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Seamless ways to get your admin done swiftly

Girlfridayz Admin service has been designed for Small Businesses that find themselves in need of Admin services but cannot afford to hire permanent staff to take care of their Admin while they sell their products or services.

We have provided over the years seamless solutions for Small businesses to get their admin done swiftly without added stress or their desk pilled up with files unsorted, invoices to check, estimate, letters to write to debtors, policies to write and business system to put in place. We have done the latter for our customers professionally that some of them love the service offer and are with us for 5 years plus.

Our Admin services offer the best of both worlds to Small Businesses, you do not need to pay for our taxes because we pay our own taxes, therefore, you do not have any overhead.

You do not need to provide us with an office, we work from our own office. You do not need to provide us with any types of equipment to do your admin, because we have our own equipment to carry out your admin.

You do not need to worry about our experience, we have experience in admin and have provided admin to large businesses as a member of staff for several years prior to starting our first services at Girlfridayz our Admin Service back in 2015.

In 2015 we find a gap in the market and notice that small businesses and self-employed needed to get their admin done as part of their business needs but never got around to do it because they were too busy selling and inexperienced at doing their own admin and typing.

Now our Admin Services is part of our award-winning and government accredited services, hence with these impressive credentials rest assure that your admin will be in safe professional hand and return to you via email, WhatsApp swiftly once completed and payment has been received.

We are providing to London and the UK small businesses with our admin services for so long, it is because our services are affordable to businesses and our hourly rate is fair and affordable to most businesses that are happy to pay our hourly rate and sometimes more.

The Gallery below gives you an idea of the small businesses we provide our admin services, it just a few businesses pictures but you can be in any industries we can support you as long as you do not have admin staff to help you and you do not mind to work remotely using modern technology to communicate and provide the task confidentially that you want us to help you with.

Prices of our Admin Services

We offer four easy packages for you to pick from and we also offer a retainer contract.

Prepaid and Retainer Admin Service

  • Hire Me Package £15 per hour — 7 hrs per day

  • Need Me For 2 Days Straight Package — 7 hrs per day — 2 business days 14hrs £210

Retainer contract

  • Oh Love Me So Much have Me for 4 days — 7 hrs per day — 4 business days 28hrs £420

  • Adore Me Have Me for The Whole Week — 7 hrs per day — 5 business days 35hrs £525

  • Adore Me Have Me for Two Weeks — 7hrs per day — 10 business days 70hrs £1050

The services associated with our retainer admin contract are:

  • Invoices, estimates, sale letters, chasing bad debt letters, typing documentation, report, reviews, policies development and case studies, any other letters your business required, website update, record keeping, excel and PowerPoint presentation.

The Services associated with our Prepaid Admin Service:

  • Invoices, estimates, sale letters, chasing bad debt letters, any other letters your business required, record keeping. Website update if you select Need me for 2 Days Straight Package.

If you want to know more about how our sought-after admin services work visit our business support package where you will have more information on our packages. If you want a single admin task done the single task price applies to the service selected. Some admin packages are eligible for our Spread The Cost Of Your Payment Over £200 payment facility. In order to be eligible, you would need to register an account with us.

Please do not hesitate to comment away we love your feedback and do visit our business support page on our website to order your admin package today.

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