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The Law of diffusion and Innovation

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

This blog post is a little different and every entrepreneur should listen to this.

We are obsessed with this little model of what drives behaviour and Why we believe in what we do for businesses, and the law of diffusion, The people who believe what we believe in and what drives us at Girlfridayz. It is a human experience a desire, it is not organic it is real.

I have faith in Girlfridayz I know we going to create an empire but we are patient do not know when but it will come. Marketing is our game and that is why we are interested in and Simon Sinek is talking our language.

Listen to this it is just fantastic and ever so delicious

If you love this maybe you love that

If you are a person who likes to have total control of your life, boy we have a product for you. Do you want to seek the right market for your product or services, Do you want to know how to acquire the right customers for your business the ones who will buy from you and love your product and service.

All you need is a little segmentation of your market and the willingness to do for your customers what they want with reason and provide what they need and solution-orientated to solve a problem.

To treat people the way you want to be treated to have courage and inspires others, if you believe that you take that bold decision to attend our Social Sales Growth Strategy Program in a short time you will not gain but in long term, you will gain customers and revenues but what you would have learned is skills to implement in your business for life, a new good habit who will sustain you and your business through time and patience, consistency, and content play a major part.

The mistake many leaders makes is to manage people and not lead people hence to take care of your employees, train them, lead by example if your staff is happy your business will grow as they will work hard for you. Take accountability and be responsible for your action.

With all this, our Social Sales Growth Strategy Program is for whoever believes that the strategies taught works and in the long term will give you revenue. Interested clink on this link and sign up for this wonderful program.

The Social Sales Growth Strategy Program our event is due on 17th/11/21 from 10.00 - 18.00 location to be decided and bear in mind the length of time might change. To register your interest click on the link and fill our short contact form with your details.

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