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P.E.E Away and Acquire Customers Today

In response to a post read on LinkedIn by Kaya Cheshire Author of a LinkedIn post titled The Worst Business Email (K. Cheshire 7th June 2017) we disagree on her assumption and highlight how her content is perceived and received by the readers of her post.

she studied at Kingston University London, Greater London, United Kingdom and we assume at girlfridayz she is a university graduate in Marketing and she promotes that she provide services such as Digital Communications, Content and Marketing which is her profile summary on LinkedIn.

Her post titled 'The WORST 'Business Emails' prick our curiosity here at Girlfridayz. She complained of what we called in Marketing "Click Bait Email" not a very tasty marketing tactic more leaning on sleazy sales technique and lies.

Here one of her example of an email that she hates and her view "I wanted to reach out to see if you'd be open to a quick call" - GIVE ME A REASON... DON'T YOU REMEMBER LEARNING THE P.E.E APPROACH IN SCHOOL? - We at Girlfridayz found this obnoxious and derogatory. She refers to an approach used in Marketing and if used effectively can bring a great result.

Her line example is not even click bait email per say as this could be a conclusion line in the body of an email with business finding, and solution orientated for the business who received this email.

Her synopsis assumed that everybody is university educated in Marketing and should automatically know what is the P.E.E approach in Marketing she does not further explain P.E.E approach or even state what P.E.E stand for which prompted someone to comment "smart-ass people ... Not everyone has the same education you do".

We agree at Girlfridayz and we think that when you want to highlight bad practice in Marketing explain your point fully and evidence it with an example of good practice so people understand as someone commented "Only cool people will get this " which she replied, "Somebody set up us the bomb!".

And finally to top it all of she ended her post by stating "how could it be improved with you/your skill? we say think outside the box - but where on earth did that box come from in the first place?"

The "how could it be improved with you/ your skill" - this line is considered a personal tone of writing maybe she thought she was in a classroom talking to one of her student and one as to be careful how they come across when using a personal tone of writing to emphases a point.

The points mentioned in her post are not explained merely a series of a derogatory statement. She does not even know that saying think outside box mean as she evidently did not do that. Hence in Marketing, no physical evidence is presented to demonstrate her point. (if you are interested in reading about the post we talking about click on post)

Think outside the box mean: think of the end result and them you think of the step which brings you to the result of what you set out do.

The "where on earth did that box come from in the first place" shows a lack of understanding and knowledge, she provides Digital, Communication, Content, and Marketing.

She forgot as a Digital Marketer that perception, as well as content, is king in Marketing, this post could have been great and informative should she had taken the time to draft her content properly and thought about her topic fully and what she wanted to convey to her reader, hence think outside the box and put herself in her reader shoes and see if she would like that content herself.

Should she had evaluated her post content before publishing it she might have realised that she would be perceived as obnoxious and derogatory toward people, might we add at Girlfridayz they could all be potential prospects for her business.

Her post shows a lack of planning, she evidently did not do a content strategy about her post if she had planned her topic strategically her execution could have been great. She evidently did not use the P.E.E approach in Marketing to draft her post but she informed people in capital letter "Don't you remember learning the P.E.E approach in school"

What P.E.E stand for in Marketing

P-E-E is an acrostic for the most basic elements of argument structure (Point, Evidence, and ... (or evaluations) of how well we are fulfilling the criteria, which means that ... Evidence can come in a variety of forms, including examples, statistics

P: Point in Marketing: Point of sale marketing refers to all efforts that increase sales at the point the purchase is actually made. Primarily this revolves around a cash register (although a point of purchase for a business might be a meeting table, or an Internet page, a pertaining post on social media), and is a staple of retail and restaurant environments.

E: Evidence in Marketing: Services as we know are largely intangible when marketing. However customers tend to rely on physical cues to help them evaluate the product before they buy it. Therefore marketers develop what we call physical evidence to replace these physical cues in a service. The role of the marketer is to design and implement such tangible evidence. Physical evidence is the material part of a service.

E: Evaluate in Marketing is the management and rigorous analysis of completed or ongoing activities that determine or support management accountability, effectiveness, and efficiency. Evaluation of completed activities is called ex-post evaluation, post-hoc evaluation, or summative evaluation.

The Best Business Emails if use in the right context

Scenario 1: Let say you met with someone and you clicked, you want to offer them a service or product that they previously showed an interest in based on your conversation. You could use in the body of your email "I wanted to touch base with you" but do not use as a headline or title.

An example of sale email: Hi Julia how are you? I wanted to touch base with you, do you remember we met about this great product and you sounded so interested in it, good news we got it in stock on our online store and now it is available to order. Should you still be interested visit our site ( and you give the link of the product of interest).

Scenario 2: Let say you found an article written by someone and you thought it so interesting and you want a back link or an opportunity to guest blog or a mentioned in their next article or blog post.

An example of email request: Hi Graham I stumble upon your article on fostering (add a link to Graham article) and I found it so inspiring well written and informative. I myself write great articles on the same subject as you fostering (add a link to your article) and we were wondering if you could mention us in your next article pertaining to the subject of fostering if you find our article useful, informative and well written and something that pleases your reader. we will gladly return the gesture as we think your article are fantastic and deserve a mention.

Scenario 3: Let say you did a free website analysis on someone business and you got recommendation included in your analysis and suggestion. We at girlfridayz offer free website analysis to businesses. This email work on occasion so far we got these responses we get either thank you very much for the throughout analysis my team is working on it, or yes gives us call, or could we arrange a meeting to discuss this further. or very useful feedback thank you or no response but when we look at the website again the improvement has been done.

An example of email request: Hi Martha, I recently came across your website and we thought that your website could benefit from a website update. We kindly conducted a free website analysis on the 08/01/17 for you. (attached analysis).

we identified several problems with your website and hopefully provided you with a solution gear toward fixing the issues identified with your site. Your business which we think it a wonderful profession and needed by business owners hence having a professional easy to use and informative website will increase your customer's acquisition over time and in turn your revenue.

Could you kindly give us your thought on your analysis, we know that your service is sought out by businesses and having a professional website play a big part in acquiring new customers as customers perception influence their decision over choosing you as oppose to your competitor. Hence we wanted to reach out and see if you'd be open to a quick call to discuss our finding.

Scenario 4: Let say your customer has requested an email from you with regard to a quote on a service that they would like from you. You email quote requested and no replied suddenly your customers call you and said you have not sent information about quote requested. You could reply you sent on such date... and add you will resend the information.

An example of email reminder: Hi Armand we still haven't heard from you regarding our last email offering you the quotation requested, we send it to you on Mondays 5th June, it might be worse checking your junk, or spam folder our email might have reach there.

Here the quote requested on initial conversation and please do not hesitate to contact us should you have further queries or want to use our service we will be happy to help.

Scenario 5: Let say you organised a webinar and you want to email the attendee to let them know of your next upcoming webinar and you want to invite them. Do not use "e-meet you" it is terribly unprofessional and irritating to most people.

An example of email invite: Hi Tara It was nice to meet you at our webinar How to sales without been sleazy, and we would like to invite you to How to increase leads using the internet our upcoming webinar (add more details about the upcoming webinar and key point of your talk).

Our example used in The Best Business E-mails which could be sent to potential prospects or your customers and would be open because they are not "click bait" or "sleazy" sales technique to acquire a quick sale, but professional, informative and useful are in response to the author of the Worst Business E-mail.

All the blue sentence is what she thought was the worst business email, however, taken out of context are indeed the worst business email if used in an e-mail title or not in the right paragraph in the body of an email or as no connection with the context of your email and what you want to convey to your reader.

Digital Marketing Model

In Digital Marketing Model over the past several decades, new perspectives have emerged that have a revised logic focused on intangible resources, the co-creation of value, and relationships. Hence the digital strategic marketing to use in today world are highlighted below plus the benefits it provides if understood fully:
  • Develop a thorough understanding of customers and what motivates buying behaviour

  • Position new products and services and evaluate the effectiveness of current positioning strategies

  • Understand the value of your brands and how to build, develop, and leverage that value

  • Maximise consumer engagement through experiential marketing

  • Conduct quantitative analyses to make — and support — marketing decisions

  • Understand your role in a fully integrated, strategic marketing plan


By developing a thorough understanding of your customers and their buying pattern, you are able to position your products and services strategically, so your customers can access them easily.

Understand the value of your personal brand helps you to build your ethos and leverage the value of your brand by developing a brand which provides value to its customers and it known for delivering qualities and excellent customers service, either in their communications with their customers, content of their promotion and written article, qualities of their products or services which should be base on excellent service or product provision.

By maximising customer engagement through experiential marketing strategies such as a new product testing or offering beta services or sending survey about possible new product gathering data and compiling a report about data gathered can support you in your marketing decision.

By fully understanding your role in a fully integrated strategic Marketing Plan you will be able to understand where your brand lies within your chosen industry, your product or service positioning and distribution with the marketplace including your pricing strategies for your products or services and able to benchmark yourself with your chosen industry.

Please feel free to comment on this article we would love to see if you agree or disagree with us here at Girlfridayz

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