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The Rise of Content Marketing with UX design

Content Marketing is king.

King Content has risen in a UX context in the form of customers and prospect management. UX Content Marketing permit you to build Responsive App and with the use of coding using CSS to set screen resolution to fit any devices that you using such as Smartphones, Computers, Tablets.

So in your development of your app remember that you need to drip your prospect into your pipeline and still offer your audience an excellent user experience through your app and that your app should be interactive and useful to your potential customers or customers so you can achieve a sale and a good ROi (Return on Investment).

Your content strategy should contain the the 5W1H method business model which is the holy grail of content strategy development that if you are interested in acquiring this mighty holy grail template to support you develop of UX Content Marketing strategy we at Girlfridayz have it on our online store for you to purchase should you be inclined too.

Content Marketing is the king and you need to ensure that your plan is written in a persuasive way and conversational tone. You need to think of your potential customers usage of your app and the purpose of it. It is beneficial to your prospective user and if easy to use and comprehensive to use. Your plan need to be well thought out preferably with an algorithm drawing of what the app should link to too and which content is to be used relative with your app planning processes.

Girlfridayz often see in website development end result a lack of planning and miss place content, pages lacking structure, lack of contextual link and a poor structure we often see website which have not well thought out a serious lack of strategical development and the end result look amateurish, useless to potential prospect resulting in poor user experience affecting user visiting rate and we pretty sure that the viewing rate is well below par.

Girlfridayz offer a free website analysis to you if you want us to offer you a free website analysis just provide us with a valid URL and email address. We also add recommendations for improvements. We could also redesign your site so it is responsive to any platform and devices use with content fit for purpose and persuasive plus conversational tone use.

Interesting in this service visit us

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