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Learn new strategies and tactics - get sales over time

it a social sale day

Hi lucky people here what in it for you

We launching a new program call Social Sales Growth Strategy on the 12/06/17 until the 7/7/17 it a grass-root new program and it totally new nothing like your social sales growth strategy that you see up and down the internet on a regular. The Social Sales Growth Strategies Program is a real-time live online Educational Training Program

It is Girlfridayz Social Sales Growth Strategy Program combining traditional marketing methodology and using online marketing technology to achieve business growth. where you will come away with MULTIPLE leads generation assets to build into your business, and my proven strategies to MONETISE these leads.

Our program is new and it's not like what you use to see on the regular on the internet that can you access and use in your business. Our program is better, cost effective and totally new. The Social Sales Growth Strategies Program is a real-time live online Educational Training Program

Our program is only for business owners/entrepreneurs due to the nature of the program if successful we planning to run this program quarterly to give a chance to other business to attend this amazing program.

Take 1 day out of your busy schedule every week for 4-weeks to attend this amazing Social Sales Growth Strategy Program and come away with multiple leads generation to use in your business. from 9.00am to 17.00pm with 2 hours built-in 1 to 1 from 17 pm to 19.00pm on request.

The program

Do you find it hard or overwhelming to make your business profitable on Facebook? Or maybe Facebook IS working for your business, but you know there's so much more potential and there is if ever you knew how much?

1. It's only for business owners/entrepreneurs.

2. It's a 4-week online program with 1-on-1 time built in for 2 hours each week.

3. It's not cheap but it worth it only £1200 for the 4-week with built-in 1-1 on request

with a possibility to pay in several manners:

4. flexible short payment plan £300 weekly instalment or 5. £600 deposit balance to settle prior to program completion or 6. payment required upfront prior to entering the group and program.

We also have early bird discount, where you get up to £640 off the original price which is a staggering 53% discount applied hurry offer expired 29/05/17

As a token of our appreciation for you to take the time to read our blog post, we have given you this staggering early bird discount while you are deciding if you should enter this new Social Sales Growth Strategy program. I am looking forward to seeing you online in our Social Sale Growth Strategy program and come away with strategies to build into your business.

By attending our 4-week program each person will leave the program with MULTIPLE lead generation assets to build into their business, and my proven strategies to MONETISE these leads. All you need is a few good "assets" for people to find you and join your email list.

To participate

You need to ALREADY have a business where you generate leads and sales (...and you just want more using Facebook). The rest is easy

1. You need to have the ability to SCALE and bring on more leads and sales without overwhelming yourself.

2. You need to have money to invest in the program AND in your Facebook ads.

3. You need to really want to follow the strategies I show you (...or else you will not be accepted in the program)


1. You need to have a Facebook Business Page

2. You need to have a Skype account

3. You need to have a Google account with Display Planner enable

To qualified

to participate in our 4-week Social Sale Growth Strategy online program

You just need to fill our short form on our contact us page nothing fancy on our site and download our client brief form, fill it and return it to us and we will know you are interested, once received we will contact you.


If you participate in our 4-week program with 2 hours built in 1-1 support you will also get access to our support Facebook Group called the Social Sales Growth Strategy for free, where you get business and marketing advice, 1 advert a month, contest, discount on our service when available, motivation support and permission to post in the group only post pertaining to Social Growth to support other member in their business.

See you there and you soon get into the habit of getting committed to something good and do it regularly to achieve greatness.

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