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The Power of Persistence lies within You to Grow Your Business

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

The Power of Persistence lies within

Perseverance is required when you are running your business or in your personal life to achieve your goals and your overall vision. In business, it is mighty important as it helps you continue and move in the right direction towards your goals. Persistence is the best friend of consistency and both are required if you want to progress in life and in your business.

In order to demonstrate what is consistency and persistence when you want to achieve your goals in your business as an example, I am going to demonstrate what is persistence with the story of my business and tell you how I restarted Girlfridayz Limited.

I was the Service Manager of two registered care homes for severe and enduring mental health and Personality Disorder and my boss decided to close the care homes has he no longer wanted to be the owner of the care homes.

After re-housing my customers in good care homes and explained how to continue supporting them I found myself temporarily unemployed. I went to my temporary agency and they found me another job and I was a support officer for 8 weeks in a hostel.

When this job finished, I went to the jobcentre and registered unemployed. I applied for a job as a director in a Housing Association. I was offered the post with all its perks, but when they called to tell me congratulation you are successful and we would like to offer you the job, I find myself replying thank you but I have to refuse because I have my own business to nurture, she replied are you sure and good luck, I replied yes, I am sure and I have a strong desire to succeed to carry on what I have started in 2007 my own online business called VirtualGirlFriday and domain name

I had a strong desire to succeed and I had realised that I started my business a long time ago but I was full of doubt and suffer from the fear of success and plugged along full of doubt even though I have a positive mindset at that time I could not see myself succeeding, but in 2015 I beat the fear of success by snapping out of the mental inertia and saw me successful beyond my wildest dream.

I completed my Business Plan and Marketing Plan highlighting my business goals, mission statement, and vision. I decided to redesign my website and in July 2015 I registered my business to the HMRC online and was told that I could not have two accounts as I was already registered in 2007.

My initial business goals were the following: I wanted to be limited, trademark, get a business award, acquired government accreditation.

I started my business with £154 and I paid my website host my yearly fee. I plugged along and promoted my services online and in my local community. I went and give my business card and flyers to the people and businesses in the community and I came across an Afro-Caribbean food shop which sales staples from his local country Nigeria, fruits and vegetables as well as attracting the right people in his shop the Nigerian and West-Indian community as well as other communities.

I went into the shop and spoke to the owner as I noticed that he did not have a website. I pitched my services to him and told him that — to acquire more customers he needs to have an online presence and offer him an irresistible offer that he could not refuse.

He took the deal and he signed my contract and I did his website, the owner was impressed with his website that later on he hired me for another website to be done and we also became friends due to my friendly nature, professional approach, and smile.

I also started to help in the shop, and he allowed me to promote my services in the shop and I acquired more customers and enquiries about my services. If you want to know more about the Land of Opportunity visit our online store and purchase Fear is a Silent Killer our book.

Do you know that fear is a silent killer of all hope and dream and stop you from moving forward in your business or life? Anyway, back to my story I stayed in the land of opportunity for a good three years and during this time I met good people, adversity in the face and the roadblock on my journey to greatness to achieve my overall vision and definiteness of purpose.

Early on I wrote to the TV program Good Morning on ITV in summer 2015 about my first service virtual administrative assistant and I got a reply to my sale letter. They did not hire me, but the TV presenter assistant replied to me that she wishes me good luck in my business, and they would keep me on file. This positive response spurred me on as I viewed it positively and this opened opportunities that I started to see clearly around me.

Adversity came early too I registered on People Per Hours an online website for freelancers and put my services on their website: website design, admin and traditional marketing notwithstanding but including Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing in 2016 I was not yet limited business but a Sole Trader.

On this platform, I acquire several customers and I met three people who changed the course of my business and without knowing it help me progress and develop the foundation and processes of my business.

A customer contacted me via email and asked if I could help him sell his auction on E-bay as he had very little knowledge about computers and online. I looked at the proposal and he wanted to use my account PayPal and E-bay but I did not let him use my account but instead offer to opened an e-bay account at his name he refused by saying to me that he will not have seller privilege and would not be able to sell his pricey item at auction.

I also got from People Per Hour another offer but this time by a company who was impressed with my marketing design and asked if I could send their Coffee design Poster and the design poster of Jesus Christ to be sent to Port of Prince and the Coffee poster to be sent to Seychelles.

We discussed design specification and they appreciated my knowledge so much that they offer me to be one of their designer for future design. The order made came to £15000 and I was working in collaboration with Vista Print to send the flyers to the relevant countries.

And I met another customer who paid me early before I could accept the job through my website using online ordering of my admin service, she did not pay the full amount requested through PayPal but paid a deposit on her own without my approval as she ordered 14hrs admin 2 business day at £210 but paid £31. I contacted her and offer an appointment to meet with me in my office to discuss her order.

I was dealing with all my new customers and prioritised the order received. I decided to take a positive risk with the auction guy and allowed him to use my eBay account to list his item and the sell of his item would go to my PayPal account. He had to pay me 5% of the sale price if the sale is successful and 2% if the sale did not go through and he if he wanted it the item relisted plus all eBay fees including PayPal fees plus £100 per listing. He looked at my proposal and he agreed heartily as I received an email with his agreement the same day I sent it.

I listed his Item and the Sony Camcorder PW400 for him and done his description uploaded all pictures and priced it at £3000 the exact price my customer wanted it and selected a three days auction as my customers had an unshaken belief that this item would sale and told me to list it for three days. He provided all the information to me.

The PW400 Sony Camcorder was sold in two days after the buyer contacted me for more information about the item through my eBay email. I told him about the feature and benefit of the camcorder and said the item was not with me but with his owner. He replied that he was interested, and he bought the Sony Camcorder straight away and paid £3000 in my PayPal account.

I informed my customer the auction guy that the Sony Camcorder PW400 has been bought and the buyer paid £3000 in my PayPal account. I added that he needs to deliver the item to the buyer and pay me £950 and I would pay in his bank account the remaining amount of his payment. I added that I wanted the tracking code of the items to pass it to the buyer. He informed me that he had the tracking code and gave it to me. I gave it to the buyers.

While the PW400 Camcorder was on its way to Scotland where the buyer lives. I coordinated the delivery of the flyers to Port of Prince and The Seychelle with Vista Print to have the delivery sent to my office once 90, 000 flyers for the coffee posters and 10,000 flyers for Jesus Christ Poster where printed. A courier arranged by the design company was arranged to collect the boxes from my office. I emailed the design company that the price of their order came to £15000 and to pay the price ask in my PayPal account.

My customer for the admin service who pay me early attended her appointment in my office and after consultation, she asked me to do her receipt as she wanted to keep a record of her online business transaction and I started her online account using a Google Spreadsheet and defined the category of her income and expenses. I have written the amount of her pile of receipts for 2 days in the spreadsheet and completed the job. I told her that she owed the remaining amount plus the postage fee of her receipt £182.24 and emailed the work done she was very pleased but did not pay my bill on time either.

The buyer contacted me on my eBay emailed and told me that he did not receive the PW400 Camcorder, I replied that he missed the delivery after checking the online website Online Tracking Logistic and the items had been returned to the owner.

I contacted the owner of the auction and informed him that the item had been returned to him and if he could confirm he received it and to resent it to the buyer. As prior to this he had emailed me that he wanted his payment and I had told him I could not transfer his money yet until the buyer had confirmed the delivery of his items. I added that he needed to send me the tracking number once he resent the item to the buyer.

I informed the buyer that I had arranged the redelivery of his items and he should be getting it this time and if he was not in to arrange the collection with a neighbour. The buyer replied thank you and he would be in.

The auction guy sent me the tracking number, but it was the same number as the first one seen on online logistics. I got a hint of suspicions as I knew that the tracking number should have been a different one. I checked the information for the first tracking number name of the company he used, and the paper information was the same down to the date and price paid that explained the same tracking number.

I contacted the auction guy about this discovery via email he never replied. The buyer contacted me to say for the second time he did not receive his items and that he wanted to speak to the owner. I replied that I could not pass him the owner's details and that he is away at present. I checked on online logistics and saw the item was in Prestwick port in Scotland. I informed this to the buyers and to the owners who still did not reply to my email.

I sent another email to the auction guy stating that I will be contacting the police as I believe that it is a scam and he is using my eBay Account and PayPal account to receive his money. I contacted the police and informed them of what had happened by that time the buyer had complained to eBay that he never received the PW400 Camcorder and I never contacted or told him what happened to his purchase which was a lie.

I contacted eBay and gave them the police report and told them that the buyer might be part of the scam as they could see that I have been in contact with the buyer all the time. I contacted PayPal and give the police report and explained what happened. They freeze my account and accused me of financial fraud even if the police cleared me after investigating the scam and said to PayPal that I was a victim of a crime. In the meantime, the online tracking logistic website disappeared, and Google render cannot find this website.

eBay gives me back the fee for the PW400 Camcorder and told me not to let anyone used my account and PayPal refunded the money to the buyer when I told them too and charged me the £190 fee. I told them I was a victim of a crime and they cannot charge me £190 for my mistake that was wrong. They removed the fee but my account was still frozen so I put a complaint which went to the financial ombudsman as I could not receive payment and pay anyone.

I lost the order of the designed flyers to be sent to the Seychelles and Port of Prince as they tried to pay me £15000 in my PayPal account but could not because my account was frozen and when I told them to pay the money in my bank account they refused.

The auction guy never paid me and disappeared. I started chasing my bad debt sending him letters about my payment owed for listing his items and fee for the sale of the Camcorder but the letters sent to his address on file was returned to me he had given me a fake address in Rochford and the police gave me the right postcode when I gave them the address of the auction guy on file.

This experience and how it turned out I felt that I nearly lost my business as I lost £15000 and got scammed by a terrible customer and that he wanted to kill my business before it gets off the ground. I also took full responsibility and accountability for my actions as it was my mistake.

However, this mistake opened opportunity because I started creating some policies and implemented some process and started to chase my bad debt and decided that I would never again jeopardize my business like this again but this mistake give me the opportunity to improve my business and made me stronger.

I continued acquiring customers from the land of opportunity the Afro-Caribbean shop as I continued helping the owner and was able to get referrals from his shop reciprocal marketing, I helped him, and he let me get my customers from his shop.

This deal helped me to acquire funding and on September 2nd, 2016 I contacted a company to get the status of a Limited business and paid the fee required and got my limited status as girlfridayz Limited as I had changed my domain to girlfridayz updated my website pages again.

I updated my stationery too and put my limited number on my website and my stationary. I updated my business card and created my three-fold brochure to reflect the change in my business and I had created new services too. I put all my services in my brochure. I was now a limited company.

I started to give giveaway in November 2016 before Christmas a calendar with the next year's date 2017 and gave it to the communities and they love it.

My customer with the record-keeping order unpaid contacted me again to do a business grant for her. I reminder her that she did not pay the remaining amount of the first service completed and owed me £182.24 she replied that she would pay and if I could help her with a grand as she needs to pay her staff. I replied fine and to come for an appointment.

She came and we looked for a suitable business grant, but they were not a lot available, so I told her to do a business loan. I gave her detailed research about business funding and on the list was the European grant funding option.

She selected the European Grant funding and told me that I was very good at what I do and professional. I replied thank you. I completed her application she wanted £50,000 to grow her business and pay the staff and she had a grandiose plan which was not well thought out but nonetheless that what she wanted.

she worked with me on her application form and I completed all the information required on her behalf including supporting letter and charged her £25 per hours the price of the job came to £675.46 including post office fee to post the remaining of the application as the first part was submitted online.

I showed her the pricing strategy for her services and told her to pay her staff the minimum wage as she was paying them under the minimum wage and the were working 8 hours per day, she told me. I told her that it was illegal to underpay her staff.

She appreciated my advice and complimented me. She never paid me for the jobs and give me several excuses as to why the payment his delayed and in between abused me and nicety them promise to pay when she is successful in getting a loan, then more abuse and an attempt to pay which was declined through my PayPal account which was unfrozen as I had won my complaint and the financial ombudsman instructed PayPal to give me back my business account in 2017 but I lost my personal PayPal account that I had for several years.

I started to write my first case study about how to deal with difficult customers, but I did not put this experience in my business blog which I started in late 2015 writing business advice and promoting my business in the process.

I increased my presence on social media mainly Facebook and LinkedIn also Google Plus and youtube, while promoting my business on Facebook I came across a post by Neil Patel SEO Guru and Marketing. He was advertising that he could help businesses to grow their online presence but it was for businesses that had a turnover of $25000 and my business could not register because I did not have that kind of turnover yet I was trying to recover the loss and my business was stagnant.

I contacted Neil Patel through his email as I started reading his excellent blog posts and told him that my business was stagnant if he could help grow my business. He replied to me and said yes and attached two pages word document with instructions on what to do.

I did what he said on the list and started attending business event offered by other companies and attended the Great Business Show and attended Coffee Morning with Mavis from Rich Vision which I met via LinkedIn when she posted her morning event and I replied that I want to attend and got my ticket from event bright. I was also studying a BSC Honour degree in Event and Marketing obtained in April 2019 and completing the Google Garage in Digital Marketing and got my qualification.

I also increased my customers and grow my income I got a few websites to building and to revamp and update and rescued, plus more customers for marketing this help me purchase my trademark and I contacted the IPO and registered my business name girlfriday, girlfridayz, and all my services and my application was accepted the 14th November 2017 after more than four months and waited due to two people opposing my application and I replied to them all and they withdraw their opposition and finally in March 2018 I received my Trademark Certificate and it stated that Girlfridayz Limited is a trademarked business and that my mark is Girlfriday, Girlfridayz including my services listed on my trademark certificate for 10 years.

I came across Adler and they send me samples of Marketing items such as functional pens and leather pocket diary and other items. I ordered the leather pocket diary 50 of them in 2017 with the year 2018 and give them away to my local community and posted some to selected businesses to widen our reach. This giveaway proved to be popular as lots of people used their diary and even expected them the next year. I still giveaway Leather Pocket Diary yearly in November and I added a functional pen to go with the free leather Pocket Diary and this has brought me a few customers too.

I created a few more policies and created my order forms and girlfridayz term and condition due to meeting a few more customers who used my services and did not pay for my service and undermined me by this time my business had acquired more funding but not a profitable position as yet due to the bad debt.

I then decided to take them to the small court to reclaim my payment as they became persistent non-payer despite payment plans offer.

I also developed my payment facility over £200 and offered free consultation for 1 hour and after the hour elapses it is £25 per hour. I implemented a non-discount strategy as I did give too many discounts to my new customers which generated repeated customers and some customers from the Land of opportunity expected discount and told me that my prices were too cheap for the services I provided.

I developed my business calculator Lucy the profit and Loss account calculator which calculate your UK taxes and NI calculation yearly to help with your yearly tax return, Lucky is our weekly calculator which calculate your weekly income and expenses to help you see how much you could be earning weekly in your business and also calculate your income tax and NI weekly plus give you advice, and Mary my monthly calculator which is for employee to check their income paid.

In January 2018 I received a referral from a friend and it was for a Social Media website a public magazine I was so excited to get such a big contract and I received his development document the 3rd January 18 a 32 pages documents which I read it was full of inconsistency but I could see his idea. I worked with him on the development of his website, but it turns out to be a very demanding customer who only paid me a deposit of £750 and I am still requesting in court the remaining payment.

I purchased plugged in to add to the template that I purchased and totally customized the template to meet the Client design Briefs and the template is licensed to Girlfridayz Limited I purchased a language pack in several the languages spoken in the world and it is licensed to Girlfridayz Limited.

This client was a troll and he never had the intention to pay for his website I completed several custom codes to add to his website and finished it with 37 categories, repeated across the websites, I added a game and people could post, replied to post, I added reaction and view of other people profile, friends request and people could post in any group categories, upload media and picture also registered to the site in their own language and the whole site would be in their language.

I added the administration of the site where he could view who registered, send an email, band user and more. I added a forum site with his three communities and a chat room and more, his website was very huge 270 pages due to the repeated content as he rejected my solution to streamline his website. It took me six months to complete the mini Facebook as he called it.

While doing his website I kept going to Rich Vision event and during her event Marketing and Funding the owner introduces her yearly award and all the winner of the previous year was present. I had already completed my form for the award of this year's 2018. She informed us that her team is looking at the application form for this year and we would be contacted if successful and feature in her magazine.

I carry on and completed the Social Media website and at his last meeting to view his website and paid the remaining amount due he told me to removed all the categories as he did not want a social media website anymore and added you did a mini Facebook but prior to that at his testing meeting he was excited like a kid in a candy store and jumping in my office of excitement saying you so get my site.

To cut a long story short I refused to undo the site and requested my payment he said he will not pay until I removed the categories basically undo the site, and say if you take me to court the judge will laugh at you because you would not have any evidence and added do not expect a good review that what I do to people. I told him to get out of my office in a very harsh manner and from his phone, he posted three fake reviews on my Google Business, Google question and Yell the yellow pages online.

I reported him to the police, and they told me that it was fraud while providing a service. I give the police report to Yell who removed the review and Google only removed the review on Google question but kept the review on my Google business as I had replied to this review.

Due to this bad experience, I updated my website policy and decided not to do any more extra work that a customer requested out of goodwill and not charge them or not do it at all because this customer abuses my kindness and generosity. We also updated our prices for the first time since 2015 to bring our prices in line with our industry.

We received feedback on the price increase and a few people say that we are providing value for money as our prices were not the highest nor the cheapest but right in the middle and hence we benchmark ourselves against our competitor for the same or similar service. We updated the pricing of our services after conducting an extensive competitor analysis and added to our online business accessibility.

I received an email in October that I was the winner of the Be Mogul Award, but it was in my junk folder, hence I did not see it and could not reply. I received another email informing me that I was invited to the ABN radio show and Mavis business talk in West Norwood.

I was so excited because this was one of my goals as well and it comes unexpectedly. I attended my radio show with Mavis and answered all her business questions and promoted my business and gave business advice on air for other people to start up or grow their existing business. At the end of the show, she informed me that I was the winner of an award and I would be featured in her magazine.

I was happy and surprised that I was one of the winners and in my application, I had put that I had applied for accreditation and contacted the Department of Work and Pension and the whole lot was in the pipeline. I suddenly realised that I was one of the award winners and I was filled with joy as I had achieved my goal to get a business award.

I attended my award ceremony on the 22nd of November 2018, and I was given my award recognising The Most Influential and Inspirational Black Business owners in Britain Be Mogul award winner year 2018/19.

I added my business purpose on the top of my homepage inspired by Nelson Mandela speech and achievement and also added my value proposal and my business moto which is you grow and I grow which is regarding businesses growth and start-up businesses that I help to develop or grow if they grow I, in turn, grow because I believe that they will refer me to others in line with my purpose and overall vision.

I started completing free website reviews too and reviews many websites and so far I had 3 good replied my first website reviews the business owner thank me for my reviews and say that he had requested from his IT to fix the problem that I mentioned in my reviews. On 5/07/18 I completed a website review for a prospective customer that I met in my community and he never replied to my review.

I started gaining a bit of momentum on social media mainly on the LinkedIn platform by engaging with the online community and replying to post, helping with job search and acquired two customers and completed their websites. My blog posts started to be viewed more regularly and are now read by 1500 people per month.

In December 2018 I had a major website to be done after meeting the prospective customer at another business garage owner that I befriended and the next-door garage was my customers and I completed several works for him such as his wall banner design and business cards as well as fixing his computer.

The prospects from the other garage I presented my business and he was impressed and told me that he would contact me, we had this conversation in October 2018.

I designed his music website for him and he was a music producer and he provided me with his business plan and it had written his website idea in it. It took me 5 months to attempt to complete his website because the customer was slow at giving me the information requested and in the end he suspended his website development.

I updated my website policy again with suspension of website development and he gave up on his development, therefore, his website his unfinished he paid me everything I requested and was happy with his website development so far but he needed to get more music files and did not have the time to do so as he was busy promoting artists and arranging gigs and stopped his website development in April 2019.

On the 6th of April, I completed my tax return 2018/2019 and declare a profit. I had finally made my company profitable. I developed a new service business card style online business directory listing for small businesses in London only to register their businesses.

After attending an excellent webinar from Steve Harvey on the 21/06/19 about his marketing course online and his state of the art platform where you can have access to all of his courses and marketing materials to grow your business the whole course cost you £75000 for the years for the scholarship in marketing for business consultant to acquire high end paying clients and charge the right price for the quality of the service provided.

I was so impressed by his presentation that I watched it 6 or 7 times the replay of his webinar and noted all his recommendations such as to develop a technical playbook with specialized knowledge about your industry a special report about your service to demonstrate your expertise and to create a factsheet about a topic.

On the 22/06/19 the prospect I did the website review for became my customer. He contacted me on the 17/06/19 for me to revamp his website by email replying to the website review sent to his email on the 5th/07/18

I was inspired by Steve Harvey Webinar and a week later I wrote my special report about website common mistakes find at my free website review which I titled 26 Common Website Design Mistakes That Cripple Your Business and How to Fix Them I added bonus content inside too and you can download it for free and my social report will be emailed to you.

In the same week, I created a factsheet for start-up business titled 7 factors you need to know before starting your own business and it is free to download on your computer from my website.

July 2nd, 2019 I wrote The Core Asset of Marketing Playbook and The Core Asset of Marketing Start-up Kit both Playbooks contained specialized knowledge about marketing and I created the Prospect to Client Systemised the playbook extension for an online application to increase customer acquisition. You can purchase these e-goods from my online store today to increase your sales tomorrow.

I contacted Steve Harvey via email mid of August 2019 and told him that I created my marketing Playbooks, my Special Report about website design and its application and factsheet about starting your business what you should know including a playbook extension for online application The Prospect to Client Systemised after watching his excellent webinar which inspired me to write all his recommendations.

He replied Wow! well done Trisha I am impressed most people do not listen to what recommended you managed to complete most recommendations well done it is excellent and I am pleased. I replied he can view my playbooks and its extension on my online store and my special report and factsheet on my website homepage.

He replied keep me updated if you manage to generate interest in your Playbooks which are technical books with specialist knowledge in marketing, and your special report including factsheet. I replied I will let you know and thank you very much you have inspired me to write this e-goods.

In October 2019 I created and designed my business catalogue — Girlfridayz Catalogue after receiving the Staple catalogue in my office while looking at the stationary on offer an idea formulated itself in my brain and I saw Girlfridayz Catalogue. I said to myself that catalogue is mainly associated with product businesses, but you do not see services catalogues, what we usually see is pricing booklet but not glossy designed services catalogue with picture pricing and offer.

I thought my catalogue would be a novelty based on the product catalogue. I designed it with pictures of my services and pricing plus vouchers about some services and an order form attached plus terms and conditions. It contained all our services and can be downloaded on your computer and printed as it is a PDF version and all links leading to my website pages if you view it online and want to access a service. It will be printed later this year as a hard copy to be distributed to my local community and businesses in the community and an intention to post it to other businesses just like I am received other businesses catalogue in the post.

We developed more business calculators which are adjacent innovation as they contained advised inside them as well as calculating.

  • We have added to our profit and loss account calculator Lucy a three years projection of profits also self-employed and blind people calculation.

  • We have updated Mary with all the variables an employer offer and added the NI Calculation for employers.

  • We updated Lucky with self-employed and blind people calculation.

  • We developed Fred our Statutory Redundancy Calculator based on the UK statutory redundancy and if you are eligible it offers you to claim statutory redundancy from the UK government.

  • We developed Hazel our business Credit Card Calculator and it worked similarly as your credit card statement as well as given you advice about debt management as a business credit card is considered as a short-term loan.

  • We developed Cleo a Simple Payback period calculator which calculator your investment in a product line and will tell you the number of years you need to pay back your investment before you get a return on investment.

  • Based on the UK government we develop the Marriage Allowance Calculator and The Marriage Couple Allowance Calculator and if you are eligible you click on the UK Government link to claim the benefit.

I was still completing my online application for my accreditation from the Department of Work and Pension and gathered all the information requested and uploaded all the information needed as requested.

On October 21st after checking the government website about how to prepare your business post Brexit which was due on the 30th of October 2019 before it was extended to the 30th January 20. I decided to submit my application before Brexit and see what will happen. I checked that I answered every question thoroughly and attached the relevant pieces of evidence required and signed it electronically them submitted.

I was surprised to receive an email from the Basware system telling me to view my email on their system on the 24th of October. I looked at the email which told me that my application had been received and checked and I needed to sign it with my real signature and upload it again.

I wrote my signature on a piece of paper scanned it has a picture and paste it on my accreditation application form. I send it back and to my surprise, on the 25th of October 2019, I received an email telling me congratulation Girlfridayz Limited is now an accredited business for the private and public sector. Please finished completing your account online.

I completed my account and uploaded three factsheets one about providing support with Business Plan completion interactively using my business template, the second one starting up an online business and we create the website plus give business support and the third we offer CV written plus LinkedIn Profile creation for people who starting work or returning to work and we chose North and South London provision through Jobcentre plus.

I hope you find my story about Girlfridayz Limited inspiring and see how I achieved my major milestone toward my vision, and it inspired you to start up or grow your business without wanting to give up when you are facing hurdles.

A strong desire to succeed in business brings persistence which is a habit of a wealthy mind and you move with baby steps toward your goals cultivating the habit of persistence and consistency and you will get rewarded plus gained the knowledge of how you got there due to your positive mindset and infinite intelligence.

Do not be defeated by temporary failures and mistakes as the silent power of persistent lies within you and you have nothing to fear but fear itself. Persistence is a state of mind, which brings definiteness of purpose and self-reliance, definiteness of plan, courage in the face of adversity and persistence lead to will power and repeated habit of courage and self-encouragement which gives you a new life as you soon found out who you are.

If this blog post inspires you please share it with your peers, friend, and family as it might inspire them to start up their business with Girlfridayz Limited or grow their existing business. Purchase our Marketing Playbooks which is for the Wealthiest mind eager to learn and use the core asset of marketing to grow or start their business using the right marketing technique and strategies from the start.

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