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The Secret Sauce of Building Website

Website design can be tricky but with the right skill and an eye for design, it can be so easy to do as nowadays it a doodle so to speak as templates as become so easy that it is annoying for a programmer like us at Girlfridayz.

So here the in and out Website builder

Website builders are easy-to-use programs that make it easy for anyone to create their own website.

Previously, websites were written manually by computer programmers in computer code and still are there is plenty of programmers out there who still build website from scratch using JavaScript, HTML5, Python, PHP, ruby on rail and a lots more.

This required anyone building a website to be well-versed in computer code and code-editing, or to hire someone who is. At Girlfridayz when we build website for our customers we use website builder for speed of delivery, however, we also inject programming code to create feature which are not available with a website builder such as our notification, drop down menu and toast/snackbar featured on our site and many more function on our site are program by us that why is our host because you get the best of both word.

but nowadays there is a wide array of website-building programs which make manual computer code and computer editing unnecessary. With these programs, anybody, no matter what his/her computer-literacy level, can easily construct a fully-functional, attractive website. In addition, to ensure you have a reliable internet presence, most of these tools integrate a reliable hosting package as well.

A website builder makes the possibility of a webpage available to virtually anyone. These websites can not only advertise a product, but also showcase a blog, a service, incorporate e-commerce functionality, or even help you organise text and content.

Website Builder Features

Website builders incorporate design tools, content-managing systems, search-engine optimisation implements and more. Most builders provide users with an easy-to-use online interface, although some are still available as downloadable software packages.

Typically users begin their site construction by selection from a wide array of pre-designed website templates. These templates offer various structures, styles and vibes which you can mix and match according to your preferences. They may also vary in functionality. Some templates are designed with attractive galleries for photography or design websites, others with multi-media plug-ins for musicians, performers or sales presentations.

Once you've chosen a template, organise the look and feel of your website by uploading photo-galleries, texts, or video content. These user-friendly programs make it easy to design the entire look of your website, from colour-scheme to layout and type-size to font. They also make it easy to incorporate blogs, forums, and even flash elements into your website.

You will still have the need to hire a website designer who is very skilled at using website builder and know programming in general if you want a professional user-friendly optimised responsive website, but if you feel you can do it by all mean try.

Choosing a Website Builder

When comparing website builders, be sure to take into consideration the goal of your website. If your end-goal is a sleek, professional online store entirely customised to fit your brand, then you should be looking for e-commerce-tailored website builders. Website novices looking for a simple, attractive blog or basic site should seek out a website builder with easy-to-use interface and well-designed templates.

You should also keep your eyes peeled for drag-and-drop features. These allow for quick and easy construction, without knowing any HMTL code at all. Also, find out how many different templates are offered to avoid a "cookie-cutter" or amateur unprofessional look.

Graphics options and even video placement can be helpful features on a website builder. Moreover, those who are expecting high volumes of traffic to their blog should certainly ensure that their website builder provides the best possible hosting package.

For more tech-savvy individuals, features such as URL redirect services, MIME Types, and FTP Managers and File Managers are most likely essential. These features allow you to have complete control of the internal structure of your website, web-pages and content. And for those looking for software and scripts, keep your eyes peeled for PERL support and Website Backup support. Expect all of these features and more to come completely free with any website builder tool.

Technical Support and Customer Service

The benefits of website-building software only remain present if the software works the way it should. If your website builder is malfunctioning, if the interface is frozen, or if the tools aren't responsive, you're going to be in need of some good, reliable customer support.

It's vital that whatever website builder you choose, they offer you excellent customer service. This should begin with a strong FAQ section and other easy-to-find informational sources on their company website. In fact, many include step-by-step video tutorials to guide you through any tough patches.

If you can't find the answers or assistance you're looking for in writing, you should be able to reach a support representative around the clock. Most free website builder companies provide live-chat, email and phone support; all operational during regular business hours.

The best companies provide phone chat and email support 24/7, to ensure that no matter what kind of pickle you find yourself in, you have someone standing by to help you out. Many also include forums so that customers can help customers, and also find guidance from forum monitors.

The top Website Builder to use rating 9.7 rating 9.1

1&1 rating 8.8

Site123 rating 8.7

Weebly rating 8.6

123Reg rating 8.4

GoDaddy rating 8.2

How to build a Engaging Website

Create relevant Content

  • Make sure that your content is relevant to what you’re trying to sell, provide, or commission. Unless your content is that of a personal blog where your insight and activities are the main topic, customers and clients are not visiting your website to see how your day is going or to know what you think about the latest new.

  • If you provide a page that is for blogging, keep blogging content relevant. This can be in the form of instructions or information that is directly related to your site. However you can still have a personal blog attach to your site but it best to have a business blog if your website is for business.

Help your customers find your site

  • First and foremost, you want to maximise the number of visitors to your site. This begins with providing correct terms that people search for in google that will direct them to your site.

  • Known as search engine optimisation, or SEO for short, this process includes the use of key words within the content of your website that will alert search engines and direct traffic to your site. Top website builders include SEO tools in their software to simplify this process for beginners.

  • The next key element of visitor access is to provide samples and explicit descriptions of what you have to offer on your website. For a portfolio based website, putting samples of your photos, designs or products on display allow the visitor to see, hear, read, and listen what it is you have to offer. Products for sale must contain a photo and adequate description.

Keep your visitors engaged

  • Every website should entice the visitor to return. This is done by keeping the visitor engaged. Allow them to provide feedback or compare items. For visual artists, compiling a gallery of past and present works allows visitors to enjoy the art.

  • Categorising like items engages the visitor to compare and contrast items.Using social media tabs and widgets are a great way to connect with visitors and keep them up to date on your website activity. This keeps visitors active on your website even when they aren't actually on it.

Good design

  • Some of the top website builders excel in this factor. Through the use of templates, themes, and usability tools these websites allow for stunning designs that are appealing to visitors.

  • This holds particularly true with sites that pertain to creative and artistic items. By having a creative design only adds to the intrigue and is visually stimulating. It's important to keep the website functional and not go overboard with visual displays. Keeping the background and surrounding content neutral to encourage the visitors focus on the subject of the website itself.

  • Overall, the purpose of any website is drive traffic towards it and to engage visitors once they’re there. By keeping the design useful, clean, engaging, and informative you will ensure that traffic will be driven to it. Utilising tools provided by top website builders and SEO techniques will direct traffic to the site where the design will keep visitors there.

Here at Girlfridayz we can build a responsive website for you and mobile optimised too fully functional, structured and user friendly that include e-commerce shop within a turn around of 1 month with basic SEO, you will come away with an eyes catching website design and well build, easy to use that your customers will love.

If you find this article useful please share your thought with us here at Girlfridayz in the comment below or share it amongst your friends and contact.

Or you could contact us on 07931089744 to discuss your website requirement or if you prefer order online fast and easy ordering.

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