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The Tale of Mr Rothschild—The Importance of Business Planning

business sustainability

Mr Rothschild run a business for sometimes trading along and successful, and he does not care about his business processes, and he had a strong foundation in his businesses but as time goes by they became a bit shaky.

Mr Rothschild carry on trading and getting sales and acquiring customers running his local fruit and vegetable, halal meat, and fresh fish in his shop in Camberwell high street and he happily getting his fish from the local fishmonger, in Brixton Market, business is good and he has a positive cash flow, and making a decent profit. He also well known and liked by his community, we all know him and support is small business regularly because he is so friendly and has excellent customer service.

He desire to scale his business by having his product sold in a supermarket his overall vision and he targeted the local co-op, but first, he set another fruit and vegetable shop, halal meat and fresh fish in Brixton hub because his local supplier for his fish is in Brixton and Brixton Market is an affluent area there is new development and a space is available in the Brixton hub amongst other businesses there, he succeeded and his second shop is successful.

He conducted his research and compile the finding, looked at his funding and what he needed to invest to acquire the new premise in his chosen location.

He went to see the local estate agent who specialised in acquiring business premise with his financial data. They gave him a sound proposal and he liked the sound of the deal, the price was good and he could afford it, signed on the dotted line and the plan was set in motion. He acquired his space in Brixton Market and start fixing the shop the way he wanted and put his products in his new shop and arranged a launch inviting the local of his community and other businesses.

he got the staff in and sales pick up everything is good he is happy, the new shop is successful and he display promotional offers on his window, his getting positive cash flow and making a decent profit. Mr Rothschild start thinking he made it two shops they thriving and maybe his Halal meat will be in the supermarket one day.

The year goes by Mr Rothschild forgotten to update his business processes and foundation and he is doing alright, he can pay his staff, get the supply in, pay his taxes and everything else, he even thought who need a plan, everything going well and complacency sets in.

He got his Halal meat packaged and selling at the local co-op and start spending quite a lots a bit carelessly has he can afford it, his sales are good and his staff selling his products and he is demand, people buying his products on the regular, and Mr Rothschild getting well known in the communities as he get involves in the local activities in his area and in Brixton. People even making light hearten joke about his name but he is not related to the Rothschild family. He is well known locally some people look up to him, he even hears on occasion people saying hey, this one he did something good for himself.

One evening he was at his friend house and the weather was terrible, heavy rain, thunder and lightning. His friend asked casually do you update your business plan mate, you are quite big in the game. He replied no and why should I please change the conversation stop talking business and lets us enjoy the evening and look at the weather bro it's terrible, I think I am going to go home after the rain if you don't mind. His friend replied that fine let enjoy our evening mate.

While the evening continue his thought drifted to what is friend told him and he is thinking it is too much work these lengthy documents really who need them I and doing alright I am making a decent profit, I am having a regular positive cash flow and I am profitable so everything is gravy. He said to himself, I do not need it, my original business plan is stock in my office draw why on earth do I need to update it that old paper I do not need it a waste of time, and I wish my friends stop telling me and let me get on with my business.

Disaster strike as such as life and the night before mother nature was unhappy she had an argument with her husband so she decided Thunder and Lightning for you people, the weather was terrible unusual for England you could have thought you are in the west indies, lightning hit his shop in Brixton cause extensive damages as a fire broke out and the fire brigade came and put out the fire.

He received a call and the fire officer said I am so sorry sir your shop burn down last night it was strike by lighting we have put the fire out, and made every body safe no one hurt sir. He replied thank God, thank you I am coming to see the damages. The call ended and he left to see his burn shop in Brixton. He got bad news and panic and start thinking my shop no that terrible, oh why me? I am doing fine, that so bad, what I am going to do?

In Camberwell where he lived, the local area people knows him, and they feel sorry for him, ready to help any way they can, thong start wagging and the gossip start. "You remember that guy I went to school with him now him he got shops, he is doing well for himself, unlucky mate his shop got struck by lightning, oh no shit happened! do you know his loaded his business soon pick up anyway no worry mate".

His next door neighbour from the house next door says to his wife did you hear about Mr Rothschild? the wife replied what happen to him concern, the husband: he has been struck by lightning, the wife replied is he alright? let pay him a visit, let be good neighbour.

The next door neighbour kids overheard their parent conversation and it all over their school, His shop story become local news. His story is known all over Camberwell and Mr Rothschild his not happy that everybody knows his business, but he is glad for the support his receiving from his community.

Because he was well like and a prominent figure in his community. His story made the local newspaper and they mentioned his name but after the big buzz only a few people supported him, the cost involve crippled his business and took big chunk out off his profit as he needed to keep afloat.

He started to draw cash from his first shop in Camberwell, cash flow not so high anymore and the Brixton shop has extensive damage and he needed funding to keep afloat, his staff lost their job he was so sorry, worried, unhappy and even a bit depressed because he did care about his businesses and was accountable. He checked his business insurance and he did not renew in time so his claim was rejected.

He soon learned how to implement saving cost in his remaining business the sales in his shop in Camberwell triple as the local community of Camberwell supported him buying his products on the regular but it was not enough he needed a business loan to cover the cost of bills that he had created and pay his remaining staff working in his shop in Camberwell. So he thought let me go to the bank my sales are good, cash flow not so good but I got a chance to be given a loan.

He visited his local branch speak to the manager and said I had a fire I lost a shop and my staff and the cost of running my other successful shop is killing me, paying my remaining staff, my suppliers and my regular bills, my available fund his not enough to cover the cost let alone repair my Brixton shop even if I still generate sales from the co-op because my Halal meat is selling it is still not enough. The bank manager say I am so sorry to hear that sir, how much are you looking to borough let see if we can help.

He replied I roughly need £200 000 that should keep me going, The manager replied before we can consider lending you £200 000 we need to see your Business Plan and your Marketing Plan, which include your profit and loss account and break-even analysis, it is a standard business procedure as soon as you can provide these documents we can make a decision within 24 hours. He replied due to the incident which occurs we lost some of our documents, let say within a month. The bank manager replied that fine when you ready come back and see us and you would need to re-arrange an appointment.

He run to his office open his draw look for his original business plan, he find it and his original business plan was written on paper and the ink faded. He was so worried, he could not read his business plan and did not have a marketing plan and he came out of his office for a walk to clear his mind, while walking he saw Girlfridayz banner outside our office and say to himself let check them out. He went on Google on find us and check our website.

He called us on the 5th July 2017 and arranged a free consultation and attended his meeting, he was worried because he did not have a business plan and marketing plan and needed funding.

We told him how important business processes are and marketing is our forte and we can do these lengthy plans for you. They are long-term strategies and in times of recovery, these are the most strategic plan you will need after hearing his story about his lack of business plan during consultation.

He hired us and we completed his business plan and marketing plan using our templates that he purchase from our online store and he was happy with the result and re-arranged an appointment with the bank and they gave him £250 000 based on his profit projection for three years and he fixed his Brixton shop.

We did his plan to an excellent, professional standard, and were friendly, we could understand his situation, we could relate to his story as when we finish his plans he had peace of mind and less worry, and with his new found knowledge as he knew that the likelihood of a striking disaster happening again was in his mind, he suddenly realised the importance of having these plans in place.

He hired us again to do his contingency plan, the following year in December 2018. He was all set and better prepare for his business recovery in case of another disaster striking again and he carry on trading acquiring sales, have a positive cash flow and making his business profitable and he even have a story to tell to the local of Camberwell and in Brixton when he goes to the pub drinking a beer with his mate. We know that because we heard him when we went to the local pub with our mate and he mentioned us.

Mr Rothschild is one of our regularly customer and he gave us permission to share is story with you. He told me on the 20th December 2019 after receiving my Christmas present discount via email marketing during his appointment to share his story.

He had arrange an appointment to update his business plan and said to me share my story so people knows the importance of business processes. His name is not really Mr Rothschild he asked us to use an alias name has he is private person. We told him we'll call you Mr Rothschild and he laugh and said you so funny.

He is one of our regular customer and Girlfridayz does all sort of marketing tasks and admin tasks when he needs it for his businesses — and he can't stop talking about us.

We hope you enjoyed Mr Rothschild story and you can relate to it and understand his story, what happened to him can happen in life and having your plan ready does not bring you back what you may have lost but can give you the funding needed to fix what loss or a brand new replacement.

At Girlfridayz we strongly recommend that you do not wait for disaster and get prepare in case of disaster happening. Preparation is the key to elevation and lead to business sustainability.

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