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How to Pitch Your Business

I attended the Great British Business this year for the first time on the 18/11/16 in London Olympia.

It was a wonderful opportunity to network with lots of Small Businesses and Larger Businesses such as Google UK had their own tent and Promoting their new course online The digital Garage. A lots of people was sitting on chairs and listening to the benefit of having Google Analytic on your site. We could not attend because it was jam pack.

However we met a few businesses and people loved our brochure and business card plus offered to build us a Girlfridayz App as they love our business model providing online marketing and business support to Sole trader and SME's.

Wrong way to pitch your product

We met a company which was making their own body cream and promoted it with the aim to sell it to potential buyers. One member of staff approached us and pitched her product to us but it was not the right way to pitched her product as she did not highlight the benefit of purchasing their creams and left me wondering what kind of cream they are selling.

Why we saying that at Girlfridayz:

She informed us that they make their own body cream and they got coconut and lime in it and it good — handed me a form to look at and asked if I wanted to fill it so they could get more information and they would email me.

The form had several illnesses on it and you needed to tick which one applied should you wish too. I tick I have eczema and gave the form back. She asked what about your friend which illness they have which I thought why you asking but nevertheless I replied none.

She replied she would email me and asked what business we are into. Which I replied we are Girlfridayz—online marketing company and we provide business support to Small Businesses with a variety of marketing services, business support, back up admin. She asked for my business card and I gave her a brochure too but did not engage any further with this company.

This was her pitch to sell her cream do you not see the flaw in this ?

  • She did not discuss the fact that me purchasing her cream would be beneficial for my skin in relation to my seasonal eczema.

  • She did not engage me in a conversation about skin product that I use and what suitable for me and offer a solution if any.

  • She did no say the benefit of buying their cream but had a lots of illness on that form, which suggest that purchasing their cream can relieve some symptom of illness suffer by people.

  • She could have say that some ingredients property of their cream could relieve itching, dryness, make your skin softer, if the cream does that.

  • She did not instil trust in their product or the company.

  • She lack of transparency.

  • Plus she left me wondering what type of cream they are selling medical cream or non-medicinal cream.

  • And a lots more question such are their cream even tested and more questions filled up my head.

  • And if it was a prototype and it was not quite finish and they were just gathering future interest in their products and the benefit of using it when finished not informed either.

  • A clear lack of planning and strategy.

  • No sense of direction

The right way to Pitch your products or services

  • Engage your customer in a conversation a journey.

  • Informed your potential customer about the benefit of purchasing your products services

  • have a clear purpose, goal, vision and a sense of direction.

  • instil trust.

  • be transparent.

  • Be clear on what your selling, who is your customers, who the product or service is aimed at.

  • Do your market research, do your business plan and marketing plan.

  • Do your content strategy and ensure you know who to contact about your product or service in order to provide it If it is needed.

  • If it a prototype, a new product or service that you are promoting you could conduct a survey or questionnaire asking if people would like to see this product in the market.

  • Be prepared to answer your customers or potential customers questions especially if you are going to be in a business where you provide a service or a product where gathering sensitive information are required.

  • Be polite, friendly and professional

  • Only asked the questions pertaining to your business needs in order to provide your products or your services.

  • All the above could ensure a successful sale and increase your revenue by acquiring new customers and nurturing old customers.


We filled on a daily with marketing messages about companies offers and services but when you encounter a company which does not provide the basic customer engagement, does not even make their products shine, well it not something we are accustom too so it is so striking — that we felt compel at Girlfridayz to remind you of basic selling practices used for century and enable you to acquire customers.

meet your customers

So meet your customers in Winter Wonderland this year in Hype Park — Wear your business. You could go there ice skating with your friends and have a fantastic time while chatting you may meet someone who asked what work you doing and here an opportunity to shine have your business card in your pocket and wear your t-shirt bearing the name of your business or a coat, a hoodies or even a cap which will draw attention to your business and potential customers may contact you and you could achieve a successful sale.

At Girlfridayz we can provide all these for you at a very reasonable prices. Feel free to visit our Artwork Design gallery and see the artwork that we have done for our customers should you wish too.

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