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The Benefit of Advertising your Small Business

Girlfridayz Small Business ads service has been developed with you in mind. We at Girlfridayz are like you a small business which is growing slowly and advertising is usually very expensive and most small businesses cannot afford TV commercial, Radio ads, pay per click, newspaper or even magazine ads.

So we decided that we will provide you with affordable ads and a long length of time so you get a chance to promote your business to the right audience with a targeted link of your choice and increase customers overtimes. We decided not to offer a pay per click but you just pay for the placement and size of your ad at low-cost enabling Sole Traders, SME's, Freelancers to take advantage of the low-cost ad opportunity to promote themselves.

The major advantages of advertising are

introducing a new product in the market, expanding your market, an increase in sales, offer competitive choices to consumers, Introduces offering and educates the consumers about your products or services, no sales person or sales representative needed, provide more employment opportunities, reduce the prices of newspapers and magazines.

Some TV are offering free channels viewing but instead they will run advert, and you do not pay for listening to the radio but you will have ads in between listening. it's increases customers acquisition and enable word of mouth and if your ads using psychology marketing it will remain on people's mind. Such as "Every Little Help - famous tesco ads catchphrase"

The benefits derived from advertising are immense and It is one of the most important components of the marketing process.

Girlfridayz Small Business Advertising

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