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Increase your sales by saving cost

Girlfridayz Limited Digital provide one of the hottest areas for outsourcing your clients work or project or starting up your business or growing your business and increasing your online presence, developing your website and more, with businesses realising that they can easily assign projects to Girlfridayz Limited and save money.

Girlfridayz talent is not limited to any geographic area in the UK, especially now that so many organisations have dedicated themselves to cultivating and nurturing technology talent in developing nations and using Digital Worker alongside employees.

But some companies steadfastly stick to the practice of paying salaried staff to handle all of their work needs. These may be website development firms that provide website to a variety of clients or businesses that have a full-time need for website development and upgrades, large company and medium size companies who stick to corporate practise dated from 1980 ingrained inside them refusing to see the benefit an outside contractor can bring and alleviate cost to increase profitability.

There are a myriad of reasons why enlisting the help of specialised contracting marketing digital company, Girlfridayz Limited talent can make a tangible impact on a company’s bottom line.

"Management Founder, Rishon Blumberg says contracting company and freelancer are 10x more productive. In addition to getting fast access to high level technical expertise, working with a freelancer or a contracting company can save organisation money in a variety of ways.”

If your organisation is one of the many paying salaries to full-time Website developers, admin staff or marketing staff, there are a few hidden costs that could make a difference. Outsourcing could eliminate these costs, giving your business an annual financial savings that can then be put toward other expenses for business growth and sustainability.

Environmental Distractions

Despite predictions that telecommuting and AI as well has digital worker is the future of work, only 37% of English professionals work from home, this low percentage demonstrate that employers, directors of companies does not recognised the benefit and flexibility e-commuting worker can give to their company and have not realised the benefit of using virtual office workers can bring to their business.

Girlfridayz Limited is a registered trademark award winning (Recognising The Most Influential & Inspirational Black Business in Britain), UK government accredited approved supplier of services company for the public sector and private sector fit the ideal profile for e-commuting work of excellence, since our daily tasks and work are often completed in solitude that pretty impressive achievements for an online limited business run by one director CEO.

For the many businesses that still require full-time salaried staff to work on site, there are many productivity challenges, especially in the popular open-plan offices. One study found that workplace distractions cost companies £15,375 per person annually. Businesses may actually find that hiring telecommuting workers saves money.

Using Girlfridayz services is beneficial for your company has we work from the comfort of our home office without distraction or needless interruption allows us to concentrate on our business goals and client works. Hence we make a great impression on our clients, increase sales, build trust as we are reliable, disciplined, consistent, hardworking and trustworthy.

"Girlfridayz Limited work from our home office and productivity is outstanding as there is no distraction; hence we solely concentrate on completion of work for our clients."

Local Cost of Living

Assuming a business hires local full-timers, the cost of living must be factored into the overall expense. Salaries can vary from one area to another and full-time workers are more likely to demand the local market rate before accepting a position or negotiate a higher salary entry level due to their experience and skills. By using contractors and freelancers, businesses have the option of hiring a worker in an area with a lower cost of living, even if the worker is required to come into the office occasionally for meetings. Girlfridayz can visit you in your office for an initial appointment and follow up appointment as well as you can book a meeting to visit us in our office for an initial appointment and follow up appointment.

Office Space

Salaried Website developers, admin and marketing staff are more likely to need dedicated physical space, even if that space is shared with other telecommuters and paying agency staff provider to supply you with temporary staff which can be costly as you hiring temporary staff when full-time or part-time worker are absent, off sick for a long period of time or if you are short-staffed you doing this to keep up with productivity, providing support to your clients and completing work basically keeping your business running.

By switching to Girlfridayz Limited contract work, your business can eliminate that commitment, which frees up desk space for other workers. For a new business, contracting out our services Website Developer, Backup Admin, Marketing Consultancy and Business Support services means that you can invest in a smaller office lease, as we work from our own office we do not require any space at all in your company. View our catalogue of service that you can download and keep for future use and take advantage of the vouchers and offer it contained.

This saves money on utilities, rent, and office equipment, since contracting company customarily use their own computers, printers, and scanners, office stationary, service agreement, working agreement, payment system and pay their own taxes you do not have any overhead henceforth saving money.

Girlfridayz Limited has their own office or hired virtual office and we use our own equipment, stationery and we have filling cabinets to keep our clients documents safe and secure under locking keys and are fully compliant with the GDPR 2018 and the data protection ACT 1998 as we are an online company.

Rest assure that any contract outsource work to us is safe and secure, confidentiality and discretion is our forte and you are welcome to view our data protection policy and disclosure policy.

Limited Perspective

When a business limits itself to the same group of salaried employees and agency staffing, working year after year, that business can easily fall into a rut. Contractors bring in new perspectives, often suggesting improvements that come from their own outside experience. Business leaders may feel more comfortable asking a telecommuter worker for thoughts and ideas and the contractor, in response, may feel freer to speak up. This is especially true if a business regularly brings in new contractors to work specifically on one or two projects. New contractors will have a fresh perspective, since they haven’t been involved in the company’s work or work on other projects within the company.

High Turnover of staff

While the research on the cost of losing an employee varies widely, most business owners realise that recruiting, interviewing, and training new workers is a considerable expense. A contractor commands an hourly wage or retainer’s fee; based primarily on the level of experience and expertise that contractor brings to a project.

Instead of paying top Pound for a salaried worker at that level, a business can usually afford an hourly wage or retainer's fee for the duration of a project from a contractor. The specialised information that Girlfridayz needs to learn can usually be passed on quickly, but the advanced website design, admin, marketing skills and expertise Girlfridayz has can easily transfer from one project to the next.

There are benefits to hiring full-time salaried staff, but businesses should weigh them against the pitfalls. By understanding the full cost of each approach, leaders can make fully-informed decisions and choose the option that works best for them.

Contact us on 07931089744 to try our sought-after services like other happy customers do or did or re-used us due to the excellent service provision and our friendly, positive approach. visit our website

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