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How To Increased Traffic & Sale During Festive Season

From October to the Up Coming Month up to December 31st it is party time in London and some other part of the world and it the time where you can increased your traffic and sale to 120% and increased your revenue ten time fold easily with the right marketing strategy and tactic and a strong sell process.

Between 31st October 16 Halloween Freak Night out and Black Friday madness on 25th November 16 to the Pre-Christmas deal up until Christmas them Boxing Day 26th December soon after the January sale starting 6 days before 1st January 17 and let not forget the 31st December running up to the New Year.

You will found bottom rate deal at every corner you turn and online deal s good that your internet might crash or slow as too many "cook" jumping on it to access the best deal out there and save money as they go.

Ready to find new customers for the festive season?

Prepare for the festive shopping season, Girlfridayz put together some tips that will help you find new customers. Building a strong customer base now will set you up for success in the coming months.

Learn how to:

  • Use Audience Insights to create new audiences by learning more about the people who like your business Facebook Page or your website.

  • Create Lookalike Audiences so you can find more people who share characteristics with your current customers and marketing persona.

  • Target people who engaged with your lead advert form, so you can capitalise on their initial interest.

  • Select the right advert format and implement best practices.


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A banner can do wonder for your business, advertise your parties on these inexpensive wall hanger or loan sign can drive customers to your business or your parties and increased your revenue by 20% and this statistic is true especially if you selling food and drink at your house party your guest will know they arrived at the right party or business due for your staff why not advertised internally in your organisation with a small banner, poster so all your staff can see it and attend their Christmas due in style.

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