast at Boris Johnson'"

Regarding Brexit and Boris Johnson's Involvement, he had to deliver Brexit in 2016 but saved it in 2019 when he took over as PM and managed to negotiate a new deal with the EU which was considered impossible and called an election in which he won 80-seats parliamentary majority (he was the latest lick).

He had total disregard for COVID-19 defiant he refuse to wear a mask and caught the virus, which made headline news. The PM is in hospital fighting COVID-19 gaining sympathy with the people and leading one of the fastest vaccine rollouts in the world. His steadfast defence of Ukraine has won him; adoration in that country that streets in the capital Kylv have been renamed in his honour.

All this went to his head clearly "walking on water" that on his birthday he thought he could have a party with his colleagues, "friends" breaking the Lockdown rules. Hence, the Partygate inquiry by the parliament, it's understandable he laugh at the people who were stuck at home complying with the 6 people's rule and distancing.

He was meant to suffer like everyone else and set an example and encourage compliance. Obviously, the self-entitled couple didn't think so and Carrie Johnson threw a surprise birthday party for Boris Johnson during the first lockdown at number 10 dowing street.

The 6 people's rule caused issues for larger families. Upon realising his mistake because of his premiership and huge popularity, instead of admitting his birthday celebration, he lied about it to the parliament and in doing so caused his own downfall because he has caught lying.

Now it is all about Sunak with his new deal on Northern Ireland that they called the first step toward repairing the damage Brexit has done to Britain's economy and its international reputation. In my book, that reputation is in tatters.

It is not all done and dusted they need to address protocol before Britain can do anything and the deal does not alter UK-EU trading arrangements. It provides a stronger and more stable base from which the United Kingdom can navigate its post-Brexit future, even if the road ahead looks precarious.

In conclusion, in reality, Brexit deepens the uncertainty and truly badly damages the UK-EU relationship down to sour grapes and bitterness now it looks like Britain's position is to crawl back into the grace of the EU and there is still lots of uncertainty about what the ultimate steady-state relationship between the UK and EU is going to be.

It all makes sense the witch hunt of former Prime Minister Boris Johnson ahead of a good deal with the EU and Northern Ireland that can benefit the whole of Britain and its businesses a boost for the economy that the current Prime Minister secured for Britain's fragile future.

Therefore, we cannot have or be seen with stained on us, let us clean our mess, we must look good in front of the world Britain saying so let us find a culprit and put the blame for the Brexit decision on Boris Johnson, hence the headline "Johnson's Brexit chicanery has led us into Doublethink Britain".

This is not right and the unfairness of the whole saga affects Britain's international ties further because the world is watching.

You are welcome to comment on my thought about the whole situation that seems to grip Braitain for the moment until someone else gets the political spotlight.

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