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The Benefit of Email Marketing

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

Email Marketing has great benefits and is very useful to get potentials leads and ultimately convert a prospect into paying customers. Therefore, it is a good strategy to use in your business to acquire customers.

However, how do you go about building an email list for your campaign without stealing, renting other people's email which is punishable by law, and a breach of the GDPRS?

Let's delve into building an email list the proper way by asking permission from the email owner or assumed permission from the email owner.

In order to ask permission when you discuss your business with a potential prospect within a friendly conversation and they ask you what do you do for a living and you tell them, at some point within the conversation you could inform that you would like to email them an offer who might interest them and when you get a positive reply you can request if they have a business card or if they can give you their details. If they enjoy your company you would get their details and email the offer you told them about.

You now have permission to email market them and add them to your campaign list as they willing gave you their details when you ask for them.

Another way to request permission is when you look at your email receive in your inbox you could note the email that interest you and send them an interesting email with a service, or product offer using the legacy system in the body of the email to attract your email prospect to your offer. This is assumed permission because you did not ask directly, but if your offer is juicy enough they will contact you to inquiry about it or purchase it straight off.

Once you have achieved ROI (a sale) you can continue email market them because they are now your customers and you want to keep them for longer so you will email regular offers based on their recent purchase or if you have something new which they might like. Your customers would be please to receive another email offer from you and might purchase your offer a second time or open your email and save it for later.

You could have a subscriber form on your website with the title "Join our mailing list you get so and so" you will need to add your privacy policy just in case someone wants to know what you want to do with their data.

You could email back the company which used assumed permission to email market you daily with their offer of a product or a service with your counter-offer of your product or service. This is a sure-fire strategy as they might be interested in what you have to offer as they are the perfect prospect because they already spending money on marketing.

Any sales letter, business card, flyers, brochures received through your letterbox, and contain the email of the company, you can email the company with your counter-offer and they might respond favorably as they already spending money on marketing.

On social media, on the platform that you use the most, you could view people's profiles and get their email and send them an email asking them if they would be happy to join your email list to access juicy content which enables business growth. However, If the rest of the body of your mail is irresistible and beneficial to the recipient they would respond favorably and are more likely to join your mailing list and accept other emails from you.

I have listed a few strategies above for you to start building an email list for your email marketing campaign, nevertheless, you could always think of another way to add email to your list. We welcome any suggestions.

Frequency of sending email marketing

The daily email strategy is done in the hope to get a lot of leads to add to your email campaign or achieve regular sales.

This strategy is overused and annoying to the receiver and it is counter-productive, to say the least. The amount of deleted email outweighs the open rate of your email. Most people are so used to it that they do not pay attention to them and even have difficulty finding their important emails due to the onslaught of emails received per day by unscrupulous people.

It is more likely that to email you every day some people have purchased, or rented your email to add to their already poor email list if they have to result in these tactics to build an email marketing list. It is a waste of money too because the open-rate of this strategy is 0.02% due to the sheer volume of email sent to one person by many companies on a daily.

To get your email open and increase your open rate the best email frequency is every two weeks that ensure that your email is opened providing that it is evergreen content.

You could do weekly email send but the open rate might be less it all depends on your email content which has to be really good to attract and the recipient interested.

You could do a mix match frequency of email sent to your list you could send weekly for a month then switch it to every two weeks for two months then back to a weekly after every three weeks if your content is evergreen people will wait for your email and be happy to receive it.

You could send three evergreen emails per month your open rate will increase as well as your click rate if your email includes a backlink.

You could think of other frequency of sending your email campaign and base it on your preference and your prospect or customers' preference.

You could survey your potential email prospect by asking a question such as "what frequency would be best for you to receive our email" and you list frequency options for people to select.

The content of your email marketing should be to inform and give the reason why they should buy from you or learn something they did not know or remind them of something or it is an irresistible offer that they cannot refuse.

Email marketing is very useful for your business as stated but you should be mindful of others and try to put yourself in the feet of your prospects and customers and asked yourself do you like to be bombarded with daily email in your mailbox. If the answer is no and you do not like it do not do it to others that simple of that.

If you find this blog post interesting, please comment we would like to know what you think.

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