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Technology and business, how do you see it? A gift or curse.


In this introductory article, we discuss the new buzz word disruptive, which was brought out by Clayton Christensen’s 1997 book, The Innovator’s Dilemma and updated and published in 2015.

Technology and business, how do you see it ? A gift or curse.

I have read on LinkedIn a recent post by the like of Tony Robin he argues that suddenly everyone was disruptive/innovative and use the example of Blockbuster the giant vs Netflix has Netflix rises Blockbuster vanished in 2013.

Blockbuster had a chance to buyout Netflix in 2000. The company turned down a chance to purchase the still fledgling Netflix for $50 million because the CEO of Blockbuster was thinking that it was a "very small niche business,” and at the time it was losing money. however in Blockbuster case complacency is a killer, Blockbuster present itself as a perfect example of it.

Tony Robin argues that Blockbuster did not anticipated the change in video viewing, However I disagree as they have been warned of what might happened as Netflix saw them as massive competition due to their size and worldwide notoriety and in turn try a buyout of Blockbuster which failed.

Netflix saw an area to improve how we view video and movies using the internet and technology Streaming. As oppose to renting a video and return it. Other company seen this opportunity as well as and other companies tried to provide that service.

Blockbuster partnered with Enron in an attempt to create a video-on-demand service which lasted month due to fear of Enron that Blockbuster not been able to provide sufficient film for the service and Enron withdrawn from a 20 years contract agreement. Blockbuster buyout other companies, and went into the gaming industry and fake advertising "No more late fees"policy campaign which brought them a major lawsuit with a humongous payout to disgruntled customers and paying lawyers involved huge chunk of money.

Overlooking competitor can be a costly affair

but what they did overlook is Netflix as they saw them as lesser competition as they withdrew their offer to buy them out due to not seeing them as financially viable and a small niche. Hence Netflix had the time to grow under the eyes of giant blockbuster unnoticed which are now bankrupt and somewhat forgotten in some people mind and now we hear you got your Netflix or you watching Netflix in many countries.

This analysis present itself as a perfect example of complacency in term of competitor analysis they concentrated on bigger competition matching their size but did not pay attention to the little one saw them as insignificant, however Netflix was not insignificant and a company to be aware of as money is always the driver in people the more you got the more interesting you become for some people and they even think "they walking on water" some of them.

Hence Blockbuster went after more profitable companies trying to buy them out or partnered with them, bringing out new services and developing franchises and still have 11 franchises-owed and 7 kiosks to this day operating in Australia.

Embrace changes as oppose to fear it

We have seen real swift practically unnoticed changes in the way we live we've entered the digital age and most thing have been digitalised and made life easier for people in all mainstream industries and subcategories of industries that we use.

If we see these amazing innovations it is because the businesses who brought out these innovations have listen to their customers need and found profound solution to meet these needs. "Girfridayz say ignore all business advice and listen to your customers and your business grow"

Hence using these innovations to your advantages in your business and personal life is a bonus and a life improvement. It is easier now to spot the competition and conduct throughout competitor analysis and see what they doing to remain on top of their game. It is also very useful to segment your market to meet the need of your customers who crying out for your services or products and move in the right direction for your business.

This is why Girlfridayz offering you this opportunity to learn multiples sales enabling strategies and tactic to build in your business with our Social Sales Growth Strategies Program real-time live training educational program for businesses.

A 4-weeks program where you come away with lead generation strategies to built into your business and turn these leads into paying customers overtime using social media platform. With 1 to 1 built in on request.

To enrol is simple all you need is a Google Account, Skype connection, a Facebook Business page and money to invest in the program which cost only £1200 for the 4-weeks.

It a low-cost program as your only cost is paying for the program hence, a win-win solution for businesses. The way it run: take 1 day a week out of your busy schedule to join in from the comfort of your office every week for 4 weeks.

If you tick all requirements and you want to join the program you can purchase the program for £1200 online directly from this article by pressing the green button Enrol Now and download our client brief form by clicking on the link and return it before 12/06/17 start date of the program or if you prefer we send you an invoice to settled prior to attending the program.

Why embrace change as oppose to fear it?

A change is always subtle and can take decade to make a significant impact on the way we live or even longer has little pieces of the life puzzle are placed swiftly amongst us to help us and support us to move through life easier, we are more informed, knowledgeable, better equip for natural disaster, and most of the worldwide population depend on their PC, Tablet, Laptop and mobile phone to "survive" in the business world or personal life.

B2B and B2C companies alike you need to know how to segment and research your market and find a niche for yourself or access bigger niches is vital for businesses survival and never overlook your competitor a competitor analysis is to be carry out on a regular to remain a player in your chosen niche see what happen to blockbuster.

Look toward the future and move with your time

See changes as a gift not a foe as we move through life getting older day by day new businesses emerges and other vanishes some move through times and are with us for years and years so being positive is a key especially when running your business looking towards the future and having a wide vision is another key, always looking toward the bigger pictures and keep on setting realistic goals to achieves and record your milestone in your business plan and your marketing plan as you keep moving and acquiring, investing, selling and bouncing back through your journey along the way you meet wonderful people and form long lasting relationship.

We looking forward to see you in our Real-time Live Social Sale Growth strategy Program on the 12/06/17 and here 5 things you can focus on before starting our program

1. Focus on system rather than profit

2. Test with a small minimum viable product first to see the demand

3. Hire the best people and trained them hard

4. Digitise your products so you can scale

5. Promote and sale your product before you build it to anticipate sale

Registered for the Social Sales Growth Strategies Program I will be discussing more of this.

Please if you know someone who could benefit from this program please forward this

blog post to them thank you.

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